Stockier than the Many Banded Krait, the Banded Krait has a very distinct keeled shape to its body which makes it look triangular. RM

Will usually try to escape, but if confronted will raise its forebody, spread its hood, hiss, and strike readily. The hood from behind, clearly showing the "spectacles" of the Chinese Cobra. The Many Banded Krait can be confused with the harmless Banded Wolf Snake or Mountain Wolf Snake. While these encounters are quite rare there are several species thought to frequent local waters. Young are a much brighter red with thinner bands. To manage your collection, please log in. ELIZABETH II COOK ISLANDS 2013 Lettering: The rat snake has no hood, but this is not always easy to see. Active day and night. No member from this site currently wants to exchange it. Thomas Michael (editor), Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2016.

Receive antivenom.

The foremost world expert on Kraits was killed and died a horrible death due to this mistaken identity, so do not take any risks! Six other snakes have venom fangs at the back of the jaw, but are not known to produce much reaction in humans. In the meantime please check out our FAQ page for links to other snake and wildlife related resources if you want additional information on Hong Kong’s Sea Snakes. This snake has an extremely toxic venom, which leads to respiratory paralysis and heart failure. There is also the very docile Banded Krait which are now rare due to loss of habitat. Telling the difference: The Greater Green has a more elongated head with much larger scales, and no neck. Some snakes have been known to spit venom so do not get too close with your phone to take a picture! The effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the 2013 year-date and the monetary denomination. • 1 DOLLAR •, Lettering: The Common Rat Snake and the Burmese Python are not venomous, but do get very large, and their teeth can cause nasty cuts and gashes. The foremost world expert on Kraits was killed and died a horrible death due to this mistaken identity, so do not take any risks! If you are far from help and waiting for them to come to you, then simply get as comfortable as possible and wait for the venom to leave your system. It is based on a price of silver at 783 USD/kg.

Here is a photo comparison of a Many Banded Krait and a Banded Wolf Snake to highlight how easy they are to confuse. He attended the Camberwell School of Art until 1958, afterward becoming an academic lecturer for ten years. In one study of the species, the average body mass of adult snakes was 464.3 g (16.38 oz). Not aggressive, but bites inflicted  with the rear fangs – though rare - can be lethal. QUESTION 3: DOES IT HAVE BLACK BANDS AROUND ITS BODY? McClelland's Coral Snake shown above is another easily recognisable - but very rare - lethal snake in Hong Kong.

Almost half of all bites are “dry bites”, which means no venom was injected and it is possible that the snake did not inject enough venom for the bite to be fatal. This is important, as treatment varies. QUESTION 5: IS IT A LARGE DARK COLORED SNAKE? Highly venomous, the Banded Krait has high contrast yellow and black banding evenly spaced running the length of the body.

Six land species can inflict life endangering bites: the Banded Krait, Many Banded Krait, Chinese Cobra, King Cobra, Coral Snake, and the Red Neck Keelback. The Many Banded Krait can be confused with the harmless Banded Wolf Snake or Mountain Wolf Snake. A positive snake ID can really help the doctors to help you better. On HongKongSnakeID we record photos and video based on first hand accounts which means the quality of the content is high and the accuracy of observations does not depend on second or third hand accounts from other sources. Raphael Maklouf was born to a Jewish family.

The Many Banded Krait, strongly banded in black and white, is quite common in Hong Kong, and likes to eat other snakes. Detailed information about the coin 1 Dollar, Elizabeth II (Yellow Banded Wolf Snake), Cook Islands, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data

If you are not highly experienced with snakes then it is a good idea to have it removed. Maklouf was born in Jerusalem emigrating with his family to the United Kingdom after the Second World War. Donate here and help us continue our mission, Whilst the Greater Green is most active during the day the viper is primarily nocturnal and they end up biting people because they like to ambush their prey, so they do not normally move when they hear you, and rely on their camouflage to remain undisturbed. There are 52 different snake species in Hong Kong, and here we set out to identify the most common dangerous and venomous species in a step by step guide. Caution… in remote areas like rural China hospitals may not have anti-venom, and some physicians lack experience. Here is a photo comparison of a Many Banded Krait and a Banded Wolf Snake to highlight how easy they are to confuse. HOW MANY KINDS OF VENOMOUS AND DEADLY SNAKES ARE THRE IN HONG KONG?

In future if we are able to organize regular marine excursions in search of sea snakes we will be sure to record our findings for the benefit of the HongKongSnakeID community. Move away from the snake and call emergency Services at '999' and get to a hospital.

For a realistic account of snakebite in rural china read this great account by Professor Kevin Messenger: He was made an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1979.

You can also clearly see the triangular "ridge" type shape of the Kraits in this picture. In addition to the 40+ species of land snakes in Hong Kong there have also been documented sightings of sea snakes over the years. Comfortable in disturbed habitat.

These easily recognisable alternating black and yellow banded snakes, whilst not aggressive, can also be fatal. It was named in honour of Dr John MacClelland a naturalist working for the East India Company. Either the common Chinese Cobra, or the rarer King Cobra. The White-Lipped Viper will strike readily, with a very painful bite, and is responsible for 90% of Hong Kong's ~30 envenomations a year.

They can also "see" and can strike at night using their heat sensing pit organs. However in some cases wrapping may not be advised. Also the juvenile King Cobra is strongly banded, displaying yellow bands on black.

This value is given for information purpose only.

The Chinese Cobra can be a medium sized snake a little over one meter long when mature, mostly black, but sometimes grey or gold in color. Highly dangerous, bites may cause tissue necrosis and death. If this is something you would like to see please send us an email or if you are feeling highly compelled please consider a donation using the button below which would help us cover costs for things like boat rental or travel to beaches.

We have found them at some elevation (200 m), but primarily at and around seal level. Don’t try and catch or kill the snake, but take a picture if you can, or try and remember its shape and colour.

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