The application layer is comprised of any number of digital vendors that support the functionality of your site, such as live chat, analytics, personalization, display advertising and more. In general, the more people that have access to a layer, the more restrictive the editing privileges should be on the layer.

In both situations, you can do one of the following: Layers can be saved to disk as a layer file (a file with the .lyr extension), then used as input to any tool that accepts a layer. To View Data Using the Data Table Select the layer in Display Manager that contains the geospatial feature class data to display. Layers are short lived; you need to be aware of this when writing scripts and models, since the layer may not exist when the script or model is run at a later time.

ArcGIS examines the tool's parameters to see which parameters use an input dataset or table. If you never edit the layer-level metadata on the view, changes made to the metadata in the primary hosted feature layer will be seen in the view. your item and help people find your item when searching. A layer is what you see in the ArcMap table of contents. Site Map Hosted feature layer views do not inherit the following settings from the hosted feature layer from which you create them. Settings for hosted feature layer views fall into three categories as described in the following sections. You can use the Make Feature Layer tool found in the Layers and Table Views toolset to create an internal in-memory layer of a feature class in ArcCatalog. A TIN? A selection is a subset of the features in a feature class or a subset of rows in a table. The data layer, which sits in the middle, transfers visitor interaction data occurring at the experience layer to vendors at the application layer. If one is found, it further examines the type of input dataset.

The layer must be a hosted feature layer, not a feature layer added from the web or a feature collection. To enable these settings on the hosted feature layer view, you must first enable them on the primary hosted feature layer. The best way to work around this issue is to use group layers, putting duplicate layers into different group layers.

Using a layer instead of browsing to the dataset on disk is natural and intuitive. Choose the folder where the hosted feature layer view will be stored. Tealium EventStream Hosted feature layer views do not inherit the following from the hosted feature layer from which you create them. A layer contains the path to the dataset along with symbology information and feature or row selection information.

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