Ok, let see the complete folder/file list: Kosz szepen a portot, mar regota kerestem! * Missed \s symbol in Syntax file (#2010) In the Linux world, KDE users have Krusader, and Gnome users have Gnome Commander. could you please tell me how to get this to work in single user mode? * Panel states are saved in panels.ini at quit only if “Auto save panels setup” option is set (#1939) * Panel encoding is not shown correctly in “Choose codepage” dialog (#1512) The original, dual-pane file manager that made it oh-so-easy to do typical file manipulations like copying and moving files, viewing and editing text files, launching executables, etc. “, and more importantly the statement (retracted or not, it’s the thought that counts) that the “helpful people” on forums are “obnoxious twits” for their insistence on usage of the command-line to help folks, I’d like to clarify some details which you appear to have overlooked on that issue. So I defenetly needed the encouraging that this post gave me to test mc on my shiny new MBP. * Typo in the code and the man section describing X clipboard integration (#30)

* Incorrect initial value of WCheck and WRadio widgets width (#2362) * Missing printf format (#1960) brew install midnight-commander I am using Karabiner-elements and when I was pressing shift+F6 it was sending shift+illumination_increment (even thought just F6 was sending F6). 3 months free with 1-year plan, Number of servers: 1,500

* ‘Confirm replace’ dialog is not converted from UTF-8 to user defined charset (#1986) So, if this is the case, then why the insistence on posting helpful advice involving the command-line? * Doc updates * Changed default color pair for ‘editbold’ (search result) to be more sensible (#1559), * Viewer is now very fast (#1585) * User menu in standalone mcedit doesn’t show filetype-specific items (#1651) By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. They are simply trying their best to help in an efficient and consistent way which can possibly be helpful to more than just the one person they are helping at that moment. For any reasons, if you don’t like Midnight Commander (MC File Manager) and want to uninstall the application from your system using following commands. * Default internal FISH scripts are broken (#2347)

– hint files are installed into /usr/share/mc/hints instead of /usr/share/mc; * Patches adding a single line are not shown correctly by patchfs (#2149)

properly and so, i did that.. while downloading pkgconfig i got error message gcc not installed and for that I've just figured it out. The more generic Insert function is supposed to be Fn+Return/Enter=Insert, see this other question[1] for more discussion and details. App description: Terminal-based visual file manager it doesn’t seem to happen when i exit through the F10 button or by mouse clicks.

In particular, did you also install gettext and glib, as instructed in the article? – gotar.ini (#2179) Keybind EditToggleShowMargin in [editor] section is used to toggle the state (#1514) Edit March 28, 2008: I made an interesting discovery tonight. * Turning on wrap mode does not scroll left/right the file view (#2107) Possibly the best alternative today is XtraFinder, which is excellent and free — it add tabs and other features to the OS X Finder, and can display dual panes in either a horizontal or vertical alignment.

* Don’t reset search position after file opened in viewer and reopened in mcedit (#2449), * Crash in copy/move progress dialog (#2448) It is at those times when Midnight Commander may be the tool you want. In particular, it was almst impossible to change more than two levels of directories.

* All hotkeys in MC (in menu, checkboxes, etc) in the middle of a word are in the lowercase now (#2168) I found that ‘/usr/local’ was in the $PATH but no actual directory exist so I created as well as ‘/usr/local/sbin’. * MC crashes at exit due to race conditions of destroying subshell and file manager (#2008) * MC says “File exists” trying create directory with empty filename (#2014)

without typing in DOS commands. Végre “otthon” érzem magam, elég sok remote Linux/QNX rendszert kell macerálnom konzolról (telnet, ssh)… Alklamasint, ha Gödöllőn és/vagy Marosvásárhelyt jársz, egy jó kv-ra vendég vagy! * Removed leading and trailing spaces in i18n’d resources (#1646) Web page: midnight-commander.org.

* Removed hardcoded shortcuts in dialog.c (#212) * Incorrect button locations in common input dialogs (#2115) user (YOU) need to install gettext.pkg, glib.pkg and mc.pkg, Thanks, this is just what I needed. * Viewer segfaults trying open a compressed man page file (#2236) * Broken action ‘cursor beyond EOL’ (#2135, #2411) Normally I use iTerm as my terminal program, and Midnight Commander runs fine in that. make[4]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am’. * Segfault in input line history (#1936) Please bookmark and find other, newer releases too: Midnight Commander Mac. * Refactoring of VFS modules on/off. Myron: Thanks for your comment! Run: brew install midnight-commander; Done!

I read through a lot of online articles and realized that i will have to download * Segfault on NetBSD >= 3.0 on startup (#2425) If you are a system administrator, you should often need to copy files between servers. Mac OS 7.6.0 and Mac OS 7.6.1 have still not been given freeware status, and thus are still not available for free download from Apple’s site, etc., etc. You really don’t need to load Rudix.

http://fplanque.com/dev/mac/mac-osx-terminal-page-up-down-home-end-of-line, http://superuser.com/questions/10716/how-to-make-home-or-end-keys-work-in-mc-running-on-os-x-ssh, http://www.facebook.com/pages/MidnightCommanderForMac/243991215661046. 15 best midnight commander alternatives for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and more. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. * MC proposes “..” as a dirname with automatic name filling (#2056) It was just a bad setting in my .mc/ini file. * Incorrect start up with some special paths (#1992) * Translation updates * Segfault in symlink handling within archives What are your iTerm settings for the terminal and keyboard profiles? * The lslR VFS doesn’t work with ls-lR files created in en_US.UTF-8 locale and with files and directories started with whitespaces (#1921) I want to view file without going through "filter"/"scrape" command defined for known extensions? GNU Midnight Commander allows you to manage files while making most of you screen and giving you a clear representation of the filesystem, yet it’s simple enough to be run over a telnet or ssh session. It works in terminal wonderfully, but if I go into single user mode I get no output (MC Screen), just stops the cursor and have to ctrl-c. * Added new confirm box for repeat search from begining of file (#1917), * Lots of code cleanup (#1780, #1915, #1990)

I’m going to restore /usr or atleast /usr/local from backup. – added -C option to nm utility for ELF objects. * Multi-screen engine doesn’t handle correctly some cases (#1490)

Run: * Copy to clipboard doesn’t reset the text selection (#2238)

* Small error in versioning (#1905) * Selections not visible on monochrome terminals (#1972) Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at rudix.org Port 80. * Samba is not built with tcc (#1933) * Broken codeset autodetection in editor and viewer (#1838) Done! * Incorrect charset encoding in search in editor (#2417) * Editor: in some cases the copy/move operation in multi-byte text is wrong (#2153) Такой информации, полагаю, и так достаточно, чтобы сделать вывод, как не надо делать. So now you know… Most of these “obnoxious twits” (who do not HAVE to take the time to help ANYONE but CHOOSE to help anyhow) aren’t such command-line devotees as you might initially have thought. Sharing multiple files on iCloud by using System Events in Applescript: How to intercept an option? * Colors of visible inactive menu (#1702)

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