Some varieties, such as flavourful, oval-shaped Seneca plums, are sweet enough to eat fresh right off the tree while others, such as the even sweeter purple Italian plums, are ideal for drying. Know the best time to plant fruit trees before you embark on this journey, though. Fiber will regulate your gut, minerals will help the immune system, and potassium will contribute to blood pressure levels. While plucots and pluots are often labeled as the same type of plums, they are technically different. Although called a satsuma plum, they have nothing to do with the citrus fruit. Their skin is red and can turn dark, depending on the state of maturity. They have a yellowish-green skin and a bold pinkish red flesh. Rick serves as owner and editor for our many content contributors. It's a stone fruit that's oblong in shape, looks like a small pear, and is the size of a large walnut. It is believed that this type of fruit species was first cultivated in Syria and then in Rome; during the Crusades, the Romans introduced European plums to the Western part of Europe. Fun fact: plums are believed to be the first type of fruits cultivated by human beings. Japanese plum varieties such as Santa Rosa and Satsuma are juicier than European plums, although they are typically less sweet.

Regardless of the variety, the fruit's shape is typically round, although it can also be heart shaped or oval. It is also sold as Dinosaur Eggs.

The intensely sweet, juicy flesh also makes this a perfect plum for snacking on. The varieties aren't endless, and in fact number under a dozen. Although a variety of European plums, damson plums are considered a separate type of plum because they are very tart, not sweet like other European varieties. Plums are also fleshy drupes that have a single stone in the center. But you can also use them to make jams, chutneys, and plum crumbles. Another type of sweet black plum is the ‘El Dorado’ cultivar. It is also considered to be an “ancient domesticated species” and is widely cultivated in temperate regions.

Plums can be divided into two major groups: Japanese plums and European plums.

Moyer plums tend to ripen late in the season. These plums are ready for harvest in late July and August and can be exported without the fear of damage. European plums are the most widely planted plums because they do not always require cross-pollination to bear fruit and grow in a variety of environmental conditions through out the U.S. European plums are best for eating fresh or canning because they are sweeter and less juicy than other types of plums. Pin. You can tell if the plums are ripe by gently squeezing the skin.

European varieties such as Seneca and Stanley are among the most frequently planted types of plums in the United States. It's longer and hence less round than the other plums. It is best to consume yellow plums when freshly harvested. However, the deep red-colored flesh is very sweet that offsets the bitter-tasting skin. A highlight is that it can withstand low temperatures and frost. One of the benefits of growing friar plum fruit trees is that they have a long harvesting time. In general, it is 5 or 6 meters tall, has a smooth or cracked-looking trunk and branches with thorns in some species. Flavorful light-skinned plums—like Greengage—had been mostly replaced by larger, darker fruits, which hide bruises. Their skin is purplish-blue in color and the flesh is often yellowish-green and has a sour taste which makes them a great addition to sweet and savory dishes. This variety of plums is versatile and is used in making pies, ice creams, cakes, and jams. Types And Varieties Of Plums The plum is a fruit that many of us have tried at some time. To be clear, all these varieties of plums, despite having a different flavor or color, can contribute to well-being. Many types of plums can be dried to make prunes, but the California French prune plum makes up 99 percent of the dried plums commercially produced. Sometimes dark-skinned Moyer plums are sold as Italian prunes or French prunes. The flesh of the fruit is sweet and juicy red to the point where some say it feels like drinking juice. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Owing to these nutrients and more, plums help improve the heart’s health, circulation of blood, lower the cholesterol level, remove the appearance of skin scars and thus improve one’s complexion. Plums are best left to ripen at room temperature with the fruit checked daily to avoid it becoming overly ripe. These sweet plums have a wonderful balance between sweetness and tartness. Before looking at the many varieties of plums and prunes, let’s look at some of the delicious plum hybrid fruits that are popular. It has a firm pulp and, both the inside and the outside have a yellow color. European plums are the most widely planted plums because they do not always require cross-pollination to bear fruit and grow in a variety of environmental conditions through out the U.S. European plums are best for eating fresh or canning because they are sweeter and less juicy than other types of plums. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?!

However, another way of sorting can be by color. It has juicy pulp, and, like the previous ones, it is a Japanese variety. Plum Facts. To help you out in discovering different types of plums, keep on reading this blog post. Unlike other varieties of plums, the center of black ruby is freestone which means that the stone easily separates from the flesh. Consumers of greengage plums suggest that these beautiful-looking fruits have dense and juicy flesh, having the right balance of honey-like sweetness and subtle acidity of citrus fruits.

There are many varieties of plums ranging in taste from sweet to tart. If you find them in a soggy form, that means they're still unripe and must be kept at room temperature for three days or in a refrigerator for about a week.

Despite their adaptability to a variety of soils and other environmental conditions, American plums are prone to disease and pests. While you can grow your very own Mirabelle plums in your home garden, the most genuine Mirabelle fruit is only grown in France. Another type of Japanese black plum includes Friar, which consists of a lighter tone of amber flesh. Dried prune plums: Today about 70 percent of the world’s dried plum supply, and nearly 100 percent of domestic dried plums, come from California prune plum orchards. Commonly referred to as Mirabelle prunes or cherry plums, Mirabelle plums are a surprisingly small and sweet fruit, that are commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. Also, the soft flesh of the fruit means that it doesn’t travel well, so you will usually only find these plums sold in France. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The flavors that work best with greengage plums include nutmeg, tropical fruits, vanilla, butter, chocolate, citrus, and tropical flavors. Owen T plums flaunt attractive bluish-black skin with sweet yellowish flesh. Once matured, they flaunt firm and crisp flesh and can easily be imported to other countries without getting damaged on their way. Inside, the flesh of plums is soft and juicy, and it usually has an amber color. Stanley plums are the most versatile and widely-adapted variety and are great for eating fresh, cooking, baking and canning. You can bite into the sweet flavorsome flesh and the stone comes away fairly easily.

The tarter cultivars are suitable for using in baking or making jellies. The red ones have a sweet-tart flavor, and the yellow varieties are smaller, rounder and are also called lemon plums. Pollination. But that's their natural color even after the fruits mature. This is another variety of Japanese plums that has a bright yellow flesh and a dark purple-red skin. Many of the fresh plums sold in stores and supermarkets are types of Japanese black plums. Although most identify only the red or purple, there are other varieties. Black plums usually range from bright red to deep purple color and come with a mild to sweet taste. They're still impeccably sweet though which is why they're called sugar plums.

This fruit comes from the plum tree, which is part of the Rosaceae family and belongs to Prunus. These types of plums have firm flesh and are often eaten fresh. These delicious fruits can be ideally picked in late summers to early autumns. Other varieties include methley, Shiro, Ozark premier, Burbank and elephant heart plums. The firm flesh and tart skin holds up well in cooking and baking. Due to its hardness, it is resistant to manipulation. Each of these varieties has a different skin and flesh color and flavor.

It has deep red skin, and inside it is amber yellow or light carmine. Simca (simka) plums are a variety of large, heart-shaped plums that have deep reddish skins with blueish-purple dusty waxy coating.

Depending on the variety of plum, a single plum measures between 0.7” and 2.7” (2 – 7 cm). This drupe fruit is extremely juicy when biting into its firm flesh. Most Japanese plums begin to bloom and mature earlier than any other type of plums.

The fruits that this tree produces can be yellow, purple, red, white, or green. This plum variety is a great all-rounder as it’s one of the most versatile types of black plum you can grow. The dark-red skin covers golden-yellow flesh that has a pleasantly sweet flavor. The best quality is that Mayor Plums do not get affected by pests. Facts about Plum Trees of the Genus Prunus; Subgenus Prunus . It is medium in size and round. Within this type are the following varieties: Red Beauty, Golden Japan, Manthey, Formosa, Santa Rosa.

This hybrid is also best consumed fresh while they are fragrant, firm, and vibrant in appearance.

Generally, yellow plums are used for making dessert pies, jams, fruit preserves, juices, and plum brandy. As with most Japanese varieties of plums, Simca plums are larger and juicer. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Here Is A Guide That Would Help You! They are grown in France, England, Belgium, and Spain. and then introduced to Northern Europe. It's deliciously sweet when it's soft and similarly tart when firm. (230 g) and measure a whopping 3” (7.5 cm) across. There are several different cherry plum cultivars that produce small plums ranging in taste from sweet to tart. One of the reasons why this type of plum is a popular variety for eating fresh is that it’s a freestone variety.

Dried prune plums: Today about 70 percent of the world’s dried plum supply, and nearly 100 percent of domestic …

In addition to a terrific weight loss booster, red plums improve the heart’s health as well. Planting & Pruning. The four types of plums grown in the United States are Japanese, Damson, European and American plums, and each have different growth requirements and levels of sweetness. The drupe fruit has a long, oblong shape similar to a small pear.

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