"[71] In 2013, Scott Marley of Daily Record ranked her as the second-most attractive female video game character,[72] while CheatCodes.com declared her "the #1 hottest" female video game character of all time. As a result, she was given black undergarments and to fit her body, giving her a sporty feel. [50], In 2001, The Beaumont Enterprise cited Tifa as an example of a strong female character in video games in the wake of Lara Croft's introduction. Know more about this character, stats, voice actors (VA), abilities, weapons, appearance, & more! In each, her appearance relates to Nibelheim's destruction. [3] Nomura later joked that this was his idea, so as to enable him to introduce Tifa into the game. [73] Similarly, La Nueva España included the "sexy, independent and strong" Tifa among the top ten sexiest video game characters of both genders in 2014,[74] and Thanh Niên ranked her as the most sexy female video game character in 2015. [39] Britt Baron replaced her for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. [4] In response, she requested if she was ever in danger, he would return to save her. [25] Regardless, the notion of having two concurrent heroines, and having the hero waver between them, was something Kitase liked, describing it as something new in the Final Fantasy series. [11] Tifa also appears briefly in the game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, set one year after the events of Advent Children in which she helps the protagonist Vincent Valentine defend the Planet against the monster Omega WEAPON; she later appears in the game's epilogue, discussing Vincent's apparent disappearance. Told from her point of view, the story details how she creates a new 7th Heaven bar in the city of Edge and attempts to hold onto the concept of a normal family with herself and Cloud, despite him beginning to isolate himself from others.

[3] Cloud eventually left to join Shinra's SOLDIER program in order to become stronger, but it is later revealed that he did it primarily to attract her attention. She has long, black hair in a style resembling a dolphin's tail at the tip,[26] and garments described as simple and monotone, consisting of a white crop top and black miniskirt. [18][19] The first print run of the game features another form based on artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. [10] In the film's initial draft, she was intended to have a more central role in the then-short film, which only featured herself, Cloud, and several children, with the story revolving around a note being delivered to him. [67] That same year, GameFront placed her breasts at ninth place on the list of "the greatest boobs in video game history," calling her "the existential crisis version of Lara Croft;"[68] she was also included on the list of "incredible chests in video games" by Joystick Division, but with a comment that she "has much more than sex appeal. [44] That same year, Tom's Hardware listed her as one of the 50 greatest female characters in video game history, describing her as "one of the more richly drawn and intricate female characters around.

https://gamerant.com/final-fantasy-7-remake-voice-actor-tifa-britt-baron [31] This alteration was because of the difficulty of animating her original length of hair, as well as problems that arose due to its black color and lighting. [12] She later appears in the electronic board games Itadaki Street Special and Itadaki Street Portable. [5] Years later, after Sephiroth destroyed the town of Nibelheim, Cloud rescued Tifa after she was wounded by Sephiroth.

[62] Manolith ranked her at second place on their 2009 list of the "hottest" female video game protagonists. Upon recovering, she joined AVALANCHE so as to get revenge for the destruction of her home. [2] The developers additionally noted that due to her figure, her otherwise plain garments took on a pleasant appearance. Mania Entertainment placed her tenth in the 2010 list of "video game women that kick ass," stating that while subsequent games in the Final Fantasy series introduced other memorable female characters, "Tifa is our first Final Fantasy girl and holds a special place in our hearts. As a result, Square claims that both Tifa and Aerith are heroines in this remake. Her outfit too was redesigned at this point, with emphasis on expressing those qualities, while still being pleasing to the eye. With Aerith's voice actor already decided, Nomura asked Ito to voice Tifa, feeling her "husky voice" would offer a good contrast to Maaya Sakamoto's soft-spoken Aerith. [21], Korean singer Ivy portrayed the character in a 2007 music video for the song "유혹의 소나타" ("Sonata of Temptation"). [6] This is the point at which the game begins. FF7 Remake Voice Actors and Cast. [30] A white tank top with black zipped up vest covers her front, a pink ribbon wraps around her left biceps, and boots cover her feet. Installments in The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII later expanded upon her character, such as in the film Advent Children, where she attempts to convince Cloud to let go of his self-imposed guilt, and move on with his life after Sephiroth's defeat.

"[43] In 2007, Tifa was named the eighth-best character of all time in Dengeki PlayStation's retrospective awards feature about the original PlayStation, the third-highest-ranked character from Final Fantasy VII. Tifa Lockhart (Japanese: ティファ・ロックハート, Hepburn: Tifa Rokkuhāto) is a fictional character in Square's (now Square Enix) role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII. [35] Ayaka Mitsumoto voiced Tifa in the flashback from the remake where a teenage Tifa interacts with Cloud. [38] In voicing the character, Cook listened to Ito's recording as a guide to how the character sounds. However, they were both injured and Tifa was in a coma for a week, with her father holding Cloud responsible for the incident. Packed to … Created and designed by Tetsuya Nomura, she has since appeared in the fighting game Ehrgeiz and made cameo appearances in several other titles, as well as the CGI film sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children and related games and media in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series. [13][14] In Kingdom Hearts II, she appears in her Advent Children attire, searching for Cloud and later fighting various Heartless, the series' monsters. [47] In 2009, IGN named Tifa one of the ten best heroines in gaming, describing her as "without a doubt, a legendary heroine of the Final Fantasy universe. She convinces Cloud to join the group to keep a closer eye on him after noticing his personality has changed, and she follows him in pursuit of the game's antagonist, Sephiroth. [25] This additionally served as a contrast to Aerith, whose "Long Skirt" was her trademark. With Aerith's voice actor already decided, Nomura asked Ito to voice Tifa, feeling her "husky voice" would offer a good contrast to Maaya Sakamoto's soft-spoken Aerith. In retrospect, Square states that Aerith might have been the real main character of the game while Tifa was important in order to help develop Cloud's character. [65] In 2011, Complex ranked her as the 16th-best-looking "sideline chick in games,"[66] while UGO placed her 13th among the "fighting games' finest hottest women" just for her appearance in Ehrgeiz. "[58] That same year, Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded her the "Hottest Game Babe" of 1997, calling her "as well-proportioned as they come," and praising her as a viable alternative to Lara Croft. [29] The attire was explained in respect to the game as giving her freedom of movement, due to her affinity with hand-to-hand combat, and the skirt, referred to as "quite short [...] giving a considerable degree of exposure,"[24] was kept as a staple of her alternate costumes. She no longer uses suspenders to hold up her skirt, and she wears her gloves only during the film's fight scenes. [11], Tifa is featured in the prequel games Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, as well as the OVA Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. [17] She is featured in her Final Fantasy VII outfit, but the player has also access to her Advent Children form and a third form that is shown during Tifa's appearances in Nibelheim. Her hairstyle was changed to end at the middle of her back, with the removal of the dolphin tail from her original design.
[42] In 2004, Play featured Tifa in the first issue of their Girls of Gaming annual periodical, describing her as "the most adored female in recent history. Recreating a fight scene from Advent Children, the video was banned from airing on Korean television after a copyright lawsuit by Square Enix citing plagiarism.

In it, she tries to give emotional support to Cloud, urging him to come to terms with the unwarranted guilt he places upon himself. "[55] Other sources too praised Tifa for that aspect of her character. [26], When the Final Fantasy VII Remake was developed, Square modified Tifa's original appearance to make her look more realistic as members from the staff realized her design would not fit fight scenes. "[52] IGN listed Tifa as the 13th-best Final Fantasy character of all time in 2008, describing her as an attempt by Square to "give Final Fantasy characters real sex appeal," and someone who "could take care of herself in a pinch";[53] in a follow-up Reader's Choice edition of the list, Tifa placed first, with the staff repeating their previous comments while attributing her placement on the list to her breasts. In early drafts of Final Fantasy VII, Tifa was to be a background character. "[10], Tifa was designed to use the "monk" character class that appears in previous games in the series. "[48] A 2010 poll by Famitsu named her the 19th-most popular video game character by Japanese audiences.

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