They speak of him, The Tin Woodsman, left alone to rust in the forest, left alone without his heart. Unbeknownst to him, this beautiful young woman is under the guardianship of a horrible sorceress---the Wicked Witch of the East. Produced by Strangemen & Co., Robb Nanus, Rachel Sussman. The Woodsman is a 2012 American stage play, written by James Ortiz with music composed by Edward W. Hardy and lyrics by Jen Loring. Based upon the forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- "The Woodsman" focuses on the story of Nick Chopper, a mortal, a woodsman who falls deeply in love with a young woman. She is our master, she sees all, she hears all, so we are in silence. . [3], Conceived by James Ortiz, Edward W. Hardy and Strangemen Theatre Company [4], originally created by James Ortiz & Diana Stahl[5] and produced by Steven Laing & Jason Ralph,[6] the show debuted in 2012 at Standard ToyKraft in Brooklyn, followed by a 2013 run at the Ars Nova ANT Fest.
Believing that love can no longer exist without a heart, he leaves her, goes into the forest and rusts in the rain. Utilizing Bunraku puppetry, movement, and live accompaniment, ", "EDWARD W. HARDY, WHO COMPOSED THE OMNIPRESENT MUSIC, PLAYS THE VIOLIN SUPERBLY " -, (COMPOSER EDWARD W. HARDY) TO TELL THE BACKSTORY OF DOROTHY’S CHERISHED TIN MAN -, "THE SHOW IS ALSO BEAUTIFULLY ACCOMPANIED, ALMOST CONTINUOUSLY, BY THE VIOLINIST EDWARD W. HARDY, WHOSE SCORE SUGGESTS THE DUSTY SOUND OF METHODIST HYMNS AND MODEST SOCIAL DANCE." With every swing he pays with a limb until he's more metal than man. Based on the forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, The Woodsman gives these darkly beautiful, haunting and heart-breaking stories new life through spectacular puppetry and song. It focuses on the story of the Tin Woodman character from L. Frank Baum's series of books set in the fictional Land of Oz, notably Baum's 1918 book The Tin Woodman of Oz. [9], The play has received critical praise, and won a 2016 Obie Award for Ortiz's puppet design. Recorded and Mixed by. along with James Ortiz and since its' inception has performed in Strangemen Theatre Company's first annual aPlay & aParty, performances at Standard Toykraft, Ars Nova's ANT FEST, a 3 week sold out run at 5 E59 Theaters, and a 6 week sold out run at 59E59 Theaters. A lonely woodsman falls for the slave-girl of a powerful witch.

THE WOODSMAN is separately owned by co-authors Edward W. Hardy (copyright holder), James Ortiz and Jennifer Loring. Amanda Lederer (The Witch/Tinker),  James Ortiz (Nick Chopper). He meets and falls in love with, the slave-girl of the wicked witch of the east. [14] Hardy said the music was intended to "reflect the period in history and to pay homage to L. Frank Baum’s touching story", using different musical genres.
A lonely woodsman falls for the slave-girl of a powerful witch. Utilizing Bunraku puppetry, movement, and live accompaniment, "The Woodsman" delves deeper into the beloved character's history and offers a unique, heartbreaking, and adult perspective on this classic story. The Woodsman is a 2012 American stage play, written by James Ortiz with music composed by Edward W. Hardy and lyrics by Jennifer Loring.

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