The recurring ‘green color’ in the poem may refer to an element of envy or jealousy in their relationship.
Hughes brings out the vile surrealism in the image.

So great was the will-power of the gull. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I can still remember the weird and not altogether comforting sense of self-awareness that interpreting the poem’s images gave me. The house referred to here is the house on top of a hill in the Pennines. Because, all these eventually depend upon Nature. Later I remember being given the poem ‘Wind’ to write about in an exam, and found that I could. I’m relatively new at this and appreciate every bit of encouragement I get. This house has been far out at sea all night,The woods crashing through darkness, the booming hills,Winds stampeding the fields under the windowFloundering black astride and blinding wet. Hughes was married, for four years, to Sylvia Plath. The poem is written in first person, which emphasizes the idea of a personal experience and suggests that the speaker of the poem is Hughes. The word ‘rose’ in the phrase the “day rose”, may mean that the sun ‘rose’.It may also denote the ‘roseate colour’ of the sky owing to sunrise. My colleague and friend Siân Hughes (no relation) and I were acting ‘in loco parentis’ for a group of young poets who were being tutored by Jo Shapcott and Roger McGough, as part of their prize in the first ever Foyle Young Poets Award (then called the Simon Elvin Young Poets Award).

After setting us our morning exercise, I noticed left the room. Just about everyone I know who reads and writes poetry seriously owes a debt of one kind or another to Ted Hughes, directly or indirectly. At any second to bang and vanish with a flap; I have experienced some gales in that house, and here is a poem I … Poets at Poetseers » Ted Hughes Poetry » Wind.

All rights reserved. Blade-light, luminous black and emerald, And finally it was in Ted Hughes’s poems which I found for the first time, aged thirteen, a sense of excitement in the act of reading. We’d met a week or so earlier in North Wales at a master class at Ty Newydd. In such a stance, the external surroundings function as an objective correlative of their relationship. Love the idea that kids/ students should get the best stuff. And what a moving comment, sharing your experience of ‘Wind’. Till day rose; then under an orange sky Here nature has two meanings –the outer manifestation of God’s grandeur, and inner nature. As I watched the storm arrive in Brighton last week I sent this link about the Hughes poem Wind to a new friend in Hebden Bridge. My current research project is Young Poets' Stories: It was the poetry of Ted Hughes which I first understood as belonging to and coming from ‘a poet’, a living one at that, and not just a name in an anthology. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Under the tremendous impact of the wind, one was forced to believe that the hills had new places. Thank you. The skyline comes across as weak to the eye,in the presence of the fierce, reckless wind: it looks as though it may bang and flap like a strip of folded paper. The house. In the brief hiatus between these downpours, the sun did shine with what the poem ‘Wind’ calls ‘blade-light’. We watch the fire blazing, As Peter Sansom said when he died, his death was the first of a public figure that moved me personally.

The windows did indeed tremble to come in and we all felt the roots of the house move below us. Like reading one of Hughes’s poems, it was not a comfy experience to live at the centre of the storm of interest in his life that week. Till day rose; then under an orange sky The wind is so intense that it appears as though the storm is a prolonged one.

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