They are naturally found in many different parts of Australia and although each have some differences in their recommended husbandry the … This ‘race’ of Antaresia appears to be confined to the Mount Carbine to Mossman area of north Queensland.

Albino Brook’s King Snake – baby. A new subspecies, A. s. orientalis was also described by Smith (1985), but not recognized as valid by Barker and Barker (1994). Lawrence Alec Smith described the species in 1985. Both the specific name, stimsoni, and the common name, Stimson's python, are in honour of herpetologist Andrew Francis Stimson of the Natural History Museum, London. Antaresia stimsoni Avg. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm) Feeding: 1-2 mice every 10 days Experience: Beginner Rare offering of Pygmy Stimson’s pythons! Clutch Size: 10 eggs. Occurrence in open or flat areas is unusual. Enclosure size will depend on the size of your python. Related Species. Wildlife Conservation (Reptiles and Amphibians) (Pet Herpetofauna) Notice, "Western Australian Museum Reptiles Checklist",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 July 2020, at 04:36. Related Products. Pythons. [9], Western Australia Biodiversity Conservation Regulations (2018), In 2009, four baby Stimson's pythons escaped on board a Qantas airplane, resulting in it being fumigated.[10]. Coastal Carpet Python X Diamond Python- … The Stimson python, which is sometimes known as the large-blotched python, has a pattern of golden to red-brown or chocolate-brown patches on a light tan to yellow background. Aspen and wood shavings would make an ideal substrate for this particular snake. Hypo Colombian Boa – babies. Antaresia stimsoni Category: Pythons. Enclosure size will depend on the size of your python. [1] However, the list of taxa maintained by the Western Australian Museum names two subspecies. The diet consists of small lizards, frogs, and mammals. Both the specific name, stimsoni, and the common name, Stimson's python, are in honour of herpetologist Andrew Francis Stimson of the Natural History Museum, London.[2]. A. stimsoni is an ambush predator, spending much of its time waiting for prey, trapping and killing by constriction. Named after Andrew Stimson, a herpetologist at the British Museum, the original description was published in 1985 by Laurie A. Smith of the Western Australia Museum. The python is non-venomous, and kills its prey by coiling around it so that it can’t breathe. Stimson's Python. Scientific Facts Common Name:Stimson’s PythonsScientific Name:Antaresia stimsoniLife Span:15 to 25 yearsSize:34 inchesHabitat:Arid grasslands, woodlands, shrublands, and desertsCountry of Origin:Western and Central Australia Physical Description Image Source The Stimson… Stimson's python (Antaresia stimsoni) is a species of python, a snake in the family Pythonidae. The type locality given is "15 km SE of Nullagine, Western Australia, in 21°58'S, 120°12'E" [Australia]. Stimson's pythons are sold and kept as pets in some Australian states. The species is also called the large-blotched python, for the patterns of its markings, or an inland children's python, in reference to its genus. New World Python – big baby.

Antaresia stimsoni. The correct spelling has no "p" in "Stimson" Family: Pythonidae (Python family, about 26 species in the world) Size…

Spotted pythons are one of four members in the genus Anteresia, which are among the smallest genra of all python species worldwide. Taxonomy. Commonly and incorrectly referred to as Stimpson's python. Oviparous, with females laying clutches of 7-10 eggs. The species is endemic to Australia. Stimson's pythons should have a warm and slightly damp terrarium which may include lightly spraying the terrarium once per fortnight. Like other snakes, they can go without food for several months. T+ Albino Blood Python – babies. Small and terrestrial, adults grow up to about 110 cm (43 in) in length. Antaresia stimsoni is commonly and incorrectly referred to as Stimpson's python (Antaresia stimpsoni). Avg. Stimson Python Size Stimson’s Python Care Stimson’s Python Enclosure Stimson’s Python Fully Grown Published on January 12th 2017 by staff under Snakes.

The species is kept as a pet and successfully bred in captivity. When this dispute was resolved in 1991, and the genus name already in use, L. A. Smith's epithet stimsoni had appeared in several publications. The subcaudals are mostly or entirely divided, while the anal scale is single. Experience: Beginner. While the nomenclatural validity of Antaresia stimsoni is questionable, this is the current and accepted name. 30cm is sufficient for a hatchling and it’s important to make sure they don’t feel threatened by a large space.

Lawrence Alec Smith described the species in 1985. It is easily handled and rarely bites, and is listed as an easily maintained, not rare or endangered, and commercially available pet herpetofauna (formerly category 3 Now category B as of 2018) in the Western Australian Government's Gazette (2013). Generally nocturnal, the species occupies crevices, hollows, and holes made by other creatures in termite mounds, the latter offering a controlled climate. The new genus Antaresia was proposed by Wells and Wellington, but their name for this species, Antaresia saxacola, was withheld from acceptance due to a petition before the ICZN. Min.

Stimson’s Pythons, or ‘Stimmies’, are hands-down the most attractive of the genus Antaresia. These petite little pythons are some of the smallest pythons that are kept in captivity. Stimson’s Python – adult. Next. One of the smaller pythons, they grow to a metre long. Stimson's pythons are highly polymorphic, and the pattern and coloration varies widely throughout its extensive range. It is often recorded at rocky hills or other habitat providing good cover. Four species are currently recognized in the genus Antaresia, which is contained by the family Pythonidae; infraspecific ranks have also been described. Lawrence Alec Smith described the species in 1985. As they grow so should the enclosure size, with a 2-3 foot enclosure suitable for an adult Stimson python. This species is found in Australia from the coast of Western Australia through central regions of all states (except Victoria) as far as the Great Dividing Range, but is not found in the far north, extreme south, or east. It occurs throughout many dry, inland areas, mainly in rocky areas, but also in Eucalyptus woodlands, arid shrublands, and deserts.

30cm is sufficient for a hatchling and it’s important to make sure they don’t feel threatened by a large space. Average total length 75 centimetres, maximum about 1 metre. [3][4] All Children's pythons were previously place in the genus Liasis, but this was revised by authors in the 1980s. Cage Size: 600L x 450W x 350H (mm) Feeding: 1-2 mice every 7 days. Females incubate their eggs in typical python fashion by wrapping their bodies around the clutch, leaving only to warm in the sun or when the eggs have hatched. Other Names: Large-blotched python, inland children's python.

Previous. Length: 50-60 (cm) Temp: 28-35°C on the heat source Min. Antaresia stimsoni. Article was last reviewed on 13th June 2019. It is contained by a group without well developed heat-sensing pits, these are only found at the lips. [1], It also is found on Dirk Hartog Island.[6]. The other members include Stimson’s pythons, …

They have 35-49 rows of dorsal scales at midbody, 240-305 ventral scales and 30-45 subcaudal scales. A species of the family Pythonidae, non-venomous snakes that trap and asphyxiate prey. [5], The Western Australian subspecies, A. stimsoni stimsoni, occurs in coastal regions and the interior of the state.[6][7][8]. (Stimson’s, Children’s, Spotted and Pygmy Pythons) The Antaresia genus contains a number of the most commonly kept pythons in Australia.

Beolens, Bo; Watkins, Michael; Grayson, Michael (2011). These attractive snakes are considerably smaller than […] As they grow so should the enclosure size, with a 2-3 foot enclosure suitable for an adult Stimson python.

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