I’m married, so my sexuality is confined to my husband. My cancer did start up there in the uterus with a tumor on the vaginal cuff. My endometrial cancer has recurred after 3 years cancer-free.
It took about a year after the chemo ended for my hair to grow back into any usable form, and it was very curly. I had been having a little bit of bleeding in between my periods, so it was a little worrisome. So you might not get a response to your question. I am having more issues now than before.

It’s different. It’s a chronic condition that I’ve been unable to completely get rid of. I've had a hysterectomy and will soon start radiation followed by chemotherapy. My body tolerated the chemotherapy relatively well. Doesn't sound like much fun! It’s a way out of feeling like a victim. My trying to keep the emotional intensity from him was a mistake, because he was going through his own emotional intensity about it and his own fear of losing me. The upside of all that is after the treatment and coming out of it, you have such a thankfulness that your body is capable of tolerating this storm of interference that happens with it. Does it go away or is it just going to get worse? My name is Annie Grosshans, and I’m a three-year uterine cancer survivor. I had had a normal Pap smear in January that year, but when I started experiencing some spotting, I went back to my doctor in November.

I realize my mistake and am now preparing to treat it more aggressively. How did the Chemo Education Class go? It is hard not to be bitter about that. I have a lot of plans for me and my little one.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only. When you risk losing your physical form, it really makes you appreciate the physical form later. I went through the same treatments you are going to have but for cervical cancer. women with uterus cancer get the very aggressive clear or serous cell types. A CT gives a big dose of radiation and you really don't want to do them unless there is a reason - you have pain, they feel something, etc... Also, I would recommend editing your post and remove your email. Send a note to CDC-INFO and we’ll get in touch with you. There was cancer in my cervix. I want to have a good idea of what my quality of life would be. Neuropathy has been minimal and is gone before next  chemo. LOL. Carbo/taxol every 21 days. Your scalp will be sore as your hair comes out but then it is fine. What can I give her for the pain? Now, the physical exercise is a way of making friends again. The Oncofertility Consortium is a group of researchers and medical professionals dedicated to exploring and expanding options for the reproductive future of cancer survivors. © 2020 Livestrong, a registered trademark of the Livestrong Foundation.The Livestrong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines.
I had 3C-3 endometrial cancer and had 5 weeks external radiation as well as 3 brachytherapy and 6 rounds of carbo taxol. I was diagnosed with stage 3 uterus cancer or endometrial cancer on may 10 of this year five days before my 30th birthday. read more, Alejandro: I became a cancer survivor when I was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Try posting over there too. I’d done a lot of athletics all my life, taken care of myself generally, and watched my weight. I'm 65 and have always been super healthy. I had to have transfusions several times. I worry that the doctors minimize the possibility of chronic and or long term side effects of this kind of radiation.

They’re not the primary person it’s happening to. Your chemo seemed to work as I had the same as you carboplatin/epirubisin but it did not work I would also invite you to come over to the UTERINE cancer board. Have you been on that board? Thank you for your post. But could not or did not cut out the cancer on the wall of the rectrum so I wouldn't have a bag the rest of my life. Any clues for me? Meshelly4, sounds exactly what happened after my first round of chemo. Women diagnosed with stage III or IV uterine cancer have between 10% and 60% five-year survival rate. The yoga that I do is not strenuous yoga.

I finished all treatment in June and am currently clear of cancer. I had my first chemo on a Thursday and on Saturday I was running around the house like nothing, I had thrown a load of laundry in to the washer and BOOM!!!! Hi, I like that this page is just for IIIC endometrial cancer folks. But the exercise program is biking, weight lifting, paddling on a weekly basis, and yoga. I’ve always been healthy. My experience was the same as NTFC's. However final 3 lots of chemo (chemoscarboplatin/epirubisin) increased to 140. It took a quite awhile for it to go away, and while it was a fear for all subsequent treatments, I found it was never as bad as the first time again. Maybe Taxol?

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