She suggests that they meet up to talk about it at his hangout by the docks. He just got a call from the sheriff's office that Fangs in dead. / No Serpent stands alone. Paid in full.

A Serpent meeting is held at Riverdale High.

So he suggests that Archie lead the Riverdale Wrestlers to stop Jughead. Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, and Fangs are in attendance, among others. With Herk Harvey bridge approaching fast, Archie pulled the emergency break against Jughead's wishes, forcing the car to a stop as the Ghouiles crossed over. Together, they recite that "In unity, there is strength". Jughead and Toni set out to find Fangs as Mr. Weatherbee announces over the intercom that he's looking for him. You'll surely find the one that best suits your snake! Nevertheless, she broke the code, and so Jughead demands that both Cheryl and Toni turn in their jackets. the young Serpents begin their quest, which starts with a Judas kiss. 2. As far as Toni and Sweet Pea are concerned, getting transferred to Riverdale High is the best thing that could've happened to them. Let us know! He wasn't lying when he said that it was over. Anyone that has the "Kill the Red Paladin" card can try and take Archie down, but if they don’t by the time the challenge ends, the mark of the sacrifice is lifted.

They know that he’s been working for Hiram, parading around in the Gargoyle King costume.

Veronica then learns from Jughead that FP was fired from Pop's.

Attorney McCoy brings an end to the interrogation, telling Fangs not to say another word and stating that she'll be representing him from here on out. Recalling that Archie has the same mark on his ribs, Jughead rushes off to find him, leaving Sweet Pea and Fangs with the body.

They make their way through the student lounge and out into the hallway, where both Sweet Pea and Jughead forget to check their backs, leaving them open to attack as Tom points a red laser at the back of Sweet Pea’s head. Toni instructed him to focus and to take the initiation seriously, which he swore he was, but he was struggling, though this still left the question as to why Jughead suddenly wanted to go from conscientious objector to full-fledged member.

The next morning, as Jughead prepared to proceed with the initiation, Archie unexpectedly dropped by the trailer to deliver some news, but before he could get a word out, Jughead attempted to get him to leave, as Sweet Pea and the others were on their way. At the drag race, Jughead shook hands with Malachai and told him that the race was to take place over Herk Harvey bridge to dead man's curve. Fortunately, FP hadn't yet taken the deal. This breaks FP's heart considering that it is the one thing he had asked him not to do.

While on his way back to town from another beer run, Reggie comes across another set of road spikes just as before, except this time he sees them and stops.

Kurtz reminds Jughead that both he and his mother came to him for help, leaving Kurtz to conclude that the Serpents need them more than they need the Serpents.

The Northside took their drive-in.

Copy the link to this page and share it with your friends. Despite the letter of the law telling him that he isn't allowed in the Wyrm to associate with the Serpents, FP announces that he has decided against retiring. However, Jughead doesn't wish to leave, though he wants his father's blessing in staying, reasoning that he ran the gauntlet and fought with and for the Serpents. Although this generator is mainly aimed at World of Warcraft players, many of the names can also be used for pets in other games or real life. She even blamed them for crimes they did not commit. Jughead disagrees, claiming that he simply needs to ascend in order to find the Gargoyle King.

Jughead refuses to allow them to shed their skin, rather they would simply be lying low in the tall grass.[14]. In return, they’ll get paid and receive school credit to apply for colleges. With that, Jughead continues his own investigation of who stole the head. The Southside Serpents are going to be shaking things up even more in Riverdale season 2.

Toni tested Jughead's memory of the laws of being a Serpent, which were the following; "a Serpent never shows cowardice", and "if a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, then their family will be taken care of".

His lips are blue and he has the sacrifice symbol on his forehead. They’re going to break the town into sections, though Kurtz isn’t up to the task, causing Archie to suspect that maybe it was him and his crew who scared Ricky off at Pop’s, though Kurtz claims to have had no involvement as they’re more interested in making drugs. While his switchblade may be for protection, they can hold him for 24 hours. Tall Boy expresses his frustration with Jughead's plan to compromise with the Mayor and the Northsiders, to which Jughead explained that he is sick of Tall Boy acting like "a little bitch". Jughead returns to Thomas' trailer with Toni to apologize for his published article from the Blue and Gold that unintentionally painted Thomas as a "broken-down victim." He informs the Gargoyle that Veronica is now under the protection of the Serpents and that Riverdale has not fallen. General Pickens, whose statue stands proudly in Pickens Park, was responsible for the massacre of men, women and children.

Thirdly, they must retrieve a knife from the Serpent's rattlesnake cage.

Jughead warns Sweet Pea and Fangs that Joaquin may not be alone, as he suspect that Joaquin’s one of the Gargoyle King’s disciples. As for the terms of the race; if Malachai won, the Serpents would surrender, but if they won, the Ghoulies stand down and they'd gain control of Southside High, thus bringing an end to the Ghoulies and the Jingle Jangle problem, while simultaneously getting Mayor McCoy off their back. Sweet Pea then asks if they get to carry guns, which they don’t.

His Nicknames for You {Preference} 8K 128 28. by 90s_serpent. FP questions why he isn't in school. Several burgers later, Jughead learns that his dad got a call from Hiram Lodge, offering them a penthouse upon SoDale's completion should Jughead desist with his protest. [6], Tall Boy and Jughead discuss FP's hearing. Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Fangs begin reciting the sixth Serpent law; "In unity, there is strength." So it seems fitting that this is where they gather for FP's goodbye. Then all signs will point to FP. FP holds him close and whispers into his ear that he is aware of Jughead's deal with Penny; how he made a drug delivery for her and the debt he owes.

The following night, Jughead exits his trailer to find Sweet Pea, Fangs, Toni and Cheryl sitting around a fire.

Though as Toni points out, it was a peaceful protest.

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