They only happen on occasion and sometimes are very scary. I pulled the covers over my head I was so scared. I felt a burning sensation on my forearms and my room had a certain darkness to it. I am 18 now and starting college. I was relaying a story to a friend and mentioned my voices- and that is when I found out that it is something quite more rare. I belong to Jesus and he has power over you." Then the visions stopped until I was 25. I lay down in my bed tonight, after having one of the best days I have had in a long time, but when I went to bed and lay down, I heard these weird noises, like something was inside of my mattress.
And I'm not sure if I do have these specific hallucinations or not, because what happens to me is while my eyes are closed, before I am asleep. And I sit and stare and study. It scared me so much that I jumped out of bed to get away from it, only to turn on the light and see nothing there. I'd always wake up in the middle of the night thinking a spider or cricket were in my bed, on my wall, etc. And again, it sometimes appears like the lights are coming from the outside, like people are outside trying to get in through a hole in the wall. i was literally petrified in my bed. Many doctors misdiagnose narcolepsy as other disorders, such as depression or anxiety, and place people on medications they do not need as the other comments here have proven. I just had one of these experiences last night, and after some early morning research found this site and figured I'd share my experience. I lay back down and just lay there and didn't move at all and then it happened again like there was a creepy thing trying to crawl around inside my mattress or trying to get out so I prayed that it will go away so I can sleep. But I'm in a dream but in the exact position I fell asleep in.

I will have a lot of them at a time and then have none for a long time. Thank You . But sometimes I feel like a have a magnet in my mouth, or I'm falling, then jerking myself fully awake... and weirdly, peeing my pants, haha. It was also watering profusely. Sometimes it's objects like doorknobs, sometimes abstract scenes like a rope against a inky black space. Sitting on the bed under it seemed like if you were in a pool, under water at night and were looking up. So take a look at your own experiences everyone. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of three years and its been really tough. They don't scare me anymore. Somehow in this position my neck falls back on itself and prevents air from coming through my throat passages. I've been having these dreams about a future war that is about to unfold in the near future. It seems stable now unless i bend ove, For the second time in two weeks I have awakened in the morning with a very bright red bloodshot eye. What you're describing sounds to me like hypnagogic and hypnopompic states of sleep, could that be the case? Because of this, I would suggest that you talk to someone about this problem, such as a medical doctor or maybe even a psychiatrist or a psychologist. I finally managed to say "Jesus" and I was able to move and woke up. Thanks! In the last few years, the experiences have become more frightening in that I have felt a presence in my bedroom, someone/thing pulling and twitching at the top of the sheets to get at me and a roaring wind blowing about me and blowing the sheets. This has been happening for five years on and off. I was up against the wall trying to scream, but I was like a mute. Also, don't use the internet, watch TV, or play video games before you go to bed.
There was like a thick red part to it. Your eyes also may look puffy and ooze a thick liquid. I had just woken. I only take 1/2 mg each night. I'm 37 and have had these for as far back as I can remember. The first thing to note is that across our field of vision, all phenomena were performed as if on perfectly spaced grid. Because I'm older now? The pattern is more frequent and has increased in size over the past year. Then 30 minutes in, when I suddenly opened my eyes, I saw this green porcupine like creature treading towards me in the darkness. These swarms then close in on themselves, becoming denser, rounder more vivid until disappearing behind the background curtain. At one point I had these hallucinations three times in a row in one night. It may help to use artificial tears several times a day. So I jumped up and turned on my lights and there was nothing, so I thought it was me just me. Some medications or other health conditions can cause the problem too.

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