Old civilizations, movies, stories, urban legends depicted them in various ways. The mouth is insatiable; it gorges on any food it can find, fed by animated strands of the woman's hair, and usually appears as a punishment afflicting people who are extremely greedy or stingy, according to Yokai.com, an online database of Japanese ghosts and monsters. Chimera is the offspring of Typhoes, a monster and his partner,Echidna who was half snake and half woman. They kept Minotaur in the labyrinth and he used to wait for his food. The combination of the king of bird and the king of the beast is the griffin. Legend tells that the Cockatrice can turn people to stone and it can fly whenever it wants. 3. One day, brave Theseus, son of king Aegis son of Athens decided to end this cruel ritual of human tribute to Minotaur and promised his father that he would visit the kingdom of Minos and would and kill Minotaur. In folklore and fairy tales , Ogres are giant legendary monsters feeding on human beings especially children. They are shoe makers, cobblers and love cracking practical jokes. All Rights Reserved. Witnesses claim it is hairless and resembles a dog or coyote. Some also believe that the Mount Chimera in Turkey is a personification of Chimera, an old mountain which used to be on fire. They also have a place in modern fiction and fantasy stories as well. This creature made from clay from Jewish folklore is a magical robot who can act both as a savior and destroyer of people depending on the order of its master. There are also male kind of these creatures known as merman who too are responsible for sinking ships, fierce storms and drowning people. The legendary mythical creature with the head, front legs and wings of an eagle and body, hind legs and tails that of a lion. Crocotta is a mythical dog wolf from Ethiopia or India, ferocious beasts and enemy of dogs and humans. The movie ‘The Twilight Saga‘ is all about the love story of vampire and a human. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The Nuno is depicted in the Philippine mythology stories as a tiny elderly man usually with a long beard. Fantasy authors love to use these fantasy characters in their novels. Bridges are an ominous, especially at night. Over the last 260 years, over 2,000 people have claimed to see him as he terrorizes towns and haunts schools. They are terrifying creatures and they sang melancholy and haunting songs, showing their love and concern for the deceased member of a family. A legendary sea creature having the head and upper body of a lion but webbed forelimbs and tail of a fish. and 'Theres no originality anymore' and I'd usually agree but I think HBO Max and JJ Abrams could be onto a winner here. He also had hundred of snake heads and some are dragon heads and lower body was that of tails that were hissing constantly. This Greek mythological terrifying creature has lion’s head breathing fire, goat’s body and a serpent tail. In scientific term, it is used to define an organism that has two or more genotypes. Koschei the Deathless is not a creature anyone wants to meet. For example – The movies Aragon, Lord of the rings, the hobbit and the famous television series Game of Thrones showed dragons as pivotal characters.

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