This will also avoid strong edema, anaphylactic shock, progression of swelling and swelling of tissues, asphyxiation. This may lead to dizziness, loss of consciousness. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]. With regular use of drugs and compliance with all the necessary recommendations, treatment will be sufficiently effective. Let's consider some recipes that have proven themselves as effective agents, which allow to remove the inflammatory process and edema. As a result, the body is cleaned, restored. Ointment well eliminates any manifestations of undesirable allergic and inflammatory reactions, and also helps to remove inflammation, prevent the attachment and further spread of infection, partially inhibits the spread of the poison. The effect of the drug should not be expected immediately, it begins to have a positive effect only a few hours after the administration. Sometimes as a complication develops a purulent-septic, inflammatory process.

Birch tar with chalk powder quite quickly eliminates inflammation and reduces visible holes, injuries after a snake bite.

Apply sage in the form of a decoction or infusion. To avoid the progression of the purulent process and prevent the development of sepsis, antibiotic therapy is used. Assign in the first place hepatoprotectors, in particular, berlition, hepatitis. It may be necessary to carry out a procedure such as hemodialysis. You can apply such a tool under the compress (top on the ointment impose cellophane, on top of it a thin layer of ordinary tissue, then - insulated fabric, and at the top - a woolen scarf, or scarf).
With the development of a general allergic reaction, the administration of antihistamines is required. To accelerate the removal of toxins from the body, the remains of the products of the decomposition of toxins, by-side metabolites, diuretics and sorbents are introduced. It is taken 1 tablet a day, as it is a product of prolonged action, which acts during the day.

First, they are applied directly after the bite (after the poison has been released). The main methods of physiotherapy are ultrasound, microcurrents, waves of different lengths. in a viper bite is an extremely rare complication, which is reported in <10% of the viper bites.3 We report a case of Russell’s viper bite in a 20 year male who presented Case Report Abstract Viper snake is common in South Asia. It should not be taken together with other drugs, as their action becomes meaningless. It is also important to drink a lot, to introduce glucose and other supporting substances if necessary. In a medical institution, treatment is carried out in accordance with those symptoms, and the pathogenetic process that is currently observed. It is necessary to try by any means to remove the poison from the body. All this is thoroughly mixed, applied a thin layer on the surface of the affected area.
To ingest 1 tablespoon of the drug dissolve in a glass of water and drink in one or two meals. It produces a variety of clinical manifestation like … Then, if possible, Serum Antigadyuka is administered. It is better to use a disinfectant - rinse your mouth with potassium permanganate, or a light solution of hydrogen peroxide. Often against the background of a bite, intoxication of the organism develops, which requires immediate detoxification therapy. After that, you can drink on a tablespoon three times a day, and also apply for rubbing the place where there was a bite of a viper. For this it is recommended to suck. The therapy includes mainly medical treatment, physiotherapy, alternative and homeopathic remedies, local treatment (treatment of the place of the snake bite). As the doctors immediately introduce serum Antigadyuka. The doctor should always be consulted, since further therapy is required. The effectiveness of further treatment, the speed of recovery depends on how quickly and correctly the first aid was given.

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