In honor of what is your favorite episode that he directed? I was surprised to find out later that that’s also the exact point that Ronald D. Moore and Fuller gave up on the series. Harry and Tom’s friendship was one of the best parts of the show.

I could feel Harrys grief in Non Sequitur when he had to leave Libby to go with Tom to fix the timeline. Star trek Voyager 3:Ep.22 7:13 left to play. How to enter: Please write no more than 3-4 sentences about how this period of enforced isolation has changed you, your life, and your perceptions of our society, and send your submissions to Remember when Harry fought the prisoners off screaming “This man is my friend, NO ONE touches him!”? Robert Duncan McNeill proposed to me @ Comicpalooza in front my hubby. Highlight of Wellygeddon. Hey guys…check out my new adventure with @GarrettRWang We will be rewatching and sharing inside stories of EVERY #Voyager episode starting with the pilot. Watch ‘Alone Together,’ A 4-Part Remote Series Read By ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Actors In Character,,,,, And I look upon the show much better now than I did when I first watched it. "-Robert Duncan McNeill, I didn't realize that the character Kevin in this film was played by Robert Duncan McNeill.

However, he did co-star in the independent horror movie Infested in 2002. Didn’t really care for season one Bashir. They get this money right now for the SD versions. My favorite characters from the various shows: TOS – Sulu. Over time, I have watched through the rest of the series, but my impression is still pretty ambivalent. Robert Duncan McNeill Night (VOY) recurring thereafter Lead character in the holodeck program The Adventures of Captain Proton , played by Tom Paris , Harry Kim and other crew members. Mulgrew asks fans to write 3-4 sentences “about how this period of enforced isolation has changed you, your life, and your perceptions of our society” and send your submission to, and she will choose the participants each week.

Still more to do though. Maybe Discovery and Picard will grow on you in time though…maybe. I’m shocked they’re actually going to rewatch EVERY episode. It's like the game is rigged. In the Next Generation episode "The First Duty" Robert Duncan McNeill plays a character called Nick Lacarno, who as part of Flight Squad caused an accident which resulted in the death of another cadet. It’s stood the test of time better than many of us expected. — robert duncan mcneill (@robertdmcneill) April 17, 2020. Keep up with all the Star Trek celebrity news here at is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise. Perhaps some of my Trek friends will drop by and join us! He would go on to direct three more episodes of Voyager. To the extent that the same actor Robert Duncan McNeill would play the role. It was during his time on Voyager that McNeill began a career behind the camera. Zappone’s social media updates indicated he was able to get footage with a number of Voyager stars on the cruise, which was also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show, including a reunion panel attended by Kate Mulgrew, Garrett Wang, Jeri Ryan, Tim Russ, Roxann Dawson, Ethan Phillips, and Robert Picardo. Never be ashamed of having a crush on Robert Duncan Mcneill.

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