Subscribe to Free E-Magazine on Reference. Herpetology Notes 9: 261-278 -, Das, Abhijit; Uttam Saikia, B. H. C. K. Murthy, Santanu Dey and Sushil K. Dutta 2009. Biol. Serv. SSAR, Oxford/Ohio, 1-522, Ziegler, T. 2002. 2018. The Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University 5(2): 73-90 -, Kopstein, F. 1938. Boulenger, G.A. Identification guide Amphibians and reptiles of South Tanintharyi.

Ueber eine degenerative Aberration bei Ptyas korros (Schlegel).

Stejneger, L. 1910. Essai sur la physionomie des serpens. Proc. & Mulcahy, D.G. -, Barbour, T. 1910. Mell,R. Structure of Ptyas Korros Ptyas Korros are snout obtuse, projecting; eye very large. 2005. Occasionally bluish grey. Ptyas korros, commonly known as the Chinese ratsnake or Indo-Chinese rat snake, is a species of colubrid snake endemic to Southeast Asia. Go to: main text of page | main navigation | local menu, You are here » FIRST REPORT ON THE HERPETOFAUNA OF PULAU PANGKOR, PERAK, MALAYSIA.

II, Snakes from the East Indies.

Sharma, R. C. 2004. and Nguyen, T.Q. AKHIL BOOKS, New Delhi, 292 pp. Lidth DE JEUDE, T.W. a b; a b; Externa länkar. Partie Descriptive. Brahminy kite is found in many parts of Indian Oceans and the Australian countries. A Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. 1952.

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It is located along the coasts of Ramanathapuram and Tuthukudi. [book review in Russ. It consists of canopy of trees which is completely closed preventing penetration of sunlight for discouraging ground cover growth. Zhao, E.M. 2006. 1861. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e52779 -, Platt, S. G., et al. Ptyas carinata. Chimaira, Frankfurt, 768 pp. Dumerilia 4 (2): 123-154 -, Pham AV, Ziegler T, Nguyen TQ 2020. It contains a treasure of wild flora and fauna. Bushmaster Publications, Würselen, Gemany, 240 pp. Amphibia-Reptilia 34 (3): 41-50 -, Saint Girons, Hubert 1972. Washington 23: 169-170 -. Zoologische Mededelingen 47: 65-87 -, Schlegel, H. 1837. Bull. Taylor & Francis, London, xviii, 541 pp. Colon., Roma 12:1-42. Juveniles showing distinct vertical spotted banding running the length of the body. New herpetofaunal records for Perlis State Park and adjacent areas. Hist.) 1998: 54 Ptyas korros — PINOU & DOWLING 2000 (by inference) Ptyas korros — ZIEGLER 2002: 251 Ptyas korros — WALLACH et al. Reptilia and Batrachia., Taylor & Francis, London, xviii, 541 pp. Snakes from Sumatra. II (color plates), 280 pp. I. London (Taylor & Francis), 448 pp. Teil II: Reptilia: Serpentes; Testudines; Diskussion. 2015. Proc. A new colubrine snake from Java. 1961. Rashid, Kanai Das, Luca Luiselli,∗ 2013. Wang, Kai; Jinlong Ren, Hongman Chen, Zhitong Lyu, Xianguang Guo Ke Jiang, Jinmin Chen, Jiatang Li, Peng Guo, Yingyong Wang, Jing Che 2020. Ptyas korros. Sci. Generally brown or tan in color with faint lateral stripes visible on some specimens. & Rajathurai, S. 1997. Amphibians and reptiles of peninsular Malaysia and Thailand - an illustrated checklist [bilingual English and German]. Herpetological investigations in Phang-Nga Province, southern Peninsular Thailand, with a list of reptile species and notes on their biology. 04.45. & Grossmann, W. 1997. 1888. -, Bulian,J.

Herpetofauna 8 (43): 17-27 -, Tshewang, S. & L. Letro 2018. Partie Générale: xxviii +251 S. + Partie Descriptive: 606 S. + xvi., La Haye (J. Kips, J. HZ.

2000. [CDATA[ */ javascript:fav(); /* ]]> */, National Center for Biotechnology Information,,, Colubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes), E: Chinese Ratsnake, Indo-Chinese Rat Snake. Holotype: unknown (fide NGUYEN et al. (1890) The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 125 (1): 61–71 -, Hawkeswood, T.J. & B. Sommung 2017. Ptyas korros, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. Snakes of the World: A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species. Von Schmetterlingen und Donnerdrachen - Natur und Kultur in Bhutan. Bücher Kreth, Frankfurt/M. Bemerkungen zur Herpetofauna des Khao Lak, Phang Nga, thailändische Halbinsel. Постулат. Malayan Nature Journal 61 (4): 255 - 262, Pauwels, O.S.G.

2009). Wallach, Van; Kenneth L. Williams , Jeff Boundy 2014. Sauria 37 (4): 11-44 -, ZIEGLER, THOMAS; RALF HENDRIX, VU NGOC THANH, MARTINA VOGT, BERNHARD FORSTER & DANG NGOC KIEN 2007. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 56 (1): 161-175 -, Grismer, L.L., Neang, T., Chav, T. & Grismer, J.L. Karlsruher Naturhefte 4, Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe, 124 pp. Ptyas korros ingår i släktet Ptyas och familjen snokar.

Dieckmann, Simon; Gerrut Norval and Jean-Jay Mao. Zhao,E. Herpetology of China. New records of snakes (Squamata: Serpentes) from Hoa Binh Province, northwestern Vietnam. Journal of Threatened Taxa 10(10): 12299–12316; -, Rahman, Shahriar Caesar;,, S.M.A. Oxford J, ohn Beaufoy Publishing -. Bonn zoological Bulletin 60 (1): 9-16 -, Grismer, L. Lee; Thy Neang, Thou Chav, Perry L. Wood, Jr., Jamie R. Oaks, Jeremy Holden, Jesse L. Grismer, Thomas R. Szutz and Timothy M. Youmans 2008. Ptyas Korros, an Indian reptile which is commonly known as the Chinese ratsnake or Indo-Chinese rat snake, is a species of colubrid snake endemic to Southeast Asia. -, Dunn, Emmett Reid; Burden, W. Douglas 1927. [CDATA[ */ javascript:prn(); /* ]]> */ 2019. 7: 87] -, Cope, E.D. 2006. 1965. Nguyen, S.V., Ho, C.T. Ann. Akil, Hamidi Jamaludin, Rick Gregory, and Norhayati Ahmad 2010.

1986. List of Chinese snakes. The updated checklists of amphibians and reptiles of China.

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A Naturalist's Guide to the Snakes of South-East Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali. Amphibien & Reptilien Südostasiens. SHEN, Y., YE, Y., DENG, X. (6) 1: 165-172 -, Harrington, Sean M; Jordyn M de Haan, Lindsey Shapiro, Sara Ruane 2018.

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