It goes in depth about the thinking taking place and how information is prioritized. This is the journey of getting my OSCP certification. He is one of the heroes of HTB and does a video walk through of each HTB machines once its retired. The way the exam scores total up, you may well need these points to pass! Make sure you know how to write it so you know what information to collect during the exam. From there google the shit out of everything.

A more seasoned veteran may be able to get away with less- but I would advise dedicating whatever time and resources you have towards it. Download VirtualBox and run these VM’s locally at home (also free). Pwning done, exercises done. I got so caught on on the first few machines, i didn’t even touch one of the 20 point machines.

Due to the cost, I decided not to buy any more lab time and just get the exam. 25 points for the next machine, user withing 2 hours. Trying out KeepNote for note-keeping. I still was not where I am at today, nor where I needed to be. This post has a lot of good tips for the OSCP exam. I found a humble abode that would change my life forever in January of 2018 called Hack The Box. 2018-09-02 17:27:15 The OSCP Exam. I want to help people, but I don’t want it to cost me my certificates so I need to protect my best interest here. Privilege Escalation 5. we are all about Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing & Computer Security. Book your exam in early. I was now about to add embarking on a long and winding road to that list! This is the accompanying course to the OSCP certification. Our hero returns to the lab environment, befuddled by olden tools. I also took 10min breaks approximately every 3 hours – found it really helped. Tools like Nikto, Gobuster, and the Nmap scripting engine were all marvelous when it came to auditing web applications for vulnerabilities. I was progressively understanding how kernel exploits functioned- and compilation of the exploits were happening more auspiciously. This would mean, for example, if you KNOW FOR A FACT that you are going to have to Nmap (which you will) a group of targets to view open ports so you know where to begin- you could use Bash to automate that process. OSCP labs are (mostly) focused more on real world applications. This website is made for educational and ethical testing purposes only。It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Two weeks ago I signed up for the OSCP certification and its 30-day course, Penetration testing with Kali Linux. Also try to give back, if you find a nifty trick or tool – share with the group. I knew I wasn’t ready and was going to get another 30 days of lab time. HERE WE GO! While in the pwk labs I found myself a few times referencing back. I was driving 4 hours round trip, 3 days a week for a face to face course. I saw more than a few of them fail the exam as a result. Shouting when you should be quiet; running when you should be standing still. You must recall this though- this is a blog on someone who had no experience obtaining OSCP.

Exploit 4. I was refraining from the Metasploit when possible and I was using what I consider to be more proper methodologies., Visit my blog at, Follow me here:

go through the OSCP certification within the next two months. I knew at this point I HAD to be a penetration tester. My Path to the OSCP Cert / PWK Labs The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) has been one of the most difficult certifications I have completed but also one the most rewarding.

Keep up with me as I document every week my journey to obtaining this highly sought after technical certification. I got root the 10 point machine and user on a 20 and 25 point machines. This blog is going to talk about the following: what to expect, how to document, and some resources.

Course Layout. tl;dr watch me fail at stuff and explain how you should not repeat my mistakes. I wish I had started with this. As you are taking the exam, you need to be capturing screenshots (you will know what to screenshot when the time comes- trust me) and documenting the exploitation process. A valuable lesson is to always revert a box before scanning. If you aren’t ready to play with others, there are small challenges you can download and solve offline.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! If I could have done one thing different, before jumping into the pwk labs – it would have been to watch as many as these as possible. I love the terminal and it is more fulfilling to me to remember all of the syntax for a given tool and all of that tool’s switches when executing an attack- but that is just me! Now, let’s talk specifics. Having said that, I am human. To me, Metasploit was this mythical extension of Christ Himself. This was the first of many events that propelled me to the elation I felt when I read the words: How did that befuddled young man attain one of the industry’s most sought after certifications? If you ask silly questions you’ll get silly answers, including “google” or “try harder”. Once you have all the details prioritize them. Estimated I scored ~35/70 points. This was me, a 20 year old novice in October of 2017, at one of my school’s Cyber Defense Club meetings. My favorite part is this, right at the beginning: 1. If you are thinking of going down this path or preparing for the exam, below are a few things I found useful or wish I knew before I started this journey. Many people also ask- “Connor do I need to know a programming language?” The answer I give is, “No.” Here is my logic behind this. I can’t stress enough the need to be prepared for the exam, having all the things you need at your fingertips so that you don’t have to go digging through notes of files when you are tight on time or limited on brain power because you’ve been working on this for 18 straight hours. The extent of my “exploitation” knowledge was that I knew about this divine tool called Metasploit. Think about it, the final exploit may actual kill the remote service so when you are scanning you’ll miss it. Plus 5 for the exercises.

I wanted to make this post detailing everything I did when studying for the OSCP examination. Here is my Week TWO path to OSCP video! Gaining code execution with WriteProcessMemory() via ROP and outlining the occasional need for Call-Oriented Programming. I was banner grabbing other ports for vulnerable versions of applications. This way I had 2 ‘fresh’ starts for the exam to utilize more productive hours.”. From what I've read, it is one of the toughest courses and exams out there with legit hands on experience instead of multiple choice chances. I was more comfortable with the proctoring, I used PE scripts and the Python SimpleHTTPServer opposed to Apache. Make time for the labs. I REALLY had no idea what I was doing at this point in my development.

After some explanation, coaching, deep breaths, late nights, and Mountain Dew Baja Blasts, I was semi-okay at VulnHub. I'm doing this as a video + blog post combo so that I can get through the main ideas verbally and then provide the tech details in the blog - so that you can copy paste code snippets or URLs quite a lot more easily than listening to me slur about semicolons and brackets. IG: Trust no one! I also found myself being more complacent with privilege escalation.

Starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of recon data being produced by following the exercises.

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