2019 | Of the 14 teams that played in the APFA/NFL's inaugural season, the Chicago Cardinals, now known as the Arizona Cardinals, and the Decatur Staleys, now known as the Chicago Bears, are the only teams that remain in the league.

LAVERN DILWEG A second organizational meeting was held in Canton on September 17, with the original four APFC clubs, as well as a fifth Ohio team that had played informally in what historians later dubbed the "Ohio League" (the Columbus Panhandles) and four teams from Illinois (Chicago Cardinals and Chicago Tigers, Decatur Staleys, and Rock Island Independents), two from Indiana (Hammond Pros and Muncie Flyers), two from The first official game between APFA (NFL) members occurred on October 3, when the Dayton Triangles beat the Columbus Panhandles 14-0. Aus diesem Grund vermied sie auch die Verwendung des Begriffes Liga (engl. In October 1921, most of the team was invited to the Elks Club of Akron, which was labeled as "a grand homecoming celebration for the world's champions". His career was slightly overshadowed by long-time teammate, the legendary Jim Thorpe.

As there was no playoff system in the APFA until 1932,[22] a meeting was held to determine the 1920 Champions. The streak began with a stunning upset of quarterback Kurt Warner and the St. Loius Rams—the Greatest Show on Turf—by Brady and Belichick despite New England coming into the game as a 14-point underdog.

With just 20 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XLIX, and Seattle poised on New England's one-yard line seemingly about to take the lead and win the game—the Seahawks had Marshawn Lynch, the league's greatest rusher, ready to go into "Beast Mode" and power the ball in for that final yard—Seattle inexplicably opted to pass. [10] Team representatives changed the league's name slightly to the American Professional Football Association and elected officers, installing Thorpe as president, Cofall as vice-president, Ranney as secretary-treasurer. HOF: 1963 New York (Buffalo All-Americans and Rochester Jeffersons), and the Detroit Heralds from Michigan for a total of 14. The APFA became the NFL two years later on June 24, 1922, and expanded to 18 teams.

[32], Bruce Copeland, sportswriter for the Rock Island Argus, compiled the All-Pro list for 1920.

HOF: 1964

2015 | The teams began playing a championship game, dubbed the "Super Bowl" in 1967. College: Carlisle New England's undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler muscled his way in to intercept the pass, and New England went on to win the championship. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. The APFA had 14 teams that played during its inaugural season. Pro Career: 1926-27 Duluth Eskimos; 1929-1931 Chicago Cardinals. After playing for Knute Rockne at Notre Dame, Anderson joined George Halas and the Bears and became one of the finest lineman of the NFL’s early years. JOE GUYON HOF: 1964 1964 | The "American Professional Football Conference" (APFC) was made up of Hay's Canton Bulldogs, Akron Pros, the Cleveland Tigers and the Dayton Triangles, who decided on a six-game schedule to play each other at home-and-away, an agreement to respect each other's player contracts, and to take a stand against signing college students whose class had not yet graduated.


Finalement, quatorze franchises ont joué les treize journées de championnat. College: Carlisle, Georgia Tech A historic marker placed by the Ohio Historical Society at Triangle Park in Dayton marks the location of that first ever game. [5][10][11][12] Under the new league structure, teams created their schedules dynamically as the season progressed, so there were no minimum or maximum number of games needed to be played. [1] Allerdings verständigte man sich darauf, Jim Thorpe zum ersten Präsidenten zu ernennen. 1992 | After a four-season, 39-game playing career, he returned to Notre Dame as an assistant coach. During the decade: "The team acquired the University of Chicago's discarded nickname 'Monsters of the Midway ' and their now-famous helmet 'C,' as well as a newly penned theme song, 'The Pride and Joy of Illinois'," according to Wikipedia.

Pro Career: 1915-17, 1919-1920, 1926 Canton Bulldogs; 1921 Cleveland Indians; 1922-23 Oorang Indians; 1924 Rock Island Independents; 1925 New York Giants; 1928 Chicago Cardinals. Further, if games against non-APFA teams were excluded, Akron (6–0–3) would still have won the championship with .833, but the All-Americans (4–1–1) and the Staleys (5–1–2) would finish equal second with .750 as they did not play each other.

Kiesling’s combined 34-year tenure in the NFL as a player, head coach, and assistant coach is what earned him a place in Canton. Since the Akron Pros never lost a game, the Pros were awarded the Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup on April 30, 1921.

The league did not hold a championship in 1920, but Akron, which was the only undefeated team that year, was declared the champion. The league’s first President continued to entertain football fans with his athletic prowess on the gridiron. 1994 | Obwohl in der Moderne als offiziell erste Saison ausgegeben, war die APFA 1920 nur wenig organisiert. Thus, no official standings were maintained. His most famous play as a player came when he returned a Jim Thorpe fumble in 1923 game. As such, the Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee tabbed this group as the All-Decade Team of the 1920s. 1927 | 2017 |

Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values, & Celebrate Excellence Everywhere. An agreement to form a league was made on August 20, 1920 at Realph Hay's office in Canton, Ohio, with plans to invite owners of more teams for a second meeting on September 17. , by four independent teams from Ohio. [15] Fritz Pollard was congratulated during an Akron Merchants Association of Colored Business Men's meeting. JIM THORPE At 249 pounds, Walt was an overpowering guard who had a great athletic talent that almost provided him a career in baseball. HOF: 1966 When he returned, his greatest contribution came on the defensive side of the ball. 2013 | The NFL held no championship games during this decade. 1938 | MIKE MICHALSKE

In all, as a player-coach he won four league titles during the decade; two with the Canton Bulldogs, one with Cleveland Bulldogs, and one with the Frankford Yellowjackets.

He was named the Irish’s head coach following Rockne’s tragic death in 1931.

HOF: 1963. La NFL organise chaque année un championnat très suivi aux États-Unis ponctué par un événement majeu… 1990 - San Francisco 49ers1991 - New York Giants1992 - Washington Redskins1993 - Dallas Cowboys1994 - Dallas Cowboys1995 - San Francisco 49ers1996 - Dallas Cowboys1997 - Green Bay Packers1998 - Denver Broncos1999 - Denver Broncos. Meister der Liga wurden die Akron Pros. 1982 |

1967 |

Von den an dieser Meisterschaft teilnehmenden Mannschaften sind mit den Chicago Cardinals (jetzt Arizona Cardinals) und den Decatur Staleys (jetzt Chicago Bears) auch 100 Jahre später noch zwei Teams in der NFL aktiv. 1980 |

The league was formed at the Jordan and Hupmobile auto showroom in Canton, Ohio on August 20 by four independent professional American football teams from Ohio: Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Tigers, and Dayton Triangles. 1952 | On August 20, 1920, a meeting attended by representatives of four Ohio League teams—Ralph Hay and Jim Thorpe for the Canton Bulldogs, Jimmy O'Donnell and Stan Cofall for the Cleveland Tigers, Carl Storck for the Dayton Triangles, and Frank Nied and Art Ranney for the Akron Pros[5]—was held. His memorable tackle in the NFL’s first championship game in 1933 preserved a Bears victory. Choose Another National Football League Season: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980

The tandem of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady began a run that would eventually lead to five wins in seven Super Bowl appearances over the course of two decades. La première saison de la National Football League a eu lieu en 1920. Pro Career: 1926-27 Duluth Eskimos; 1928 Pottsville Maroons; 1929-33 Chicago Cardinals; 1934 Chicago Bears; 1935-36 Green Bay Packers; 1937-39 Pittsburgh Pirates. 1958 | For instance, the Rochester Jeffersons played a schedule consisting mostly of local teams from their local sandlot circuit and the NYPFL, not the APFA. He used the games played in Rock Island, other newspapers, and his own memory to determine the first-, second-, and third-team All-Pro list. 1960 - Houston Oilers (AFL)1960 - Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)1961 - Houston Oilers (AFL)1961 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1962 - Dallas Texans (AFL)1962 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1963 - San Diego Chargers (AFL)1963 - Chicago Bears (NFL)1964 - Buffalo Bills (AFL)1964 - Cleveland Browns (NFL)1965 - Buffalo Bills (AFL)1965 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1966 - Kansas City Chiefs (AFL)1966 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1967 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1968 - Green Bay Packers (NFL)1969 - New York Jets (AFL).
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[33] Twenty of the players were from Illinois and thirteen were from Ohio. [4], Prior to the APFA, there were several other loose, professional organizations; most of the APFA teams were from either the Ohio League or the New York Pro Football League. September 1920, das letzte Spiel am 19. 1920 pro football teams, schedules, standings, scores, rosters and statistics. © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. A knee injury ended this future Hall of Famer’s playing career in 1929. 1949 |

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