i was never able to log onto the app for my iPhone either which is very frustrating. For example, file sizes should be a non-issue for all paid Mega account since the the least expensive account has a 1 TB bandwidth limit, leaving ample room to upload large files. Only reason I did not use google drive is because I could not purchase it from my country and 17GB I have on this drive are almost full with my gmail data.

Despite all of the drama surrounding it, MEGA remains a solid cloud storage service.

I’ve struggled with it for months, and finally gave up a few months ago as it’s just more trouble than its worth.

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After 3 months the account can only hold 15 GB.

Depends on who you ask. This way I could recover this file perfectly.

That’s true, i have like 40GB of backup and i am already downloading again my files… It’s a shame!

Unfortunately, the abysmal upload speed, coupled with the fact that there is no block-level sync, means that working on large files in the cloud is very impractical with MEGA. You can also choose to pay a yearly fee, which will bring your tally up to $54.01 (49.99 euros). Cloud storage services are great for sharing files with friends and families, keeping documents in sync between all of your devices, and so much more. To prevent impersonation or security edge-cases like a man-in-the-middle attack, you can mutually confirm the details of a contact using 10 sets of 4 characters through an independent secure channel (e.g. It took, whole day to complete 1 GB so far. Both files and folders can both be shared with non-users. It supports sharing both folders and files with non-registered users. it looks they do support file versioning now, I can see it’s 99.83% owned by a shell company in Hong Kong and given previous ownership by dodgy Chinese businessmen I am concerned they could lean on the NZ based team to capture passwords/keys via dodgy Javascript. MEGA.nz’s outstanding feature is its end-to-end encryption. If you ever want to recover a really large sync folder, I would suspect you would find it almost impossible. During a few weeks mega is blocked by the Belgium gouvernement. a yearly payment for a Pro I account would net you immediate access to 24 TB of bandwidth).

thanks! Mega is using zero knowledge…. Read our full MEGA review for the details. Here's their official statement: "FREE accounts are provided with a transfer quota (uploads plus downloads) that varies depending on our system utilisation. During our upload test, it took MEGA a few seconds to register the actual upload speed and start the uploading process.

MEGA is one of only a handful of cloud storage services that provide end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. There download speed has decreased dramatically it seems its going to die a slow death hopefully for good this time. Plus, you can get up to 200 GB of free space if you refer friends to sign up. Even after I forced MEGASync to scan.

My reactions are: Really. In fact, in our MEGA review testing, upload speeds were subpar, though downloads were speedy enough. BUT in this letter I am 20 GB UNDER I cannot copy the text – Here’s the email Warning: Your MEGA account is inactive Ho all. Installing the app creates a MEGA folder on your computer where all your data is synced. Registered users enjoy an extra 10% free IP quota allowance. MEGA has several apps on offer that let the user access the service in different ways. Its free options are what attracted me now it turned to dust. There's also a mobile app that can send photos and videos to your account. You can just use Mega Sync Client So it’s just as quick as Dropbox It is available for Linux; Windows and Mac. There's a mobile application for nearly all devices that lets you upload/download/share your content.

[Keep good records of passwords, web address and what is being stored, in a safe place or places (more than one copy is wise).]. I have 1342 music files and i check it everyday.

The best part is that it offers its encryption services at no cost at all, unlike most other storage services. MEGA encrypts all of your data client-side, so you are the only one holding the encryption keys.

How long can you be inactive for your account to remain open and not deleted? I wasn’t smart enough to use it, I guess. Nowhere does it say your 50 free gigs is a time limited trial.

You can read our full pCloud review for more information. Horrible slow uploads, downloads okay, but up is pain in my ass, horrible slow, unstable, upload broken at many times “Failed upload, try again” , unsafe, because everyone reported you few times, your account is locked, and you never get back acces for your files…it’s a little hypocrite from a man, who get riched by piracy.

My main grumble is the occasional and unexplainable ‘hangs’ that occur on seemingly ordinary files, often getting to 90%+ and then trying multiple times to send. Normally I would expect to download a 4gb file in under an hour. The reported size of a file depends on a lot of factors, including the possibility that the web site actually runs compression on the stored content to save disk space. 10 GB is offered through pCloud, with friend referrals and other bonus steps jumping it to a possible 20 GB. We had only minor issues when using it ourselves, but some of the commenters underneath this review tell a different story.

What a poor service from MEGA!!! I use Mega a lot.

You can build shared folders that other users can interact with as well as share any folder or file with anyone, regardless if they're a Sync user. 50Gb of storage. Also never had a missing file either. I downloaded it for a torrent and now it’s taken ALL my files off my computer and stored them online?

Even better if Mega could work with OpenOffice or MS or Google apps to work on the file while in the Mega browser (someday). Kind regards to all. Check with your internet service provider. I shall not go into the extensive topic of how data is stored, but you can research it for yourself. Yan’s stakes were transferred to a New Zealand law firm that represented Zhao Wu Shen — MEGA’s largest shareholder and a donor of the New Zealand National Party. Most cloud backup tools let you preview videos, music, and images, so it's unfortunate that this service doesn't work quite the same way. I honestly prefer the mobile android version over the pc one just because it’s a lot more user friendly. i dont recommend their service and here is why:

However, its history has been marked by controversy, and its zero-knowledge-encryption makes collaboration difficult.

Setting up the desktop client isn't easy. Has anyone considered the ownership of mega.nz?

I got my home movies (4GB range) on with a few problems but it worked. It’s the best ever. Don’t just accuse that they’re lying and calling them thieves because you don’t even know if they really did delete your photos.

i have a pro lite mega account. Mega offers five different storage tiers each corresponding to five different account types: The 50 GB storage offering for a free account is among the highest for free cloud storage services, however, it comes accompanied by one of the most constrained bandwidth offerings, as it's described shortly in the next section. MEGA’s interface can be a little cluttered at times, and there’s a lot of overlap between its many features, especially when it comes to file sharing. However, the price of Mega bandwidth is sold at a considerable premium. Thank you for reading our full MEGA review.

Though MEGA offers 24/7 email support, response times can vary.

The Pro II plan comes in at $21.60 (19.99 euros) per month or $216.09 (199.99 euros) per year. Good luck finding the password or the key .

In addition to the above, you can back up the photos from your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. the chrome add on does nothing. So bandwidth for a Mega free account depends on a lot of things you have no control over. Since 2018 Mega has a different goal. Despite MEGA’s spacious free plan, its paid plans are rather pricey and it doesn’t really offer enough cloud storage to make up for the price. But at lease being able to Preview would get a big help!

other than that all is okay. Amazon.com has an online storage service called Amazon Drive, which offers Prime members unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB of space for videos and files. Not Impressed – Highly disappointing – Not to be trusted. Same problem!!!!!!!!!

If true, what is the time-limit before they start deleting files? If you opt for a business account, you get unlimited cloud storage and transfer for the monthly price of $10.80 (10 euros) per user, with a minimum of three users. The desktop sync client also makes it super simple to upload files to Box. Note that MEGA never has full access to your data, owing to its client-side encryption. Mega is a great service, the only problem with the free accounts are the limits, until they kick in the max speed I got is 100mbit in download and 120mbit in upload. Maybe I’m just being paranoid!

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Hey, A unique email address is also generated which lets you (or anyone) email files directly to a folder on your pCloud account. As dropbox has pulled back from Linux lately, nice to see Mega raising the bar. You can choose which folders to sync, and you can even sync existing folders to your MEGA cloud storage account. but our business has used only 3.5T in total in 1 year and not doing more than 50G transfer every month. The service is as clean as a whistle.

However I backup my most important files to another location.

MEGA isn’t particularly known for its speed. The main draw of MEGA.nz is its excellent free plan that comes with lots of storage and a generous transfer quota. I have it set up that way and it works like a charm. I had same problem like up here, but dont have Mega account. When the limits kick in (when you reach 10GB per day limit), the speed can drop to 80kb/s, or even stop working.

It comes with 15GB of permanent storage, plus an additional 35GB that lasts only for your first month.

– Apparently used to be good and give a bunch of storage, now it gives only a small amount of what it used to. She has published hundreds of articles and co-authored a book. using they server to transfer a 5G file gives an average speed 5Mbtye/s.

The mobile app functions just like any other mobile cloud service app.

50GB for free

Uploaded 4 x 2Gb files in under and hour. I have not tried MEGA, but wanted to learn about it, so I have read all the posts, here. Although this shouldn’t pose a problem for most users, there are some who aren’t comfortable with foreign entities possibly having access to their data. And when it comes to video files, although video streaming is unlimited (i.e.

Mega is slow and error-prone – I spent the last entire day attempting to have it (un)successfully sync only 136MB of files that Copy.com synced in just a few minutes! Just be aware client-side encryption requires a heightened level of security awareness, since files are stored encrypted in the cloud and only you control the encryption key. “THANK YOU KIMDOTCOM! All files that are uploaded to MEGA’s servers are encrypted on the side of the client, meaning the user is the only one who can decrypt their own data. Once in 3months. Google Drive is the cloud storage service offered by Google.

Especially, when it’s only a cloud storage solution. Mega shared links must be revoked manually, but if you have a Mega Pro account it's possible to set a shared link expiration date. The website and program are super slim with few features; you can create folders, upload files, and download your backed up data.

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