Pagan lore claims that the Chalice Well is a symbol of the sacred feminine.

. Ulm is remarkable in the history of German literature as the spot where the Meistersinger lingered longest, preserving without text and without notes the traditional lore of their craft.

The Habitant Was Separated From Oldworld Changes Two Centuries Ago By Difference Of Place And Circumstances, While He Has Hitherto Been Safeguarded From Many New World Changes By The Segregative Influences Of Race, Religion, Language And Custom; And So His Folk Lore Still Remains The Intimate Alter Et Idem Of What It Was In The Days Of The Great Pioneers. - The lore of the farmer, gardener, sportsman, fancier and field-naturalist, including thremmatology, or the science of breeding, and the allied teleology, or science of organic adaptations: exemplified by the patriarch Jacob, the poet Virgil, Sprengel, Kirby. 1° In popular Macedonian lore the lightning or thunder is the enemy of the serpent-dragon (G. AMBROISE DE LORE (1396-1446), baron of Ivry in Normandy and a French commander, was born at the château of Lore (Orne, arrondissement of Domfront). Mr Kirk (ob. faltering economy Much Pagan lore was hidden in these ditties during the years of witch persecutions. The aesthetic arts of the American aborigines cannot be studied apart from their languages, industries, social organizations, lore Fine art. P. Martin, The Lore of Cathay (1901), p. 311 et seq. They are computer programs pumped full of plain old knowledge and heuristics. Tolkien's fascination with linguistics and lore led to the development of multiple Lord of the Rings languages. Scott's dissertation on fairies in The Border Minstrelsy is rich in lore, though necessarily Scott had not the wide field of comparative study opened by more recent researches. But depending on the lore being discussed, fairies often can be sinister and mischievous, meddling in human affairs with detrimental outcomes. These digressions at times interrupt the symmetry of his plan; but Strabo had all the Greek love of legendary lore, and he discusses the journeyings of Heracles as earnestly as if they were events within recent history. Hawaiian lore claims members gave me town's economic mainstay the caffeine rush. , 2. Delivered to your inbox! dude, this is lore" "i know dude, operas suck! It's difficult to see lore in a sentence . Lore definition is - a particular body of knowledge or tradition. Bats still hold a powerful place in vampire lore, although Ann Rice has done a lot to dispel the notion that fashionable vampires morph into these "children of the night" as Bram Stoker once called them. Thousands of volumes of occult lore weighted its shelves. 1° In popular Macedonian lore the lightning or thunder is the enemy of the serpent-dragon (G. This principle is that of the universal homogeneity of nature; all things are at bottom the same, or interaction would be impossible (7rhvra Ta g ovra lore TOU a, rov ETEpo1006Bal etym. Wiedemann, who laboured indefatigably in the registration and preservation of matters connected with Esthonian language and lore, published an Esthnisch-deutsches W orterbuch (1865; 2nd ed. lore states that placing a broom beneath ones pillow will hoard away witches and spirits at night. information and wisdom gained through tradition, 1. Marett proposed the term " Animatism," Folk Lore (1900), xi. It's difficult to see lore in a sentence . Two standouts are an intricate pattern depicting a man and a woman walking in the rain and a turtle pattern that appears to be inspired by Native American lore. Many of the objects used to attract good luck were based in religious beliefs, others were the result of superstitions or ancient cultural legends and lore. Here I was lent a pamphlet which contained fascinating snippets of plant lore. Briefly speaking, the NO was a dance of the most stately character, adapted to the incidents of dramas which embrace within their scope a world of legendary lore, of quaint fancies and of religious sentiment. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Celtic engagement rings are a popular choice because of the rich lore, romantic legends and beautiful artwork of Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture. Fortunately, fans of Egyptian god and goddess lore have a wealth of mythology at their disposal. He had much oral lore which he told with great dramatic power.
Could it be that people familiar with werewolf lore see something else, and their imaginations run away with them? Ancient lore attributed the stone with mystical powers for improving health and providing physical protection. ‘Fascism’: The Word’s Meaning and History. A further testimony to the activity which prevailed in the field of Biblical lore is the fact that at the close of the century probably about the year r000 - the Gospels were rendered anew for the first time in the south of Eng land. His instructions were for some time handed down orally, but were subsequently committed to writing, and formed the twelve books of Tages, containing a complete system of Etruscan lore. This breed is the subject of some particularly interesting lore that makes them a popular topic of conversation among cat enthusiasts. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Name that government! What mass of learned lore would he not store up! Folk Lore Has Always Been The Most Essentially French Of All Imaginative Influences In Canadian Life; And The Songs Are The Quintessence Of The Lore.

For more than an hour Kennedy delved …

The Eildons have been the subject of much legendary lore. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Learn a new word every day. synonyms. Lore definition, the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject: the lore of herbs.

Celibacy, or Bramacharya, is encountered frequently in Hindu, 10.
that of a traditional nature.

The descendant of men learned in rabbinic lore, Abba Mari devoted himself to the study of theology and philosophy, and made himself acquainted with the writing of Moses Maimonides and Nachmanides as well as with the Talmud. Lore Inkubus Sukkubus "Wytches 2002" ...we will tell our children of the ancient lore, at the moment of their birth.... Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali InannaHEX Seven Wytches 07/07/07 06/06/06 six six six SatanWithin Temptation "It's the FEAR" ...infected with its rage, but it ends today.... was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. He was the author of a brief epitome of Roman history based upon Livy, which he utilized as a means of displaying his antiquarian lore. A great warrior and an upright ruler, his conquests recalled those of the great Christian emperors, and the Church completed the parallel by training him in her lore. The word lore means facts ,knowledge,and beliefs about something . Receivers have their Chicken soup had the lore of being healthful, a strength builder. Examples of lore in a sentence. Examples from Classical Literature Such lore had given her mind a sombre hue, and inclined her to indulge in the practice of vaticination. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Moonstone's mystical lore and luminous beauty make it a natural choice for symbolic jewelry. The best book on Celtic fairy lore is still that of the minister of Aberfoyle, the Rev. For the ultimate quest, seek out Warhammer texts, books, scrolls and anything have to do with Warhammer lore. or Arthurian lore fans also travel to Chalice Well, in hope of finding a proof that a legend may have lived. Led Zeppelin retain the reputation for being the hardest partying band in music and their tour stories are music business lore.

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