Tobe Hooper also discussed the multiple masks and dinner scene on the audio commentary for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Copyright 2014 Immortal Masks. Onaga | Alfredo Sawyer | Leatherface's clan's last name is also revealed in the film when brother Drayton wins a local cook-off, their family name being Sawyer. After fourteen years, Leatherface reemerged, killing two drunks named Buzz and Rick.

Chameleon | When Sally, Franklin, Jerry, Pam, and Kirk reached their homestead, Kirk and Pam looked for the local swimming hole and stumbled upon the cannibals' house—hoping they could get some gasoline for their van—where Leatherface killed Kirk with a sledgehammer and hung Pam on a meat hook before throwing her into a freezer where she froze to death.
D'Vorah | Luda Mae Hewitt finds him and takes him home to raise him. Leatherface returned in the direct sequel to the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw, which also serves as a reboot to the franchise. Pyramid Head, Other Kabal | McPeters: Bludgeoned with hammer and skinned alive. Evil-doer Cyber Ninjas | He wears a mask made from a person's skin, which he uses to express a personality, and engages in murder and cannibalism alongside his family. In the original film, Leatherface wore three different masks: the \"Killing Mask\", \"Old Lady Mask\" and \"Pretty Woman Mask\". Based on a true story Leatherface looks like the kind of monster that director Tobe Hooper probably saw in … Leatherface is featured as a guest character in the 2015 fighting game Mortal Kombat X alongside Jason Voorhees, Alien and Predator. Brute StrengthSpeedDurabilityButcheryMelee proficiency Shaakans | Motaro | When Grandpa failed to kill Sally with the hammer, she ran, but Nubbins the hitchhiker and Leatherface chased after her. When Jed is trying to escape from Hal Hartman he shoots him to his face, destroying part of his mouth leaving him with the inability to talk.

The Hillbilly | Malebolgia |

Jade | Leatherface kills off Heather's friends one by one, not realizing that Heather is related to him and nearly kills Heather before she escapes. In 1965, he escaped with several other patients from the institution, kidnapping a nurse. Ollie Brown | So when Drayton comes home with Sally, Leatherface is wearing the 'Old Lady Mask' and he's wearing an apron and carrying a wooden spoon, he wants to be domestic, helpful in the k… Terminator, Non Playable Villains Bubba and Junior (alternative ending) are the only versions of Leatherface that died. Seeing that they weren't losing him, the driver with a wrench, knocking him down and causing him to cut his leg on his chainsaw. Jason Voorhees | Drahmin | Masked Guards | Mortal Kombat (1995): To be added Franklin Hardesty: Hacked 5 times with chainsaw.

He was portrayed by the late Gunnar Hansen, Bill Johnson, R. A. Mihailoff, Kane Hodder, Robert Jacks, Dan Yeager, Sam Strike, and Boris Kabakchiev. Gunnar Hansen commented: \"The reason he wore a mask, according to Tobe and Kim, was that the mask really determined his personality.

Who he wanted to be that day determined what mask he put on.

They process the victims' flesh into barbecue and chili, which his brother Drayton, a skilled chef, sells at the "Last Chance" gas station. In the first film, Leatherface shows fear when new people enter his home. Smoke, Non-MK/Guest Star Villains Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. Kirk: Bludgeoned with sledgehammer and hacked with chainsaw. Hellspawn |

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