People on this thread are why an abomination like Trump got elected. Do some research, idiots, and show us all where Trump has ever been racist. I agree with Stills.

The incident happened on March 13, and Taylor, a 26-year old Black emergency medical technician, was shot eight times by plainclothes officers serving a no-knock search warrant for drugs at her apartment. Trying to take money out of the pockets of the people it was intended for. I wonder if he is impressed with the Covid-19 still out of control because others are unimpressed with what others think and what they are telling them for their own safety. He is facing a felony charge of intimidating a participant in the legal process, according to the Louisville jail's booking log via ESPN. While with the Miami Dolphins, Stills knelt during the national anthem to bring attention to social justice issues, including police brutality. Stills, I do not agree with his politics either, but, $13 million is not chump change! Big of him. Jefferson was arrested on suspicion of interference with official process minutes later, police said. Bucs firing on all cylinders in win over Packers. Has Kenny Stills always been privileged??? Kenny Stills has always been the mouse that roared. Where’s your patriotism? Great Job Mr Ross. On Twitter, Stills retweeted the organization's mission statement and wrote, "You can’t have a non profit with this mission statement then open your doors to Trump." But Ken Stills… The protest this week has been one of many in the area as Cameron has been under scrutiny of not charging the officers who shot Taylor. Grow up Stills, 13 million is alot of money to give away.
Now, because Stills speaks his mind, as he has the right to do Constitutionally, it’s all about how much he gave or how many passes he dropped or how washed up he is. How much has stills donated? I think this is one of if not the largest donations made by any nfl owner. Both players are out on bond.

Stills, for one, is skeptical of Ross’s motives. SMH. Maybe donate it to whatever college Stills attended.

He hired more people of color and women for years, when everybody else didn’t.

You must be logged in to leave a comment. But keep listening…. What does that make him? The true mission of these foundations is to be a tax write off. Most of these foundations spend < 10% of the money they receive on the alleged mission of the foundation. Didn’t know there was a now a multi point criteria that has to be approved in order to be “woke”.

Robert Kraft donated a lot less. Well, I agree with Stills. Plus, he gets the write off and PR. The median income in Carlsbad is over $102,000. Clearly his education is working against him. I wish Kenny would have focused on not dropping key passes in big games the way he does Mr Ross’s donations! He was also charged with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. This isn’t a mystery. He attended the funeral of George Floyd in Houston last month and has participated in other marches and protests in Louisville. I think he was serious. And he should really do a little research into how tax write-offs actually work. It’s like most of you giving pocket change. Learn how your comment data is processed. Perhaps Kenny should quit the NFL in protest. Stills is a coward for publicly criticizing the man who signed his checks and supported him. If Ross was sincere there would be action instead of donations to himself. Kenny Stills had issues with Mr. Ross supporting President Trump, a longtime NYC friend and vented those issues on social media instead of arranging a meeting to discuss his feelings directly to him. Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills kneels during the national anthem before a game between the Texans and the Tennessee Titans in December 2019. June 27, 2020 at 10:58 am, pro athletes sure arent acting very intelligent lately This Blowhard doesn’t speak for reasonable people. As a millionare, Kenny Stills is out of touch with the realities of everyday citizens. “Donation to his non profit = Tax write off,” Stills wrote on Twitter. Charity Navigator rates the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality as a private company. Oh wait…. Plus, he gets the write off and PR.

I can’t think straight until Kenny Stillls tells me how to think. ______________________________________. A man has donated millions and some employee is unhappy, Most GMs in the league are unimpressed with his ability to catch a football and to stay on the field, yet he collected millions standing on the sideline being completely unproductive. Money speak for money.

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