Gaps in information lead to uncertainty, which elevates the level of risk surrounding your organisation; therefore, strategic plans made in these circumstances have a high chance of failure. Sign up for free to get: Business West is the trading name of GWE Business West Ltd. - Take precautions in case threats emerge, - Advance quickly and capitalise on opportunities. Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since 2007. You gain an advantage by being aware of all possibilities, making it easier to adapt. In India, the importance of SWOT analysis has further increased since 1991 i.e., after the adoption of the policy of … SWOT analysis is a vital process that helps a business to evaluate its internal and external environment by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. This is more applicable than ever in today's business world, where those who are caught unawares by changes in the market often disappear into obscurity. VAT No: 125446033.

Importance of SWOT Analysis Logical framework of analysis : SWOT Analysis equips the management with an insightful framework for eliminating issues in a systematic manner, that can influence the condition of business, formulation of various strategies and their selection.

By undergoing SWOT analysis, companies can better compete in their industries while passing on benefits such as lower costs and higher quality service to their customers. Performing a SWOT analysis helps companies to recognize both threats and opportunities that they need to be aware of.

In contrast, effective use of SWOT helps a business adjust or prepare for pending threats.

SWOT analysis evaluates the business environment in a detailed manner so as to take strategic decisions for the future course of action. Email: Company No: 6399340. To illustrate why, we've produced a breakdown of what exactly this process can tell you, as well as the potential impact it can have on your company.

During advanced SWOT analysis, you can add a numerical value to each factor you have identified, helping to differentiate between major or minor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Indeed, larger corporations usually bring in external consultants and experts to provide this analysis. The broad perspective stems from the fact that you identify everything that makes your company successful, but also your areas of vulnerability. Site by,,, Monthly business news, tips & opportunities, Invitations to events, training and workshops. Will you be next? You have to have a great service, or a great product that will change how people work. Read more about SWOT analysis here: Keep your ducks in a row. SWOT analysis helps you to position your strategic direction because you’re aware of the internal and external factors that affect your business.

It’s time to get Connect, share & grow - raise your business profile locally & nationally through the largest membership organisation in the South West. Alternatively, you might want to try extracting more value from your strengths, such as reinvesting idle cash reserves, or leasing out (or licensing) your intellectual properties. You can see new gaps in the market and position your organisation appropriately, giving your business a competitive advantage. SWOT analysis allows you to allocate your resources appropriately and effectively because you know the areas that need work. By assessing market conditions, you can also open up new avenues, such as the demise of a competing brand, or even the possibility of takeovers and mergers to increase your reach. In conducting a SWOT analysis, a company evaluates its current position in the market and compares it to the future opportunities and risks that could affect it moving forward.

Keep an eye out for a better pond. Though it isn't always pleasant to scrutinize your weaknesses or deficiencies, top companies know where they stand in all critical areas relative to the competition. Of course, keeping constant tabs on all these simultaneous factors is near impossible, even for larger organisations. In today’s VUCA business environment, awareness is key. Other potential threats identified through SWOT include shifting customer preferences, technological changes and environmental concerns. Externally, meanwhile, you need to be able to identify any potential opportunities – as well as threats – on the horizon. A SWOT analysis is one of the most important strategic tools available to a company, division or department. SWOT analysis enables you to avoid this fate and allows you to stay on top of all the crucial aspects of your business. It examines the strengths of the company, acknowledges its weak points and identifies both opportunities and threats in its market. Oh, and stay away from the nasty fox.

All Rights Reserved. You might discover that, whilst the idea is great, the external environment just isn’t right for it at this moment in time.

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