How fun to see how in the world you make these cutie pies! Cut 1/4″-1/2″ away from your dotted lines – the places you have left open.

Place the other cloth body on top of the pinned arms. You will probably be surprised at how much stuffing this takes! You can use a pencil to stuff the poly into the arm. 4. Wrap your thread around the joint two or three times and fasten off. Use a short stitch length (1 1/2 – 2 recommended) and reverse stitch at the beginning and end of each line. Hi, Disne, I’m sorry the youtube video seems to be no longer available. On your printer select: Scale 100% or ‘Scaling None’ to make a 10″ doll. Pin the the layers together as shown below. ( Log Out /  If you are using this pattern to make the larger GRANNY SQUARE, KNIT and PURL dolls print: This is tricky to start with but gets easier as you proceed. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Let's get started with our list of supplies. Turn under approximately half of the neck edge (the actual measurement will vary depending on what size doll you are making). I wondered if you could do one where the buttons wouldn’t “show”? Slow down around the curves. Great tutorial, Janine!! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Take for example sewing feet. Thank you for showing your cute doll tutorial Janine and I have never heard of hemostats they would be very handy to use :). I had never heard of hemostats either…..they certainly do seem to make tiny doll making so much easier! So we will ask you to ‘cut' the pieces out for clothing. Fold the top edge of the cloth over to cover the cotton, then gather together and tie with a piece of yarn or string. I love my. Push the Hemostats into your piece, grab hold of some fabric, lock your handles and wiggle and pull. it is helpful to write the scale on your pattern pieces. Gather your pattern and supplies. These opening allow you to turn the part right side out and stuff the doll. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. When you reach the point between the thumb and the palm of the hand, leave your needle down, raise your presser foot and pivot your fabric. The lady in the tute used a stuffing fork but I use haemostats. You have thought of everything to simplify the making process of your cute as cute dolls! Great tutorial! Thank you for writing this. If you have used a vanishing marker vanish your lines after cutting out. Secure the legs to the lower body using buttons and strong thread in the same way that you joined the arms. How to Make a Voodoo Doll. And remember: don't sew completely around. Cut out your pattern pieces using paper scissors. GRANNY SQUARE – ‘Scale 110%’ Your lines should be straight and steady. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If you are not using my pattern, skip this section (in blue) and go straight to ‘MAKING YOUR DOLL’. I keep my muslin folded in half as it comes on the bolt. 6.

Thank you so very much for sharing all the details. secure thread and bury the end in the arm. Using sharp fabric scissors. Make the cloth doll's body. Learn how to make a simple and easy cloth doll. To make the elbow and knee joints, secure a piece of strong thread to the back of the joint. You can stop here or go on to step 6.

1. This tried and true tutorial has been updated with new resources and tips. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission when you purchase through these links.

As you can see I started with the doll body. B41cm, W28cm, H42cm. ), Wool on Sundays – 28 (A Perfectly Plain Cardigan), I have placed pins to hold the fold in place, insert your hemostats, grab the toe and lock your handles, insert your hemostats back into the leg and push the piece into shape. Now pin the two arms to your cloth cut out of the body. Although I’ve been delighted to receive compliments about sewing tiny dolls, I’m really hoping to show that for general sewists and quilters the step from 2D to 3D isn’t as big as many people suppose and, given a pair of hemostats and an open toe foot, toy making can be fun and very manageable :).

Cut two 20-by-24-inch long rectangles of muslin or any close-weave fabric. You continue the same steps as above, the difference is you'll be tracing around the patterns instead of putting the pattern between the fabric layers. If you are making a doll for your child, please take care to ensure that all stitching and embellishment is very secure and suitable for their age group. - DIY Braille Embosser, Dye Stained Tear-Off Daily Planner / To-Do List (DIY Binding). Stuff the head very firmly (as in step 8, above) and stuff the neck lightly. I was always very curious as to the how you create your dolls. I think wrinkles come from having too little stuffing in that area. Hand sew across the neck stump opening.

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