Then the trouble begins.

Here, let me carry your salmon.” Henry didn’t want to let go of his fish, but it was heavy and slippery and he was shivering so he could scarcely hang onto it.

“OK, Dad.” Henry pulled Ribsy back into the car by his collar and wound up the window.

. viii . 3 Ramona Forever.
Robert spoke first.

Have loved these books for 60 yrs.

He made a game of seeing how close to the water he could run without letting the waves touch his shoes. “Hi,” he said. “Clippers for whose hair?” he asked suspiciously. And the way it sticks out over your ears.” “I’m glad my mother doesn’t cut my hair,” said Robert. Before long, her school librarian was saying that she should write children's books when she grew up. The wind grew colder and his nose began to run. Now I suppose I’ll really catch it. Then he leaned gloomily against the refrigerator and wiggled first his right tooth and then his left tooth. 143 “That’s where Scooter went last week,” remarked Henry. “What time is it?” Henry asked the boathouse man. Yes, I know Beverly Cleary’s books are supposed to be for kids, but I’m a sucker for good writing, wherever I find it. In the shallow water at Henry’s feet an enormous chinook salmon was trying to fight its way upstream. Some of her best known and loved characters are Ramona Quimby and her sister Beatrice ("Beezus"), Henry Huggins, and Ralph S. Mouse. “Wuf!” he said. Henry thinks it'll be easy, but he soon learns it's going to be harder then he thought.

We had such fun, Squirt and I, reading this. “Here, Ribsy,” he called. “Ramona, here’s your P.T.A.,” said Beezus, waving the bag of potato chips. “I bet I can beat you.” Checkers was one of his favorite games and Beezus was a good player.

And wouldn’t it be fun if cars could take off and drive along just this high!

Henry did not wake up until the car left the highway and began to bounce along a gravel road near a bridge that bore a sign, “Umptucca River.”The sky was gray and the air smelled of the sea.

“All right, just one more piece,” said Henry, opening the refrigerator door. Yes, it must be! Maybe it was a silly idea. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The reel on the rod began to spin as the line was carried out. he wondered. It wasn’t worth a hundred, or a thousand, or even a million dollars. In it, the Hugginses have a new car, and go out shopping; Ribsy, denied a ride, chases it at up to 25 miles per hour, and is finally allowed in. Well, so that was what his mother had been thinking about at dinner last night! 126 “Come on, Beezus,” said Henry.“Let’s try to tell her.” “Oh, there you are, Henry Huggins,” said Mrs.Wisser. Ribsy growled deep in his throat. “Look at the trouble you got me into. When Henry went to the door, he found 113 Beezus and her little sister Ramona standing on the front porch licking ice cream cones.

My father bought my son these books and I found out there were more than just two books for "Ribsy" and my son is only 8 years old but he enjoyed reading these books.

Toss out the line, reel it in, wipe his nose. Ribsy started to follow Henry and Beezus to the store.Then he looked back at Ramona, sobbing on top of the jungle gym with the lunch box still in her hand, and decided to stay near his bone. Sunday afternoon Robert and Scooter came over to see if anything new had happened to the garbage or to Ribsy. This year, when Mr. Huggins goes fishing, his son Henry wants to come, too. Before Henry thought of anything interesting to do, the radio announcer finished the news and four men began to sing. It 52 helped some but not much. 165 “Gee . I asked my son if he liked this book and if he wanted to give it 4 stars or 5 stars. “Come on, Ramona.” Still clutching the lunch box, Ramona threw her arms around one of the pipes on the jungle gym and screamed.

He wanted to see exactly how a fish was landed. “I’m sure it will look all right in a few days.” “Don’t worry, son,” said Mr. Huggins. Henry carefully balanced the Woofies can on top of some potato peelings. We have a lot of conflict, he and I, so it feels wonderful to have something enjoy together.

Mr. Grumbie tried to grab his fish, but it slid through his hands, leaving them covered with scales. When he found the face did not shine through the shade the way he had planned, he felt even gloomier. The weary salmon struggled. he thought. “He could tie the other ends of the strings to the back end of a fire engine, and when it took off—yow!

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Maybe somebody’s holding up the supermarket. She’s a perfect terror.” 133 Henry felt better. Henry just wants to go fishing with his dad.

As for Mr. Grumbie—Henry did not like to think about the long ride home in the same car 168 with him. But each chapter was a hit. “What a watchdog!” hooted Scooter. Wait till Scooter McCarthy sees it!

Ribsy paid no attention. Welcome back. Henry began to feel uncomfortable, almost unwelcome. “Oh, I don’t know,” said Scooter. “And you’re not to open the car door while you’re up there,” cautioned Henry’s father.

Zowie! Her chin and the bib of her overalls were smeared with chocolate ice cream.

So am I,” boasted Scooter. Just waded in and tackled it with his bare hands.” “How do you like that!” muttered Scooter.

“See?” said Robert to Scooter.

Ribsy looked surprised.
“Are you going to cut Dad’s hair, too?” 69 Mrs. Huggins laughed as she unwrapped the clippers. What was worse, it was going to stay there for seven days until the garbageman came around again.What was he going to do with the garbage he had to take out until then? “Come down and get it.” “No,” said Ramona.

“Come on, Beezus. Ribsy wriggled with delight and licked Henry’s face with his long pink tongue. “Shut up, Ribsy,” ordered Henry. 5. “We think he’s a good dog, but the neighbors won’t if he runs across new lawns and chases cats,” said Mr. Huggins. He was protecting my bike!” Henry was growing more excited.

“It’s nice fresh garbage.” Ribsy followed Henry out the back door, sniffing as he went, and watched Henry lift the lid off the thirty-gallon galvanized metal can that was just like the can standing by the back door of every other house on Klickitat Street.


He looked at the car beside the grease rack and hesitated. And yet.

We work hard to protect your security and privacy. “I know what happened. It's touch and go for a bit, but in the end, Henry's still saying, "Good old Ribsy.". “Let’s go in the house before they see us.” Ribsy did not care to go into the house. He was really here. Neither of Henry’s parents spoke. To punish Ribsy, Ramona steals his bone and locks it in her lunch box. He did not need to tell Henry to smile.

“He didn’t bite when Ramona pulled his tail, did he?” Henry asked angrily. “No,” said Ramona.

I was glad it was me doing the reading for this one because there's a one-sentence tooth-fairy spoiler that I managed to skip over.

“Sounds like a garbage can to me,” said Scooter. Henry spooned the last of the can of Woofies into the plastic dish with D O G printed on it. “I’m 23 afraid there isn’t much left of your lunch, sir,” said Henry politely.

Ramona and Ribsy and the boys playing catch made so much noise that the two women did not hear Henry. “Come back here,” he yelled, and tripped on the hose from the pump. And they both went right over to the clipper sale at the Colossal Drugstore.” “My mother?” Henry was genuinely bewildered. Next thing, people would be saying Ribsy bit the garbageman. Henry, who had known instantly what made the noise, was already on his way around the house with Ribsy at his heels. “You did not,” answered Henry.“You just wish you’d thought of riding up on the grease rack.” “Ha,” scoffed Scooter, as the air hissed into his tire.

He threw sticks into the breakers to see them carried up on 173 the sand and then get sucked back into the ocean by the undertow.

It couldn’t be. 163 By this time the fishermen in the other boats were watching. 166 But from the way Mr. Grumbie spoke he knew he would have to stay there the rest of the day. Sometimes they get mean.” “Not my dog,” said Henry, trying frantically to think of an explanation for Ribsy’s behavior. No, it wouldn’t do. “Sure you did,” said Henry. Because Henry has kept Ribsy out of trouble, he is allowed to go fishing with his father and Mr. Grumbie.

After Mr. Huggins had insisted on paying for the lunch, the officer drove away and Al lowered the car. Mr. Grumbie turned around and frowned 145 at Ribsy.

Why are they acting like that, Henry wondered. “Golly,” said Henry, as he watched the swift current of the river seethe against the breakers,“it looks like the river is fighting to 150 get into the ocean and the ocean is fighting to get into the river.

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