The adult Cooper's hawk has a dark blue-gray back and wings. Peregrines have white cheeks behind the malar stripes.

Adult red-tailed hawk versus adult peregrine falcon (photos by Steve Gosser, Lauri Shaffer) Let’s look at two key features.

The color variations in the hawk species vary from grey to reddish from above and white from below of body, but the falcon color varies from black to silver, white or red.

Access a free guide of more than 800 species of North American birds ... Three Basic Ways to Identify Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, and Other Raptors ... elastic wing beats—you can practically see the motion rippling down the falcon’s long and tapered wings.

The top of this hawk's head is dark … Contrary to the Falcons, the Hawks belong to a number of genes. Hawk Facts and Information. If the head is observed from a diagonal angle, the shape of the hawk’s head is smooth and pointed, including accipiters, buteos, whereas the falcon’s head is small and round.

Hawk vs Falcon A falcon is a bird of prey that belongs to the Genus falco. If you know you’re looking at a falcon instead of an eagle, or a kite instead of a hawk, it is easier to focus on specific field marks such as coloration, tail bands, and wing patterns to properly identify the raptor species. Instead of size, the easiest and most reliable way to easily tell whether a bird of prey in flight is a hawk or a falcon is the shape of its wings. They are known for their long tails. The Accipiter hawks are most commonly found on earth hence it is the largest genus of hawks.

Birds Hawk identification often begins with a general description of hawks as the group of large birds in the order Falconiforme, which consists of Eagles, Falcons and Hawks. Browse North American birds by shape—helpful if you don’t know exactly which type of bird you’ve seen. As compared to hawks, falcons have long, slender wings that are pointed at the end. Hawk wings are wider in relation to their bodies and usually have rounded ends. Together with Owls, they also go by the name raptors or birds of prey. Peregrines are striped all the way down. They are characterized by their long wings and powerful beaks that are adapted to the way the birds hunt for prey, by strongly clawing and then tearing the flesh of the captured animal. The Cooper's hawk is a slim-bodied hawk with short, rounded wings.

Red-tailed hawks have a brown belly band with white below. Hawks are more clever prey birds than falcons and they do a sudden attack on their prey.

There are various species of these raptor birds in the genus falco.

Red-tailed hawks have brown cheeks. About the size of a peregrine falcon, this hawk is 14-21 inches long and has a 27 - 36 inch wingspan.

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