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With whole room heating it is helpful to use a ceiling or box fan to ensure uniformity of temperature throughout the room. Insertworks perches are true works of art and the cost of these pieces is reflected in this fact. Sorry we do not have pictures of Bushmaster breeder stock. Radiant Heat Panels, or RHP’s, are most commonly used for this application. Unfortunately, the melamine available at these stores is usually a thinner version of that used on countertops, so it is a lower quality.

Some keepers have reported kidney failure deaths in neonates from tap water. As mentioned, an IR temp gun will greatly assist as you fine-tune the placement of lighting. Simply attach this to the ceiling either running front to back or from the side into the enclosure and run for 12 hours per day.If you have any concerns or need any further advise please let us know. If you do select a bio-active substrate, make sure you research it to ensure you do it correctly. Copulation Photo: Pairing #3.

Trial and error is often necessary to dial in ventilation with respect to the number of holes for tubs of different sizes. They are non-toxic and resistant to damage from cleaning chemicals. There are differing accounts on the efficiency of this technique, and most breeders do not stray from an annual 12/12 photoperiod. PVC can emit highly corrosive and toxic hydrogen chloride when burned. There are many styles and sizes and most companies will custom design cages to your specifications. It is also made of recycled plastic and is 35% lighter than standard HDPE plastic of the same thickness. And some keepers will only mist every third day. Beautiful GTP's.

Cons – RHP’s are considerably more expensive than all other sources, but their efficiency and safety outweigh their cost. Depending upon size, adults often select perches in the 5/8” – ¾” range. Also, you will clearly need to monitor your animal(s) very carefully to make sure there are no detrimental effects. Make sure you don’t use a bulb that is too strong. Cons – With whole room heating you have less control of individual cages. But this is not widely accepted There are several lighting options available and your choice will likely be determined by cage design and personal preference. and are less attractive for beginners. “Because of its majority chlorine content, when PVC burns in fires two hazardous substances are formed which present acute and chronic hazards to fire fighters, building occupants, and the surrounding community. This eye-catching jewel of a reptile is a crowd-pleaser, and reaches adult lengths of 4' to 6' (rarely 7'). HDPE is USDA and FDA-approved so it is recognized as safe enough to eat off of. If you have live plants in your enclosure, bulbs in the 6100k to 6500k range promote better growth.

In either case, a thermostat probe should be placed at perch level in the location of the hot/basking spot. However, over-circulation can lead to excessive drying so a balance needs to be found. Green Tree Python setup – are made from many different materials, and all have been used with success over the years. Plastic clothing hangers are a popular choice for younger green tree pythons, from hatch until approximately 75-100 grams. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common choice for green tree pythons  and other arboreal snakes. This should ensure that 1/3 of the enclosure will be around 88-90 Fahrenheit all night. Chondros grow at different rates, determined by both frequency of feeding and their underlying genetics. They are then fixed to the ceiling and surrounded by a guard which is also screwed to the ceiling. It will also create a more visually pleasing cage for the keeper.

We are keepers and breeders of Green Tree Pythons (Morelia viridis) - unbelievably beautiful arboreal non-venomous snakes, originating from the New Guinea islands in Indonesia and Cape York Peninsula in Australia. Utilizing a substrate of standing water is not recommended due to the likelihood of developing unsanitary conditions. What a simple setup lacks in visual appeal is made up for in practicality. She is 4 years old and ready for your breeding. They can be purchased, or built at home. For more information, check out How It Works. Green Tree Pythons & Emerald Tree Boas. It should be noted that for many years it has been accepted that high humidity is a necessary component of captive green tree python husbandry. The second wire will end in a socket, you plug your ceramic heat emitter into this. This in turn may increase the chance that a water bowl is discovered and used. The soot, however, represents only a small part of the problem: more than 90 of the dioxins produced in a structural fire are found in the gaseous phase and escape into the atmosphere.”.
Regarding color, there are many options depending on the material you choose, but chondros are usually kept in either black or white cages. The easiest way to set up a single tub for top heat is to drill several small holes in one side of the lid where you will place a heat element, such as a ceramic bulb. But whether you buy it or build it, consider the chondro’s current size, and think about your collection now and where you see it down the road. Here is when the female was a baby at 2 month old. They are installed offset (off center) on the interior ceiling of an enclosure. The choice of substrate is often a matter of personal preference (aesthetics) and practicality (size of collection). Regardless, glass enclosures tend to be more suitable for those with a dedicated heated room, or for those living in a warm climate.
Many keepers using mulch spot clean when necessary, and do a full substrate change 3-4 times each year. For more information, check out How It Works. Green Tree Pythons are beautiful aboreal snakes which make excellent display animals. Also, if given a lot of cover (hide areas), some animals may choose to stay hidden at the expense of seeking an appropriate basking spot. For example, cage lighting assists in effectively monitoring your animals’ health and helps to ensure efficient cleaning. These are a new cross, and should be spectacular! In other words, there is a higher potential for the environment to develop an unhealthy level of pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. This is especially true with white materials (PVC) and yellow neonates. Temperature at 85 degrees F during the day, dropping to 80-83 degrees F at night in a rack system is common for many neos. It comes in white, black, and brown, and is far stronger and more easily tooled than PVC. An example is when a newly acquired chondro is grounded for several days. You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. A simple green tree python setup might contain 2 or 3 perches, a heat source (with a connected thermostat), water bowl, and substrate. To do this you will need to choose one side of the enclosure to be your hot end and one side to be the cool end. Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. These Green Tree Pythons … Rather, it should be offset towards one end, covering no more than half the bottom of the cage. While it is unclear what long-term effects this will have on human health, it has the potential to cause negative results to the health of a reptile in a heated enclosure.

we have one of the greatest selections you will find including biaks, jayapuras, meraukes, manokwaris, cyclops, arus … This has the potential to interfere with proper thermoregulation and can lead to illness such as respiratory infections. Check them out on our Breeding Projects page! Green Tree Pythons for Sale in the United States. Some epoxy coatings are even flexible and can withstand thermal expansion and contraction. And if set up correctly, they can actually require less cleaning than a simple setup. So err on the small side if you aren’t sure what size to go with. Cons – Heat gradient can be difficult to set up.

Temperature at 85 degrees F during the day, dropping to 80-83 degrees F at night in a rack system is common for many neos. Absorbent pads work great for retaining moister and will help maintain elevated humidity. Flexwatt heat tape, Reptile Basics heat tape, heating cable, and heat rope are most often used for racks. If left undetected, impacted substrate will likely lead to health issues.

A common misconception is that chondros require tall cages because they are arboreal snakes.

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