Small neos are usually started with XS or 1-day-old pinks. Insertworks perches are hand sculpted and custom made inserts that create functional and realistic branch work for your snake’s habitat. Green Tree Python Serpentovirus (NidoVirus). If you choose wood perches be sure they are from a non-toxic tree that has not been treated with pesticides. It will waterproof and protect against environmental exposure, animal waste and most cleaners and solvents. Most of our Green Tree Python cages are 24″ in depth and height. Depending upon size, adults often select perches in the 5/8” – ¾” range.

Zoopoxy is an environmentally safe, non-toxic epoxy used for the creation of naturalistic, artificial environments in movies, theme parks, museums, aquariums, and zoos. Ultimately you will have to make that decision. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common choice for GTP and other arboreal snakes. If your branches are growing fungus/mold, your cage probably isn’t drying enough between spraying, or you need to use a different type of wood. Still, many keepers tend to err on the safe side and provide smaller perches as opposed to larger ones. And as mentioned, dial in your temperature settings prior to the arrival of your chondro. With a bit of practice you’ll be able to lodge the head, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to dislodge it, the snake will give up and swallow the meal.

If you are just not able to elicit strikes, you might choose to offer a live prey, such as pinkies, lizards, or frogs. This would be considered an assist feed because the animal does not wrap the prey, but rather swallows only after giving up its attempts to dislodge the pink from its mouth. The amount of time before resorting to assist feeding will depend on things like the appearance of the animal, the size at birth, how much yolk (if any) was left behind in the egg. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

If you can’t successfully establish a neonate it will eventually starve itself to death. However, most will continue to swallow once they have begun doing so. After 5-6 weeks, they will start becoming too weak to work with and you may miss your window of opportunity.

And while a perfectly horizontal perch is a common site, it is not a necessity. There is a clear difference in behavior for a stuck pink, and a pink that the snake intends to eat. So HDPE is very easy to clean.

This information assumes that your neo, yearling, sub-adult or adult is established: that it is eating and shedding regularly, is set up in an appropriate cage, and that it has no health issues.

With neos that initially strike but then quickly begin running, in the short term you may be better off backing down and trying again another day.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Some keepers suggest that too large of a perch can lead to kinks, but data to support this is not readily available.

It is also resistant to sustained heat of about 110 degrees Celsius (

At times, shy neos turn into “runners.”.

Large tubs, such as … Green Tree Python Serpentovirus (NidoVirus). PVC can emit highly corrosive and toxic hydrogen chloride when burned. Since wood is naturally porous it can harbor many microorganisms. One way to counteract this is to offer only a pink head. Often with this type of neo, excessive physical contact will set them running again. Basic Setups. So most keepers securely fasten their perches to prevent injury. If you do resort to assist feeding you might consider alternating between rat/mouse tails and pink heads. The snake will rest coiled on its branch during the day and move about the cage at night. Whatever cage design you decide to use you will need to make sure that it has: Proper temp gradient, proper humidity and good ventilation/air flow. So some keepers will coat branches with non-toxic sealer, such as water-based polyurethane or Zoopoxy, in order to seal the wood and make it easier to clean. Too Much Movement – Do your best to open tubs with as little disturbance as possible. Insertworks perches are true works of art and the cost of these pieces is reflected in this fact. Force feeding should always be the last resort. One of the biggest misconceptions about green tree pythons and arboreal snakes is … They do not absorb odor and are resistant to fungal growth or rotting. But an enclosure with dimensions 30” x 24” x 24” (L/D/H) or 36” x 24” x 24” is more common for adult females because they grow bigger than males.

They are custom fiberglass branches made to look like real branches and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Babies can start out in cubes as small as 1 foot, like Exo terras 12" x 12" x 12". One drawback with wood is that the bark, knots, and cracks can be hard to clean and sanitize.

This method is useful because you can gradually decrease the amount of tail you need to coax down the throat, and the snake gradually learns the swallowing motion. It is also made of recycled plastic and is 35% lighter than standard HDPE plastic of the same thickness. Water-based polyurethanes can be purchased at most home improvement/hardware stores, but in some cases they may not be very durable.

Some epoxy coatings are even flexible and can withstand thermal expansion and contraction.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

At a cost of $2-6 a linear foot, depending on diameter/color, the cost of outfitting multiple cages with Acetron GP can easily run several hundred to over one thousand dollars. This size and shape allows the establishment of a thermal gradient, which should be about 82 to 88 degrees. They are made to look and feel like authentic wood, but are easy to clean and will not rot or harbor pests. It is available in round, square, and hexagonal shapes in a variety of dimensions. They are inexpensive and easy to custom fit to tubs of different sizes. Some keepers bake branches at low temp to kill insects that might be present. It will also create a more visually pleasing cage for the keeper.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Since the fumes released from burning PVC are toxic, torching should only be done outside in a well-ventilated area while using a respirator. Green tree Python Perches – Placement When considering the placement of your perches, make sure at least one is directly under the heat source to allow your chondro to thermoregulate. But you might need to move it into the throat a bit deeper than you would a pink head. This involves closing the tub once the animal is grounded, waiting 20 -30 seconds, and then promptly opening the tub and using teasing techniques to elicit a strike. Recently some cage manufacturers have switched to marine grade HDPE. Most neos being fed this way will swallow on their own once the end of the tail gets to the end of the snakes nose. The best and least stressful approach is to leave the prey in the enclosure over night as opposed to presenting with tongs. Material, placement, and size are three factors to consider when choosing perches for your chondro enclosure.Synthetic Perches. Some are so sensitive that you may have to sit perfectly still until they finish eating. Runners are often the most difficult neonates to establish.

The plastic is 3/8” thick and more rigid than typical HDPE because it has 3 layers: a solid layer, a slightly expanded layer, and an additional solid layer to give it a plywood-like effect to resist sagging.

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