#67. Redirect Count – Number of times the initial document request is redirected when the user loaded the page. Google Tag Manager is so easy to use, you can start adding tags to a site as soon as the developers put up the GTM container code. #36.

It’s better to use push (window.dataLayer.push), even when the page loads.

#58. In addition, customer experience tools like Hotjar can also be integrated via GTM.

I would go back to your measurement plan to confirm the focus of enhanced ecommerce tracking and not collect data just because you can.

The complete guide to understanding your Google Analytics 4 Properties & Firebase data in BigQuery.

What obstacles or concerns do you still face? yes, I know that my older blog posts still use dataLayer = [{}].

The first thing to check is the GTM code and if it has been properly implemented correctly on every page of the website. That’s why I  always look to configure some of the 13 useful custom dimensions in Simo’s post.
#20. Internal promo ID or sponsor banner ID. Use of favorites, wishlist, or other options you may offer that allow visitors to personalize their view of your site.

event, pageview, timing etc) allows you to build segments or to add granularity to path analysis.
I hope you found at least some parts of this Google Tag Manager checklist useful. What articles did they read? Preferences or user settings. #52.

#43. banner_slot_1.

I just did not have the motivation to fix it, hoping to update them soon *sigh*.

Remarketing tags can use info about how many and which products a customer put in the cart. Please share in the comments. Read more about it here. Here’s the data that’s crucial for businesses who want to implement Google Analytics Standard or Enhanced E-commerce tracking. I hope to add more items to this section because right now there are only two of them, one related to triggers and the other one to variables. #16. 34. It’s important to understand the business model and what attracts customers to the website before beginning the process of auditing GTM implementation. What about custom dimensions? In Tag Manager, you write rules to fire tags on different pages according to …

Begin your Google Tag Manager audit checklist by creating an issue log which allows you to record problems or concerns as you discover them. Make sure you bookmark the page for future use.

Enhanced E-commerce – Send Add / Remove from the cart with a Universal Analytics Tag (if applicable).

Are you using Lookup or RegEx Tables to minimise the number of tags you deploy in GTM? Push an event to the data layer for forms that submit back to themselves, or for any AJAX-y content. 20.


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