Fist of Fury (also known as The Chinese Connection) is a 1972 Hong Kong action martial arts film written and directed by Lo Wei, produced by Raymond Chow, and starring Bruce Lee in his second major role after The Big Boss (1971). Fist of Fury II (Chinese: 精武門續集, a.k.a. Iksan Lahardi, Jimmy Shaw, Tso Nam Lee. This film is generally regarded as one of Bruce Li's other better films. "[1], Also admiring is Dean Medows, who wrote in his three-part Bruceploitation essay in Impact Magazine: "Fist of Fury 2 is a movie that is still regarded as one of the very finest examples of Bruce Lee exploitation cinema. I think Mathew likes the Films, which are about a Bruce Lee Book. I was so excited about the Event and then the whole thing was shut down by Youtube after 5 minutes because of legal/rights issues. Rather than sharing the screen, as he had in the previous Shaolin trio, here he was clearly the sole hero, and took full advantage of that fact. Fist Of Fury II 唐山大兄2 | Chinese Connection 2 | Fist …

Director. 1977 104 minutes. There have been many kung-fu movies set in the famed Shaolin Temple, but none have captured the monastery's martial arts world quite like The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin. Just as in New Fist of Fury, the flashback stills to Chen Zhen are actually from Enter the Dragon! Гледай 1977 Fist of Fury II / Яростен Юмрук 2 ЧАСТ 3, видео качено от kokodinev, във - видео споделяне за всички българи! Action. After making superstars of Jimmy Wang Yu, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chen Kuan-tai, and others, esteemed martial arts movie master Chang Cheh decided it was time to cement the stardom of soon-to-be international favorite Alexander Fu Sheng. Required fields are marked *. The result is a lighter-hearted entertainment, as our hero learns "Embroidery Fist" and acupuncture to counter the evil White Lotus leader’s deadly "Weightless Boxing" and "Nerve Centre Shutdown" techniques. Lo Lieh was famous as Shaw Studio’s first international kung-fu film star.

This Chinese man is the only one who has the guts to fight the Japanese, this Chinese is known as Chen Shan (Bruce Li) who is the brother of Chen Zhen and he vows to avenge his brother's death and end the terror of the Japanese once and for all. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Subscribe to Podcast: – MP3 | iTunes | RSS. Cast. Gründe waren der nationalistische Unterton des Films sowie die aus Lees Sicht übertriebene Dämonisierung der Japaner. The film was Shaw Brothers' number one hit of 1978, and won the Best Martial Arts Award at the 24th Asian Film Festival. The lead role of Chen Shan, played by Bruce Li, who goes to Shanghai to mourn his brother's death who was killed at the hands of the Japanese.

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