Manager. FC Dallas Texoma . FC Dallas College Showcase. 3) Parents must respect the 24 hour rule: if communication with team coach is necessary, please wait 24 hours after competition to initiate communication so that emotions are reduced and communication can be more productive. All payments hereunder shall be made to FC Dallas Youth LLC, 9200 World Cup Way Suite 202, Frisco, TX 75033, or any other such address as may from time to time be designated by FCDY, or an attorney or debt collection agency acting on its behalf. For players born in 2006, 2007, or 2008 contact Jay Dane at FC Dallas Youth Select Soccer Tryouts (U11 - U19) July 1 - 3, 2020 at Toyota Soccer Center Age Team Day Date Time Location Field Coach First Coach Last Email U19 02B Central Blue (Reyes) Wednesday 7/1/2020 1:15 PM Toyota Field 14 North Pablo Reyes NEWS: NTSC and Defender Lamar Batista Mutually Agree to Part Ways. There are no refunds, credits or reductions to the payment plan; and payments must be received by FCDY no later than the agreed upon due date. Sun. FC Dallas Youth will provide written copies of any amendments to these policies and procedures prior to their becoming effective. WESTON FC … fc dallas youth 09b blue fc dallas youth 09b north silver fc dallas youth 09b silver fc legends utd 09b_red titans fc 09 mole. (Aparent acting-out in a foul or abusive manner during any game can also be ejected from the field with a red card resulting in a sendoff penalty against the team as well as a personal suspension and a possible fine pending a hearing from their respective League A&D Committee). All rights reserved. FCDY reserves the right to deny a release or transfer. Jon Waters ​For players born in 2004 or 2005 contact Chris Clarke at  FC Dallas Youth FC Dallas 03B West 6 2 2 2 13 11 2 8 Falls Town FC FTFC 03B 5 2 2 1 8 8 0 7 Maya FC Furia Rojinegra 4 1 1 2 4 9 -5 5 ... Soccer Central - 01. 3) I will abide by all applicable facility and tournament rules at all times and will act in a manner that is respectful of the event that I am attending and its facilities. INJURY REPORT: Hedges, Mosquera and Pomykal out for Dallas, Major League Soccer Announces Steps to Combat Racism and Increase Black Representation, North Texas SC Draws 1-1 with New England II at Gillette Stadium, SET THE STAGE: Tessmann's Presence, Ryan Going Forward & More. FALLS TOWN FC FTFC 03B +10: Saturday, August 01, 2020. I understand that the use of obscene language or gestures, curse words, racial slurs, gender slurs, or sexually abusive insults will not be tolerated at any time. Israel Flores 517-410-3752 . GotSoccer GotSoccer Scheduled Event (Bonus points awarded) . CLUB. Match Win. FC Dallas Monterrey. FC Dallas Rio Grande Valley. CAMPS. FC DALLAS YOUTH 03B CENTRAL +10: March 2020; Sunday, March 08, 2020. FC Dallas Central Arkansas. Dallas Texans Festival. Defeated Higher Team. All copies of the undersigned’s image, likeness, and voice created or recorded by the FCD Parties (or their agents) hereunder shall be the exclusive property of the FCD Parties, jointly. If you have any questions about this, please contact FC Dallas Texoma. For players born in 2008 contact Ashley Gordon at Match Draw. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have updated our Terms of Use. | Chat Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST, **FALL 2020 / SPRING 2021 CCSAI CLASSIC LEAGUE, 2019-20 US Youth Soccer Frontier Conference, 2019 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships, USYS National League Region III Conferences East. Saturday, November 14, 2020. 2) Understand that there is no guaranteed playing time and accept that the coaches, and only the coaches, determine positions and playing times. FC Dallas College Showcase. Only one election may be made. Days: Mon/Wed Times: 6-7:30PM Location: TSC,MG,BH,GH. The Fees may be prepaid at any time, in whole or in part, without penalty, however, the administrative fees shall still apply. FC Dallas Monterrey. GotSoccer Scheduled Event (Bonus points awarded). © 2020 MLS. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have updated our Terms of Use. | Chat Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST, **FALL 2020 / SPRING 2021 CCSAI CLASSIC LEAGUE, 2020 Scott Dymond College Showcase presented by Advocare, 2019-20 US Youth Soccer Frontier Conference, USYS National League Region III Conferences East. All payments are payable to FC Dallas Youth LLC and as such must be sent directly to the club when payment is remitted. All rights reserved. The undersigned admits the possibility that the undersigned or his or her successors may not fully know the number or magnitude of all Released Claims, but nevertheless intends to assume all risks by releasing such unknown claims, and agrees that this release is a full and final release and waiver of all Released Claims. ​For players born in 2009 or 2010 contact Chris Ring at  Team total points may include additional bonus points not indicated above. The Player’s coach (the “Coach”) will have their pay docked the prorata share of the fees attributable to any unpaid fees with respect to the Player. Ranked events. 13u fc leon red 07 bc dallas rebels 07b dallas tnt 07 boys baird etfc 07 b gonzalez Match Draw. The undersigned authorizes FC Dallas Youth, LLC to release, upon written request, certain information about the participant to FCDY healthcare sponsors for the limited purpose of monitoring the use of healthcare services by participants of FCDY programs. 4) Will not attempt to “coach” players from the sidelines, because players must listen to their coaches and their instructions. Support | Chat Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST, GotSoccer FC Dallas Laredo. THE UNDERSIGNED UNDERSTANDS THAT ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY THE FCD PARTIES ARE INHERENTLY RISKY AND DANGEROUS, AND THE UNDERSIGNED AGREES TO ASSUME ALL RISKS AND DANGERS ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH PARTICIPATION. College Fit Finder. Match Draw. FC Dallas Youth 03B Central Soccer Team SRPL Game Created with Movie Studio Platinum. Match Draw. Any such revocation will not apply to information that has already been released. For players born in 2002 or 2003 contact James Fondren at  KANSAS PREMIER SOCCER BVBIA-GP U17B SECK +30: … PLAYERS. Boys Teams 02 Boys 03 Boys 04 Boys 05 Boys Uniforms and Gear. Match Draw. Plano Premier League. Goalkeeper Training. 3/8 9:35 AM TSC #18 Dallas Texans 04B Dallas NTX ODP 04B Sun. Boys:  PLAYERS. CCSAI Classic League. Uniforms and Gear. NOTE: In competitive soccer, if any “non-player”, i.e. Player Registration. This includes maintainingsocial distancing of at least 6 feet of separation from those individuals, wearing a face coveringor mask, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects with those individuals. Match Win. Encourage fair play, good sportsmanship, competitive play, and cheering instead of yelling. Coaching Requirements. Latest News & Media. If a fine is imposed and is not timely paid by the due date, further sanctions may result including suspension from the team or club. 5) Will learn the rules of the game to better understand decisions of the coaches and game officials. FC DALLAS YOUTH 03B CENTRAL WHITE +30: Saturday, August 01, 2020. FC Dallas Rio Grande Valley. Dallas Texans Festival. 2) I will, at all times, use language that is appropriate. Removal from the club will not alleviate any outstanding financial obligations owed to FC Dallas Youth. This release is specifically intended to be binding on all of the undersigned’s heirs and assigns. Support | Chat Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST, GotSoccer FC Dallas Youth 03B Central Soccer Team SRPL Game Created with Movie Studio Platinum. Tulsa SC Sam Shannon Cup & Showcase. Match Win. Match Win. For players born in 2011 - 2014 contact Ashley Gordon at, For players born in 2004 contact Clem Oancea, For players born in 2005 contact Neil Thornber at, For players born in 2006, 2007, or 2008 contact Jay Dane at, r players born in 2009 contact Phil Gomez at, For players born in 2010 contact Jesse Suarez at, For players born in 2011 - 2014 contact John Thomas at. … For players born in 2010 contact Jesse Suarez at greater libertyville sa competitive teams fc dallas etx haskins: 2 - 0: 28 apr 18: dallas tigres academy: 0 - 3: 15 apr 18: high plains drifters (u19) 3 - 3: 14 apr 18: fc dallas youth central white: 2 - 1 GotSoccer Scheduled Event (Bonus points awarded). I will show respect for the event facilities by taking care in my actions, such as by removing trash or debris from around the bench area after each training session or game. You have no items in your shopping cart. Furthermore, I understand that I represent the FC Dallas professional organization in the community and as such my conduct will be appropriate and supportive of the guidelines stated above. I understand that all FC Dallas Youth players and other persons affiliated with FC Dallas Youth are subject to these same prohibitions against hazing. Match Draw. FC DALLAS YOUTH 03B CENTRAL WHITE +30: Saturday, August 01, 2020. Match # Time Home Team Results Away Team Location Division 58 12:00PM CST – 2:00PM CST. Boys Teams 02 Boys 03 Boys 04 Boys 05 Boys All points expire 12 months after end date. 469-207-6018 … Disney's Boys Soccer Showcase. FC Dallas El Paso. Match Win. 3/7 5:30 PM TSC #8 NTX ODP 04B FC Dallas Youth 04B West Sun. North Texas ODP 03 Boys White were able to pick up two ties in their final two games. FC Dallas El Paso. 11) Understand that Texas law requires me to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect of a child, and that FC Dallas and its staff are bound by the Safe Sport Act with regard to incidents of potential abuse. Failure to make any payment due hereunder by the due date stated above shall also be a default entitling FCDY to demand full payment of the outstanding portion of the Fees by providing written notice of such demand and allowing the undersigned ten calendar days to make such full payment. is asked to leave the sidelines by the referee due to misbehavior, verbal or otherwise, and does not comply the COACH may then be instructed to leave – leaving the team without a coach during the game. Match Draw. BROOMFIELD BLAST SC 03 BOYS PRESTIGE +10: December 2019; Sunday, December 29, 2019 . 4) Will adhere to all club protocals related to public health and safety (including social distancing, masks, limitations on access due to COVID-19 as directed by club). COACHES. FALLS TOWN FC FTFC 03B +10: Saturday, August 01, 2020. All Major League Soccer trademarks and copyrights used by permission. It affects your rights about how to resolve any dispute between you and MLS. Youth HOME. DKSC 03B HERNANDEZ BLACK (PREV: PREDATOR), BVB 02/03 B YELLOW EAST (F: SOLAR EAST 03B FREEMAN, ELITE UNITED FC 03B (REYES) TEAM DISBANDED, 750 Third Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266. The mandatory uniform kit must be purchased upon signing via and is not included in the payment plan.

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