Contrary to the rules, I shall begin with that portion which the dreamer referred to as the most distinct. A part of the satisfaction which I feel in the dream may therefore be interpreted: Just punishment; it served you right. become a follower of psychoanalysis and to whom it remained forever incomprehensible. I dream very distinctly: This beautiful dream unites so many of the characteristics of the dream content which are problematic—the criticism made in the dream itself in that I myself notice my mistake in having said “Non vixit” instead of “Non vivit”; the unconstrained intercourse with dead persons, whom the dream itself declares to be dead; the absurdity of the inference and the intense satisfaction which the inference gives me—that “by my life” I should like to give a complete solution of these problems. If the affects in the dream thoughts are compared with those in the dream, it at once becomes clear that wherever there is an emotion in the dream, this is also to be found in the dream thoughts; the converse, however, is not true. The analysis of another dream which I cite at this point for the sake of the very distinct speech that forms its nucleus, but which I shall explain only when we come to consider emotions in the dream—will be more instructive. When he tried to sit down there was no room for him. A curious example of incorrect associations years ago caught my attention in a newspaper. Wednesday Society Childish affection undoubtedly assists in strengthening the justifiable affection of to-day; but childish hatred has also found its way into the representation. It is certainly not out of place to demonstrate this relation of the dream content to the dream thoughts by means of a fresh example, which is distinguished by a particularly artful intertwining of reciprocal relations. In my choice of examples for dream analysis I have, wherever possible, avoided those dreams in which unconscious fancies play a somewhat important part, because the introduction of this psychic element would have necessitated extensive discussion of the psychology of unconscious thought. Whenever I began to have doubts of the correctness of my wavering conclusions, the successful transformation of a senseless and muddled dream into a logical and intelligible mental process in These dreams have been subjected to the most thorough elaboration at the hands of a psychic function similar to our waking thought; they seem to have a meaning, but this meaning is very far removed from the real signification of the dream. “How many children have you now?”—“Six.”—A gesture of respect and reflection.—“Girls, boys?”—“Three of each. In order to gain enlightenment on this subject let us turn our attention to those elements of the dream content which must have fulfilled the conditions we are seeking. What is signified by the sensation of impeded movement, which so often occurs in the dream, and which is so closely allied to anxiety? In this way one of the wishes which constantly frets the heart of the ageing man was revealed as the unconscious dream inciter. The latent content usually represents elaborate and long drawn experiences spread over a long period in the individual’s life. This compulsive idea concealed, among other things, a Cain-fancy, for “all men are brothers.” Owing to the impossibility of accomplishing his task, he gave up taking walks and spent his life imprisoned within his four walls.

We are all accustomed to say of a picture, “Don’t you think father is good?” Of course the appearance of absurdity in this dream might easily have been avoided.
A small phase of dreaming is followed by deep sleep and again by dreaming and so on. It must be admitted that the huge number of trains of thought revealed by analysis have already been active in the formation of the dream, for if a chain of thoughts has been worked out, which seems to be without connection with the formation of the dream, a thought is suddenly encountered which, being represented in the dream, is indispensable to its interpretation—which nevertheless is inaccessible except through that chain of thoughts. One of the wishes that can be attached to this transference may now easily be guessed.

Even the museum of human excrement is susceptible of less disagreeable interpretation. And also: Indeed in some cases we can obtain the sense of the dream only by subjecting the dream content to manifold inversion in different directions. V. Another absurd dream which plays with figures, runs as follows: We shall soon find means to justify the nonsense of this dream. The solution of the mystery in the case in question is as follows: In the dream I needed something absurd and incomprehensible in connection with “riding” (Fahren) because in the dream thoughts I had a certain judgment which required representation. Dreams, therefore, involve a process of disguising the latent content and transforming the same into manifest content. Freud terms all these collectively as ‘dream work’. The children made havoc among the bugs, and. The numeral 18, with which the judgment in the dream is meaninglessly connected, still preserves a trace of the context from which the real judgment was torn. While daydreams are related to normal logical (though not realistic) thought processes involving mostly verbal concepts and symbols, dreams on the other hand, involve sensory images and thought processes which are loosely structured and apparently not logical. IV. We know, however, that it is just these elements which are usually not accepted in the dream content owing to the censor. We may therefore expect that this condition and the others imposed by the wish-fulfilment can be expressed in a single formula. A similar case: One of my patients has a dream which seems interesting to him, for he says to himself immediately after awakening: III. During the night before the funeral of my father I dreamed of a printed placard, a card or poster—perhaps something like signs in railway waiting-rooms which announce the prohibition of smoking—which reads either: In a few cases the division of the dream into two equal parts expresses the alternative which the dream finds it so difficult to represent. together. I shall give an abridged report of a dream in which I seem to be accused of dishonesty. The manifest dream is, however, usually very brief, scarcely more than a few minutes in duration. He had been unable to refrain from engaging in conversation with the two females whom he met at my house—two girls, by no means youthful, who alternately opened the door for him, and as he did not find them very responsive, he had given himself the explanation that they probably considered him an elderly “settled” gentleman. In the dream of my uncle, just mentioned, the affectionate counter emotion has probably originated from an infantile source (as the continuation of the dream would suggest), for the relation between uncle and nephew has become the source of all my friendships and hatreds, owing to the peculiar nature of my childish experiences (. When the whole mass of these dream thoughts is subjected to the pressure of the dream activity, during which the parts are turned about, broken up, and pushed together, something like drifting ice, there arises the question, what becomes of the logical ties which until now had given form to the structure? His eyes become strange and weirdly blue, and then he dissolves. Furthermore, in the morbid transformations which I discover in her throat I have gathered allusions to a great number of other persons. In the analysis one starts from the dream elements, and registers all the notions which are connected with them; it is no wonder, then, that these elements should occur with particular frequency in the thought material which is obtained in this manner.

Here all at once we come to understand Scherner’s method of dream interpretation, the essential truth of which I have defended elsewhere. There will soon be an occasion for treating of this in another connection. It was dreamed at the time that the Hungarians got into a lawless condition, through Parliamentary obstruction, and passed through the crisis from which Koloman Szell delivered them.

He believed that we need a way to express unfulfilled sexual desires or wishes. The transference was obviously brought about through the idea of my infant daughter.

This recalls how my patients honour me. If the dream also contains a “lift” (elevator), one may think of the verb “to lift,” hence of lifting up the clothing. A female patient does not wish to relate her dream because it is too vague. With the unfavourable news during the first days of the operation, I also received the injunction to speak to no one about the whole affair, which hurt my feelings, for it betrayed an unnecessary distrust of my discretion.
We must not neglect the relation of this secondary elaboration of the dream content to the other factors in the dream activity. On the same day another tailor was engaged; he was bigoted, as he was a Czech who had worked for us nineteen years before, and then had fallen into the lake on his way home from the public-house. For another number dream with its interpretation,—a dream distinguished by its obvious determination, or rather over-determination, I am indebted to B. Dattner: My host, a policeman in the municipal service, dreamed that he was standing at his post in the street, which was a wish-realisation. We shall learn more by testing the remaining component parts of the dream as to their occurrence in the dream thoughts. But now let it happen that the hated person draws upon himself a well-deserved misfortune by some fault; now I may give free rein to my satisfaction that he has been visited by a just punishment, and I express opinion in the matter which coincides with that of many other people who are impartial. Its first function is to create the fulfilment of a wish with reference to a definite element of the dream-thoughts. The transference into childhood is also expressed differently in other dreams by translating time into space. Courses, Miscellaneous For a few kinds of material a universally applicable dream symbolism has been established on a basis of generally known allusions and equivalents.

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