yes, it’s a little simplistic. I refuse to believe people are this dumb. 4 Love is patient, love is kind. And an important fact is that the fundamentalists weren’t always there. So what’s the difference between nationalism and patriotism?
Jesus said that the foremost commandment was to love God with all you mind, heart and strength and your neighbor as yourself. Scottish Nationalists have proven themselves to be among some of the most bitter and conspiratorial of Nationalists. The radical nationalist vision at the heart of the Trump presidency is simply unrecognizable for a nation committed to a common creed founded on the Constitution. Emphasizing what we’re about, rather than who we are, is always a good bet for Americans. Use that word!” Reactions were predictable. This article misunderstands ‘nationalism’ and confuses it with ‘chauvinism.’. Unfortunately, it is a force now. He asks himself “why is that?” many times, and by the end it just seems like he goes “oh well, I can’t find an answer for it, but heck, it’s just the way it is, right?” It seems to me that he’s not quite stating that that is HIS chosen answer to the question, but just questioning how people just go with it and never even bother to stop and think WHY, just like his neighbor. LOLOL other than McCarthy and the whole civil rights thing, what exactly do you find wrong with the 50’s? How can light live with darkness? Hitler was a Nazi nationalist who used it to promote racism and genocide. But if you ARE a “Christian”, in the name of Jesus I rebuke you! I’d like to remind people here that authoritarism, close-mindedness and pride are NOT intrinsic characteristics of the Left, and most of us condone this kind of behavior/ideology too. You sound like a blood, soil and thunder Nationalist. Voted SNP – 1.4 million Hannah , what if God is a ‘her’ not a ‘he’. A new identity, a different label, is found for it. But in a country like America, there is a very strong connection between nationalism and extremism. There’s no difference in being a patriot and a nationalist. The leftist lunatic globalists want to make it a dirty word to believe in nationalism. What if you happen to migrate to another country? The world doesn’t have enough space for two different extremist doctrines, but so as to avoid acknowledging their hipocrisy, they rationalize this by accusing each other of the only thing they have in common. And you see the anger and fear he has brought out in people. Just like the poor American kids being sent to a war were they’re taught to kill a satanized enemy, causing millions of innocent deaths. I especially found the part where you said you can trace your heritage to 500 AD, that’s good stuff. Nationalism IS one of the pillars of Fascism by the way. Nationalism makes one to think only of one’s country’s virtues and not its deficiencies. Staggering that 55% of individual votes, a 10% double-digit gap and 28 out of 32 regions rejecting separation was STILL no enough to get through to Nationalists. Similarly, nationalism under occupation or aggression, like French nationalism during WW2, Native American nationalism during European/US expansionism, or contemporaneous Tibetan nationalism. Nevertheless, it is the doorway to it. I agree with other commenters that this article misses the mark, and is really just describing chauvinism. Luckily, the numbers show they are a minority who only dominate their politics because 64% of Scottish voters either vote other parties or chose not to vote. I’m a nationalist, OK? The essential difference between pan-nationalism and diaspora nationalism is that members of a diaspora, by definition, are no longer resident in their national or ethnic homeland.

For being the exact example of why so many souls are being twrown to hell, since for “Christian” examples like yours, they turn atheists or satanists. Please remember that a thousand years ago the Church conducted the Incquisition and te Crusades. Maybe the majority will get through to the loud minority one day. Where nationalism and an nation state (e.g. For instance, I would be in favor of annulling debt to china and sealing trade, but only because they are flooding our economy. The love for the country is based on values and beliefs. This coupled with religion spells our fate as a doomed species. How it differs from nationalism is not altogether clear, in part because nationalism has no agreed meaning. Kudos to you.

Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. And the leader, as faithful as he may be is human, has flaws and, as any human who gets too close to power, is prone to not acting on the best interests of those who lead. Frequently, it was 15 year old girls being sold do adult men and they were seen as less human and more breeding machines, necessary ONLY for their capacity to produce male heirs. And you'll never see this message again. The Temple of the Living God. Lastly, nationalism can spark international conflicts and war since it can promote oppression, while patriotism spreads equity and peace. I agree Nationalism is not Fascism, but is it any better? He even asked the Father to forgive them. Basically, nationalism promotes self-governance and authoritarianism to achieve independence, while patriotism promotes values and beliefs to unify people and achieve liberty.

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