Behold here in mine armes, not onely one Sonne by thee begotten, but two Twins, and thy Ring beside. Now, when all circumstances were at full discovered, thus spake the Countesse. La reina de la primera jornada es Pampinea, joven hermosa y sensata, feliz en amores. The Countesse having well observed her words, and considered thereon from point to point; debating soberly with her owne thoughts, in such a doubtfull case what was best to be done. Las siete doncellas y los tres jóvenes que viven apartados en el campo y sin que se sepa nada de sus familias, se pasan diez días refiriendo cuentos en la mayoría de los cuales campea la obscenidad sin que ésta les manche. El período boccaccesco será durante cerca de dos siglos un ejemplo de prosa que tal vez causará más estra­gos que beneficios, pues no todos los prosistas tendrán la mesura del autor del Decamerón, que sabe hasta qué punto puede llegar en el retorcimiento de la frase sin que se malogre la elegancia y que, con buen sentido del equilibrio en una obra tan extensa, sabe prescindir de la dicción culta y periódica en algunos de sus cuentos, escritos en una prosa más natural y menos alambicada. Happy May Day from all of us at TSC! He managed to escape the plague in Florence, but the epidemic took the lives of most people in Europe. Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders.

Boccaccio se zafa graciosamente de tales acusaciones, conminando a sus detractores a que muestren «los originales» de sus historias y recordando que grandes poetas como Guido Cavalcanti o Dante, también escribieron versos para complacer a las mujeres. Although poverty might well have tutored the Ladies tongue, to-demand a liberall recompence for her paines; yet shee requested but an 100 pounds, as a friendly helpe towards her daughters marriage, and that with a bashfull blushing was uttered too; yet the Countesse gave her five hundred pounds, besides so many rich and costly jewels, as amounted to a farre greater summe. De esta suerte, en diez (deca, «diez», hemera, «día») se narran cien cuentos.

Within some few yeares after, the Physitian her Father also dyed, and then her desires grew wholly addicted, to visite Paris her selfe in person, onely because she would see the young Count, awaiting but time and opportunitie, to fit her stolne journey thither. The good old Lady imagined, that this was a matter somewhat difficult, and might lay a blamefull imputation on her daughter. Keep your wits about you or you might just be thrown into the Thames! Sir, replied the Count, you may dispossesse me of all that is mine, because I am your Ward and Subject, any where else you may bestow me: but pardon me to tell you, that this marriage cannot be made with any liking or allowance of mine, neither will I ever give consent thereto.

Ten young people have fled the terrible effects of the Black Death in Florence and, in an idyllic setting, tell a series of brilliant stories, by turns humorous, bawdy, tragic and provocative. Shakespeare could have read the text in its original Italian, but it is most likely that he worked from the translation by William Painter, retold in The Palace of Pleasures, in 1575.

We hope Episode 7 of The Decameron Project will be “As You Like It”! This episode is dedicated to Courage and to life lived on one’s own terms.

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Within few dayes after, verie ingeniously, and according to the instructed order, the Ring was obtayned, albeit much against the Counts will; and the Countesse, in sted of the Ladies vertuous daughter, was embraced by him in bed: the houre proving so auspicious, and juno being Lady of the ascendent, conjoyned with the witty Mercury, shee conceived of two goodly Sonnes, and her deliverance agreed correspondently with the just time. De ahí que a todos los personajes se les den nombres y apellidos preci­sos, se puntualice su patria y su profesión, se les señalen notas marginales concre­tas y se les haga viajar por ciudades determinadas y por lo común próximas y de todos conocidas. Las anteriores novelas han sido tildadas de indecentes, de no corresponder a la realidad de los hechos y de que el autor se preocupa demasiado por complacer a las mujeres con vanidades y relatos frívolos. Episode 10 hosted by Stephanie Shine features England’s first female actor and her connection to William Shakespeare’s godson.

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