I've seen it at least three times now and every time I love it and, for whatever reason, have real trouble recalling what it was about until I find myself watching it again a few years later. As for one publication calling it "shrill" and "smug", I can't decide if that's more hypocritical or laughable! Average. But the drug dealers at his school care, since Troy was their main supplier, and clumsily try to black. There are lessons to be learnt from this film, if only you drop your own pretences and accept that the message in this film is not only relevant, but challenging and on the whole, enlightening.

I'm shocked by the bad reviews from publications such as the LA Times ("Every adult in the movie is a caricature") - um, *THAT'S THE POINT*!!?

I'd never heard of this film until watching it today, & what a shame that is!

A tragic waste of acting talent, with nothing new to say. Age doesn't dictate maturity or knowledge, it's just the amount of time you've lived on earth. Posin aims for are out of his reach and he's left to scrabble desperately for a story to plug in the gaps. As others have said, Donnie Darko/American Beauty/The Breakfast Club/etc. Kids bury emotion under Prozac, Zantacs, Ritalin, and any other "happiness pills" they can find, while their parents drown their sorrows in one glass of wine after another. In addition, the acting, the directing, and of course, the cinematography are superb as is the music. I've always wondered as I've gotten older, if only a quarter of us are born with the Altruism gene. An appallingly clumsy and stupid take on drugs, kidnapping and suicide in suburbia.

I happened to think this was better than American Beauty and definitely better than The United States of Leland. Receive news and offers from our other brands? I find that kind of honesty in a movie refreshing. The children of these parents are completely jaded & disconnected; the parents, who skim the surface of their daily routines, have no idea who their children are or what they do---& therein lies the clincher. Glenn Close is a bereaved mother determined not to crack her usual cheerfulness; Allison Janney’s a housewife desperate to break her cycle of pot roasts; and Ralph Fiennes is a loopy mayor re-embracing life through swimming pools, so simpering you wish he’d just hold himself under until the bubbles stop. Loved it. The Chumscrubber was amazing in that it accented real problems with today's society openly, without buffers to appease the audience. FAQ 10/10.

It is hard to tell anyone what this film is about as it doesn't fit any particular genre, but don't miss it as I think this is the kind of film that people will be talking about for a long time. Great acting. There are some recognizable actors is this, who probably would've made something watchable but I imagine the writing and directing just made it impossible to pull off. "It's not exactly a drama and it's not exactly a comedy," he said. Yet director Arie Posin seems unaware of the Donnie Darkos, Edward Scissorhandses and American Beauties out there, so convinced is he of his own movie’s cleverness and originality. Movealong.

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