I'm still attracted to him, he's amazing, attractive, so charming, and the sex is AMAZING. She hasn't learned even after all these years you can't talk that way to me first thing in the morning- it messes up my whole day. But I'm scared because he has a lot of girls after him and I don't just wanna be da ' next girl ' :/. My family is important, and I want very much to work out our differences. It's my wife saying I would just have to come to rescue her if she runs out of gas. I discovered I'd developed a very unhealthy pattern of jealousy since my last relationship (which was devastatingly awful, with a Gemini). I am a Capricorn woman that has been friends with her Leo guy for 30 years. I find that sex clouds Leo's vision rather than focuses it. Even if you went with ANOTHER woman part of you would still brood and feel an angry sense of being ripped off, where is you "fix" her, you certainly CAN get back the woman you fell in love with and even better. All I can say is the the Leo/Cap relationship does take time and understanding, but all in all, it is AMAZING.

i am now dating a new leo, I am trying to take things very slowly (even though I sense a strong chemistry) because I know the lions like a conquest... this guy's socialization is different from my ex though... he comes from a nuclear family, good neighborhood, is white and my exact age. hoping she see this post one day and feels the same. You'll be amazed how fast she turns from a goat to a unicorn to win you and then to keep you. I'm spiritual and creative and my Leo's great at realizing our dreams. They make a complementing couple which is able to strike How Compatible is the Relation Between Capricorn Man and Leo Woman? To get a Leo woman to follow you in bed is hard enough as she will examine you in detail! He admires the poise and beauty of his gorgeous Leo lady. All you will do is end up with TWO or THREE bad relationships. I'm also aware that I have to guard against the urge to be controlling, although I've been doing that for quite some time and can keep a lid on that impulse (except when I'm physically or emotionally wiped out, but I'm working on that). If you can help it Caps steer clear. We are both very different in ways but alike as far as personalities being both some what controlling and stubborn/hardheaded what every you'll wanna call it, I guess it just depends on the individual because the Leo I dated for 2 years was always taking me to excited places nice restaurants and love t o shop for me, my husband on the other hand Ideal of fun is dinner and a movie maybe some bowling and a not to expensive resturant, but he love spending money on dumb stuff that he only use once, gadgets. Do you really think Sun sign astrology can tell you enough about all men born in Leo to be able to make generalizations like "I'll never date a Leo again!"?

Please enter the word that you see below. And my so call. Love and passion is simple to her, has no special features and she is not particularly demanding. 6. I have met many, many men but none like my Steve. leo's are spenders, but the Capricorn woman needs to find a way to reel it in, you have the Leo in your hands and will do anything for you and he knows that, he knows that there is no one out there like me, yes my Leo is nuts but he's always there for me and is a good handyman! His tender love and warm emotions helps his Leo lady melt in his arms. Their really hard to read and I wish things were different with the two signs. Because things are so new I don't want to tell him how I feel but he drives me crazy.

She puts on a good act in the public eye, but behind the scenes she hasn't been very good to me. He is great in the bed! and my Leo guy always excites me overall, so I assume that is why it's alright. At both extremes, you may have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. 2. But when we go out he's affectionate, a total gentlmen (pays, open doors, and makes me feel safe). ), but we will think about and consider doing for our Cap partner before we do for ourselves. and Satin sheets I lmao when I was reading the Leo man type. I never thought that I can ever fall in true love but I tell you Leo mans are just perfect 4 cap's. My voice cracks if I utter her name and my heart pounds when I think of her smile. I dated three Libras and an Aries woman. I think this pairing completes both in it if both are mature enough to rise above their stubborn ways. And, when she comes back after a fight, I actually melt in front of her. No doubt we can deliver and will, but you must pace yourself. We had sex a few times 20 years ago but that's it. She is classy and well educated. so don't worry go 4 it. It's interesting to read these comments, and somewhat ironic, because I just recently did some soul-searching. My Cap, she is the most wonderful, amazing, and beautiful person that I have been with as of yet.

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