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64). Brink portrays many instances where words, whether in a letter, a song or a story get woven into a family’s tapestry. Brink, through Caddie, tells the tale of the character of the western farmer. Caddie Woodlawn takes place in 1864. Pick a historical topic from the list below and learn more about it. The Woodlawns had another daughter, Mary, who died and is buried on their farm. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

This Study Guide consists of approximately 28 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - It was freedom and strength. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Many years later Caddie, herself laughing and protesting, had to tell it over and over to begging children and grandchildren.” (pg. Caddie is an 11-year-old girl with a thirst for adventure and a dedication to friends and family. This character prefers to stay home with her mother to sew, cook, and clean.

The setting plays an important role throughout Caddie Woodlawn. The land has become a part of them. In her father’s own words, he says, “I want you to be a woman with a wise and understanding heart, healthy in body and honest in mind.”(pg.

Through Caddie’s journey, Brink expresses the true spirit of the frontier farmer. While she always seems to find trouble in her adventures, she makes up for it with a big heart. She puts her rough-and-ready frontier skills to use in service of her friends and family, without thought of personal danger or loss. You're better off seeing Wonderworks' productions of "Anne of Green Gables" or "Girl of the Limberlost.". Caddie Woodlawn is a simple story about an all American girl with a patriotic spirit that stretches far beyond her rural Wisconsin home. Caddie is brave, and her story is special – because it's true, based on the life and

Caddie Woodlawn is a real adventurer. What is the Woodlawn’s life on the Wisconsin prairie like? The book won the 1935 Newbery Award for children's literature. How does the characters’ growth relate to their life on the prairie? Caddie personifies the farmers that went west to find a place where they could breathe freely and make a home out of the wildness of the frontier. She gives up the life she loves in the modern city to move with her husband to the prairie. This character is from a fine Boston family. Compare this setting with Clara, Mother, and Annabelle’s description of Boston. Set in the 1860s, the novel is about a lively eleven-year-old tomboy named Caroline Augusta Woodlawn, nicknamed "Caddie", living in the area of Dunnville, Wisconsin. Reread the paragraph on page 190 that uses this word. The land also plays a huge role in this story. Caddie Woodlawn does NOT want to act like the “lady” she is expected to be. Sickly and weak, she is allowed to run wild with her brothers, Tom and Warren, to regain her health. Families had to rely on each other to battle the dangers of the frontier and alleviate the loneliness of frontier life. Ask your child to use another word they know to replace mishaps. 20). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. “How many times she was to hear it again!

Caddie Woodlawn is the story of a young tom-boyish girl who grew up in pioneer Wisconsin during the Civil War (this story predates the first book of the Little House series by about 25 years - but they are quite close geographically). Grouped about the fire and the lamp, the Woodlawns made their own society, nor wanted any better.” (pg. Follow up with questions like “What do other characters think of Caddie?

And readers will discover, as Caddie learns what growing up truly means, that it is not so very different today.


This holds true for the community as well. As a family, talk about how the setting relates to the plot.

“There were some new pine slashings that filled the air with perfume. How do you know?”. The zany adventures of a suburban family, their next-door neighbors, and an innovative robot designed to look like a human child. This character grew up poor, yet knows that he could have been an English nobleman had the class system not been so rigid.

Title: Caddie Woodlawn. On page 74 it says, “Pioneer children were always having mishaps, but they were expected to know how to use their heads in emergencies.” What are “mishaps” anyway? What kind of person is Caddie?

The Woodlawn parents are much more open minded than their neighbors and have passed this stellar trait down to their children. Chapters 16-19 Sequence Chart "A Changing Language" Terms and Phrases from the 1800's Activity. She'd rather hunt than sew, plow than bake, and beats her bothers' dares every chance she gets. This character grew up poor, yet knows that he could have been an English nobleman had the class system not been so rigid. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Through this innocent act of passing the time, Brink is able to depict the integral role that the story has to farm life. Brink uses this precocious character to tell the tale of the West and the rigors of farm life during this time period. What can you learn from Caddie and Indian John’s friendships? Caddie Woodlawn does NOT want to act like the “lady” she is expected to be. It is considered a classic and is still a popular story read by thousands of children throughout the world. 244). respond?

The production design of "Caddie" is too bright and clean for what should be a scraggly, woodsy primitive home in a remote area of the American wilderness. Ask your child what he or she thinks about this relationship. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Caddie Woodlawn. When the farms around Dunnville are under a suspected threat of Indian attack, all the nearby families come and gather at the Woodlawn farm. Use the HTML below. Caddie, for one, enjoys her life as it is - snowball fights and hunting and adventuring with her brothers.

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