You are just so cute and I love seeing you blush. I promise to be someone who’ll be there for you when decisions are hard to make, I’ll stand by you and help you out always. Hey!! How could you be a year older? Birds from the skies enviously look at you: after all, even on earth you are able to inspire everyone who is familiar with you. I hope you’ll accept my love for you someday. I wish that the new year of your life you have stability, happiness, and overflowing blessings. Have a great birthday!

Filled with a lot of joy, happiness, Excitement, love and laughter. Blow out those candles and make a wish, I promise it will come true if you believe. Happy Birthday my crush, You are the most charming one ever. But, remember the way I love you none of them can. Happy Birthday sweetie. Be as bright as the sun, swift as the wind, flexible as water, as gentle as the cloud! May this birthday fill your heart with great love and joy. I want you to know something special. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Only the special people and the people I truly care about receive birthday messages and wishes from me and you are that special one!! I really feel happy when you are next to me. Long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend, First wedding anniversary wishes for husband, 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends, Romantic wedding anniversary messages for wife. You deserve it. My past will have nothing to do with what I’m capable of doing now if I have you as my woman. Happy Birthday crush. You may spend this birthday alone, but let’s spend next birthday together. I’m lucky to be by your side. May this birthday bring you joy, happiness and a whole lot of cheer, may nothing make you sad and may it all be as perfect as you my crush. you deserve only the most awesome and wonderful things in life, nothing less!! You are the love and I am your loved one. I wish you the best moments ever, so you can look back and say your birthday was a remarkable day. May your special day bring you true happiness!! Have a jolly fun time my crush! Thank you for every moment we were together. I have a story to tell. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! I still remember you and your special day. It’s impossible not to fall in love with you. I fell in love with your heart for it is big, kind and amazing, have a hearty birthday my crush, you are forever loved! When we met first time, it was the beautiful day of my life and I cannot forget even any single moment of this meeting. Though we couldn’t bond in a relationship but you will always be in my heart and I feel you as I had felt you since the day when I saw you. Happy Birthday sweetie. Happy Birthday. Happy birthday, my hero! Whether you are with me or not, I’m living where your heart starts beating. Today is your birthday! New things shall you always witness, if you choose to consider my humble request which has been submitted to you for a long time now. I will always cherish your presence. Happy Birthday dear crush. It fits a quote from great poets or folk as well as rhymes and poems. I wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Have a great birthday my crush, may the stars shine bright for you tonight. I hope you have an awesome birthday filled with fun and laughter. You make my world complete. I wish you the wonderful life with lots of love and exciting events. I know that I come across as a jerk sometimes but you are my favorite girl. The wings grew behind me at the moment when you appeared in my life. Today is your birthday. Happy Birthday!! You’re such a great young man. It has taken up all my courage to finally do this: Happy Birthday my girl crush, I like you a lot and I wish you would accept me as your birthday gift, I could show you a side of love you never knew. I felt everything nice when you were with me. Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday to my adorable boyfriend!! You’re a gold mine of joy for me and a treasure which is invaluable.

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