But over t [...] UK LONG RANGE weather forecasts remain gloomy as the country enters the latter third of October, with overcast days and regular patters of rainfall. With time, northern parts of the UK may tend to become drier and more settled overall, with low-pressure systems tending to track further south. BRITONS will be blasted by freezing lows over the next few weeks as a ferocious Arctic weather system will smash into the UK. Read full article: BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of fre...→, With an earlier curfew cutting dinners short, now is the moment to luxuriate over a late lunch

A gentle breeze from the south south east. Here are the late [...] Read full article: BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns UK to ...→, CAROL KIRKWOOD forecast a blisteringly cold week ahead for much of the UK as many look set for wet days while others will be subjected to a huge drop in temper [...] "At night, these calmer conditions would allow frost and fog to form more readily. Accuweather offer a 45 day long range weather forecast for the United Kingdom and UK cities. "South of the front across southern England and south Wales – a sunny and very warm day, temperatures reaching 23-27C.". Read about our approach to external linking. Read full article: UK weather latest: Freezing winds to plu...→, BRITONS are bracing for yet another day of cold temperatures with freezing winds battering the country ahead of a new weather front barrelling towards the UK f [...] They have said: "A potential change in the weather is signalled around the middle of October.

Read full article: UK weather forecast: HUGE 1000-mile-wide...→, THE UK is set to plunge into an "early winter" as a freezing cold front will bring a risk of snow, forecasters have claimed. Read full article: BBC Weather: Wintry Arctic blast grips U...→, THE UK is likely to see some heavy rain next week, as forecasters predict a "clash of air masses" and low pressure will dominate the weather.

Read full article: UK job losses 'could be larger than fore...→, BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned a rainy system will hit the UK sparking severe rainfall in some regions, with the additional disruption of potenti [...] Observation Station: Goudhurst (Lat: 51.0833. Temperatures will also be 2C above average during October, forecasters claim. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, A potential change in the weather is signalled around the middle of October, Sign up to our newsletter for daily updates and breaking news. Sunday wi [...] Now a 1,000 mile wide co [...] Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Darlington, Darlington, United Kingdom. Netweather Extra If you're looking for even more detail, and a greater range of forecasts take a look at Netweather Extra our subscription service which takes weather forecasts and info to the next level - making sure you're always totally up to date. "Best of the sunshine on Saturday perhaps, southern areas perhaps turning cloudier from the south on Sunday, with a chance of showers pushing up from France, though some uncertainty over this.".

Read full article: UK long-range weather forecast: Ferociou...→, The unemployment rate could rise above current predictions, a Bank of England policymaker warns. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and precipitation chances. Read full article: BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of sur...→, THE UK is set to be hit by unsettled weather as a bitterly-cold system across Canada sparks changes in conditions hitting Britain, forecasters have warned. All times are BST (Europe/London, GMT +0100) unless otherwise stated. The 2020 monsoon season has brought above normal rainfall for the second year in a row, it was also the wettest August in India for 40 years. Read full article: UK long-range weather forecast: Wind and...→, Temperatures in the UK will reach as high as 18C today as a surprise warm weather front raises the mercury across the country before storms strike in coming da [...] After a misty start in places, Sunday is likely to be largely dry with occasional bright spells but also a lot of cloud. Read full article: Met Office weather warning issued as up ...→, THE latest BBC weather forecast shows UK weekend temperatures drop towards freezing conditions following an Arctic blast, ahead of torrential rain and a "touch [...] Read full article: BBC Weather forecast: Heavy hail showers...→, UK LONG RANGE weather forecasts remain gloomy as the country enters the latter third of October, with overcast days and regular patters of rainfall. Read full article: Weather forecast: Britain faces four day...→, BRITONS are bracing for a wet and blustery weekend as Arctic wind gusts will batter the country with some heavy and thundery hail showers, the BBC has warned. But a cold front will also arrive mid-week, resulting in rain and cloud. BBC Weather in association with MeteoGroup. "Weak cold front will clear south from southern England on Thursday morning, so all parts of Britain in a cooler and fresher airmass, with temperatures generally close to the seasonal norm. 2 hours agoLast updated 2 hours ago Updated 7 days a week.

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