On the topic of the idol, is the whole uranium and radiation poisoning angle supposed to be a connection to the number of references throughout the series in regard to Archer’s high exposure to radiation? Hearing H. Jon Benjamin’s slightly altered Archer voice from the pilot during the montage is incredibly weird. “Robert De Niro” does, indeed, end with Sterling Archer’s return to the land of the living after three long seasons (and in-story years) away. A group of German pilots show up on the island. The highlights of this season have proven that other writers can take the world Reed has built here and run with it—and if they’re smart, producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis will keep writer Mark Ganek’s number on speed-dial—but the overall course of 1999 suggests that one of TV’s most accomplished acts of perpetual motion might finally be running down.

We all would really like to know what happened to that baby monkey. This season has been able to provide a tenderly sweet relationship between Archer and Pam of all people, and raises a strong case for the argument that their bond is actually the bedrock of the show, not Archer and Lana or Archer and his mother. Did you ever consider Barry? And that’s how you do space phrasing, folks! But before we get to that sad, strange, unsettlingly Oedipal finale, there’s plenty of good stuff to get through first.

There are a couple other Frisky Dingo callbacks like when “Fuchs” says, “What the hell damn guy.” We’ve used that from time to time. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Archer: Danger Island: Breaking Down That Bonkers Ending. And even though Dave Willis’ endlessly, delightfully smug voice (sorry, Barry haters) was coming out of a 100 percent robotic face, instead of merely a mostly-robot one, the actual dynamics weren’t any different then they would have been planetside—especially once Archer’s mind begins shuffling back and forth between the details of the real world and the dream one.

And while I know I’ve harped on this point a lot over the last nine weeks, much of that ennui seems to stem from Reed, who went from writing (with a few assists, but no actual writers room) every episode of the first nine seasons of Archer—an extremely rare feat in the world of TV comedy, and one that’s been so key to the establishment and maintenance of the show’s voice—to only writing a handful of scripts this year.

It was fun to play with, but my favorite joke is probably when “Charlotte” ham-fistedly gives us the publishing date of The Hobbit. Think about when you wake up and you try to retrace your dreams and they change genres and characters almost midstream. Did you guys ever consider making the whole idol artifact angle be misdirection and that this final episode wouldn’t even get to it? For instance: Give or take a holodeck—itself mostly just an excuse to indulge in genre shenanigans of another sort entirely—there’s very little in “Robert De Niro” that couldn’t have been done back on Earth. Den of Geek Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Those moments in total darkness while in the temple made me think about Sealab 2021’s “Fusebox” episode. Which is interesting—if we want to get analytical here—in so far as the show usually uses him as the only obstacle Sterling can’t beat by force. It’s more like that in our mind. (The shift back to an episodic format after two seasons of more serialized material probably didn’t help.). How long have you guys known what the “reality” of the show really is? What was the inspiration for that mech suit because it feels a lot like a riff on Aliens…. We are always open to a callback, but it’s important to us not to force it.

And that is a wrap on another very weird season of this very strange, amazing, shockingly long-lived show. Was that a lot of fun to play with? The voice cast and Adam’s writing are strong enough to carry an episode of all audio. The entire breakdown of this season can be found here. [Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Archer” Season 10, “Robert De Niro,” including the ending.]. Was a Hobbit-esque fantasy angle ever on the table for one of these reboots? Was disfigured Cyril/Fuchs and his bizarre robot revenge story always the ultimate villain for the season? And maybe that ill-fit makes sense: “Noir” and “jungle adventure” are all about mood and aesthetic, things that Archer can nail in its sleep at this point. It feels like “Charlotte” was saving us all a Google Search.

After two years stuck in the danger zone, Archer finally died. “Fuchs” was always the villain and we tried to make him do some evil things throughout the season to make the viewers dislike him. Season 11 of Archer premieres on FXX Wednesday, September 16 at 10/9c p.m. with two new episodes.

Their leader was Archer's nemesis during the Spanish Civil War, shooting Archer down a total of five times. Less so: The “waking up” montage of past clips that follows the Seamus’ destruction. Contrast it with the final scene of the episode, which brought a genuine tear to my eye—not something I normally associate with this show—as it becomes clear how much of herself Malory has poured into Archer’s care over the last three years. This is an Adam Reed script, though, so nothing so warm can stay uncurdled for long: Malory’s final, slightly manic description of her and Sterling’s relationship as “a love story”—and his discomfort with same— is a perfectly queasy note on which to end this chapter of the show’s long, weird life on. That’s a great connection, but the main idea for making the idol uranium was to make it a relatable and historic threat for the viewer. Before we get into anything else, let’s take a second to acknowledge—not for the first time—what a truly precious resource this show has in Jessica Walter. How did this particular reference come about? “… That’s the question I keep coming back to as I look back over this lumpy, fitfully brilliant season of Archer: What was so compelling about science fiction as a genre—and specifically, this very ’70s, used-future, Ridley Scott-ish version of it—that Adam Reed and his producers felt determined to spend god knows how much money blasting their cast and crew off into the black? This is also maybe the clearest reason we get for the 1999 setup, period: It’s a world that allows him (as co-captain) to be responsible (ish) for his friends’ lives, while also interacting more closely with Lana than he has since the dreams began. Malory has to cover an enormous range of emotions tonight, from snark to utter despair and desperation, and she hits every note on the scale as easily as breathing. So maybe it’s a good thing that Archer is waking up. DuckTales Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Let's Get Dangerous! Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. But it’s also easy to see this season as the point where the show finally became the thing its harsher critics have been calling it ever since Archer got shot: A no-longer-inspired revisiting of past themes and character dynamics, propped up with a whole lot of very pretty animated glitter and a bunch of frequently funny dick jokes. The Power Loader from Aliens was a big influence. Also: This is the first time Archer’s directly kicked Barry’s ass since he went cyborg, right? And why—I can’t help asking as a follow-up—did so little of that enthusiasm or wonder ever make it onto the screen? There was always an idol and pretty early on it was decided that it would actually be uranium. That concludes our walkthrough of Archer: Danger Island’s ninth season. Reed is careful to give every member of the ensemble at least one really great line, and the cast—who are never less then exemplary pretty much ever, but who still manage to surprise with their deliveries—nail it in full. Archer protests the trial: “It’s presided over by a male prostitute!” “Courtesan!” “Po-bo-bot!”, Archer consults with counsel: “What are you, hourly? Rather than “Fuchs” being interested in the idol for mystical reasons, which is certainly a trope in the pulp genre, we took a slight swerve by making it uranium. The season is set in 1938, just as Japan's war with China enters its second year and Germany has just annexed Austria and taken Czechoslovakia.“In the middle of this, seaplane pilot and semi-functioning alcoholic Sterling Archer is drinking, screwing, gambling, and generally bumbling around French Polynesia with a smart-ass parrot named Crackers,” executive producer Matt Thompson explained at the Archer panel. Daniel Kurland | The battle royale between cannibals and Nazis was a spectacle to behold, but this finale’s showdown with mech warrior Cyril against Archer and company with some very volatile “death soup” around them all makes for quite the finish. He has a long road ahead of him if he wants to earn back some trust and respect, one that might tragically still end with everyone telling him “Sorry, you’re just too worn-down and old for us to care.” The parallels to the show’s own fate come easily, early, and with an overwhelming sense of sadness.

The only way it could have been a worse situation for “Archer” is if there had been a couple of crocodiles running around that temple. “Are they? So has every single “reboot” just been different simulations that have been playing out and every time that Archer dies a new scenario boots up? “Archer and the gang enter a deadly temple in search of an even deadlier treasure.”, DEN OF GEEK: Was an active volcano and booby-trapped temple always the ultimate set piece for the idol?

Let’s hope he got some measure of revenge. None of this is necessarily complex or surprising—this is the second season in a row to end with Archer dying for his buddies, and he ended up in the coma in the first place because he was trying to stop Lana from being framed for murder—but the rare burst of clarity into our hero’s motivations is ultimately welcome. The characters certainly seem to have more life in them and have more fun than their counterparts back in Archer: Dreamland.

“Barry” was always on our mind because we love Dave Willis so much, but “Barry” was also such a large part of Season 8 that we wanted to give his character a break. We felt it would be more of a real-world threat for the viewer. But it also feels a bit like a mid-episode “Previously on,” a dose of not wholly earned emotion that loses the plot even as it tries to remind us of, well, the plot. It seems sort of like the epitome of danger and this is “Danger Island.”. We chat with Archer: Danger Island’s co-executive producer, Casey Willis, about the season finale. (He’ll write even less for Season 11, reportedly on the hook for only a single episode.) While a very brief season of only eight episodes, Danger Island builds to all out warfare that goes out with a bang rather than overstay its welcome. The plan was always to gather everyone in the volcano temple and amp up the danger level.

From her lived-in dialogue with Gladys the nurse to the slow, heart-rending pan over her makeshift little apartment in the corner of his hospital room, it’s heart-breakingly sweet in a way that this show almost never does. In brief: The rest of the cast put Archer on trial for his attack on Lana, Archer goes even crazier, Barry attacks with a horde of generic mooks, he and Archer kill each other, fin.

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