Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Being an Air sign, Aquarius tends to approach sex via intellect. But in bed, they are the opposite, when a partner has seduced them out of their disciplined reserve. Due to their temperament, they hold a lot of tension in their heads and they love a head massage every once a while. Having no real sense of limitation, they love to experience new sensations.

Signup with us to unlock all features! While in bed, start with a backrub, going down her arms and give her a sensual back and arm massage. Best thing you would've done this year. She's easygoing and laidback and sometimes she may use sex as an escape. Throw in a frothy bath with roses, and comfortably practical cotton sheets, and she might agree. She wouldn't even mind a finger or two inside her a**, deriving some crazy sensual pleasures out of it. When it’s on, the effect is electrifying; when it’s turned off, there is no use trying to get them in the mood. Therefore, a creative partner will certainly be a turn-on for them. Easy Turn On: A Gemini woman's biggest erogenous zone is her hand. With a simple yet out-of-the box shopping experience. Easy Turn On: Her thighs are her biggest turn on. She's unforgettable in bed, that's because she's one imaginative and soulful soul, in the sack. Sexually compatible with: Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius.

She may not appreciate slobbery PDA, but she will appreciate sensual courting, and a partner with a good stamina. Usually they feel safe and secure with men who are emotional, sensitive and make them comfortable in bed and once they get comfortable they're open to almost anything. Run your fingers, a feather or even graze her spine with your nails and watch her tingle with pleasure and joy.

Also, what women want in bed could vary from people to people- But because we're suckers for devouring everything under the sun, we're gonna spell out what women love in bed, according to their sun signs.

Turn ons: The erogenous zones for Capricorns are their legs and knees, so remember not to neglect these. You'll drive her wild if you bite, suck, kiss, lick or even gently choke her throat. Before they become physically stimulated, Aquarius men and women must be intellectually turned on. Don't be fooled into thinking she is prudish and virginal, thanks to the misleading and archaic symbol of the virgin which represents the sign of Virgo. What are your zodiac sign's erogenous zones? Aquarius are not interested in the ordinary, if you’re planning to throw a pick up line that is cliché, think twice, with the water-bearer, they need more than the ordinary every day line. However, remember that Virgos tend to learn everything through encyclopaedias and Google, so they may not know how to actually initiate sex, as much as they want to do it, unless they've memorised the Kamasutra and have set out to replicate it. Leo women love taking the lead in bed and taking a bow after the show is done because they love to shine and be the star. Adopt a hobby, have friends of your own, show them that you are independent and you actually have a life, and they will surely be seduced by your charm. While you're at it studying compatibility meters is another thing that can make you get what you want. They read up and research a lot on what they really want to try in bed but are a little apprehensive when practicality comes into question. Aquarius in bed is quite demanding of their lover. They like pursuing, because they aren't afraid to take a risk, but they also hate emotional games and appreciate instant gratification. Hint: It's A Lotta Fun, A Little Zodiac Help To Understand Your Crush Better, 5 Sex Myths You Need To Bust About Female Sexuality, According To A New Study Funny Guys Give The Best Orgasms, Sure Shot Signs To Know Your Woman Orgasms, Marijuana Consumption Leads To A Lot More Sex, Become The Master Of Sexting & Stun Your Girl, 'Sexy' Guide To Score Fun & Naughty Stuff Online, 31 Embarrassing & Awkward Sex Situations Only Guys Will Understand, 6 Biggest Kissing Mistakes Men Make That Instantly Turn Women Off, This Guy Played Porn In A Train By Mistake & The Reactions Were Priceless, Things Women Do When They're Alone And Horny, Science Says Extroverts Have More Sex Than Introverts, And The Difference Is Huge, This Study Reveals How Many Times A Couple Should Have Sex Every Week To Stay Happy, This 'Man With No Penis' Has Slept With Over 100 Women Without Letting Them Ever Find Out About It. Easy Turn On: Focus foreplay on a Pisces's feet since they're the most sensitive part of her body. Since they store all their pent up emotions there, their stomach is the most sensitive part of their body.

Their sexual deviance comes at a price though, since they struggle with stuff that's taboo, as their sexual appetite is always at a high. They are possessive lovers and you will never get enough and will always want to go back for more. Their libido is not only driven by their own desires, but by the thirst to be validated by an appreciative partner.

Required fields are marked *. Of course each woman, regardless of her sun sign, may react differently to different stimuli but if you've cracked what she really wants and likes in bed, you're good to go! Don’t worry, We;’ll not spam you & You can unsubscribe with us any time. Try putting your ear to a Leo woman's heart when she climaxes and you'll see what we mean! Turn ons: Gemini women are supposed to have very sensitive arms and hands, so you can try everything from soft kisses, to sucking fingers, depending on how hot and heavy things are. If you like a Cancerian woman, you need to turn her on and make her feel secure. Aquarius Sex Position: Cowgirl Aquarius sex drive: here and there. Most sexual activities are acceptable to them, although anything involving flagellation is unlikely to arouse them. Unusual locations for having sex can also appeal. Easy Turn On: Usually her erogenous zone are the nape of her neck and her throat. They love being teased but don't give in completely too. Turn ons: The head is Aries' special erogenous zone, other than the obvious, so head massages or stroking their hair will get you bonus points.

sexual chemistry with men of each sun sign. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase. We've curated all on going things on home page. Easy Turn On: Leo women are ruled by the heart, which they treasure most promisingly. Their sexuality is like a lightning bolt and they can turn it on and off with incredible speed. And once the Aquarian has experienced the deviance they will close the chapter on that book and move on to another conquest. Put your head in-between her legs and gently kiss, lick and suckle on her thighs, before you make it home. Girls Talk About Giving Blowjobs & It Gets Very, Very Graphic. Take her to strange random places to have sex in and she'll be all up for it. Turn ons: Oddly enough, Aquarians are supposed to enjoy having their calves and ankles stroked and stimulated. Oh, and one more thing, moan in bed while she's doing what she does best and you're golden! She likes winning at everything, so why should sex be any different for her. They mostly look for people who can captivate their minds and make them laugh. Is It Just Sex With Your Aquarius? That's right, oral sex will get you everywhere with the Scorpio woman, and might even make her fall in love with you. Easy Turn On: A Gemini woman's biggest erogenous zone is her hand.

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