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Hugh McRae | During the chase the truck runs out of gas and Denning tells Grim to do the chase on foot. Still blind, Grim knocks the motor bikes over, while Denning also collides with the motorcycles, furiously calling the Buddies and the man at the movie projection booth double-crossing bottle-suckers and various other nasty names related to double-crossing.

Undertow | Denning tells them to unlock the door so they could work together on finding their dogs. Washing out of the container, Sheriff Bob arrives to arrest Selkirk, Denning, and Grim. Cutler Beckett | The big vat of wine also breaks and the wine pushed them out of the manor. Queen Grimhilde | James Reynolds | This article is a stub and is in need of expansion. Scar | Josh Flitter - Budderball - The chubbiest of the Buddies. However Serlik is unsatisfied after hearing that Buddy had puppies and demands Denning and Grim to kidnap them as well. Cheshire Cat | Princess Irmaplotz | Zeke Midas Wolf | Bandits | Oswald Granger | Suzi | He is named after a virtuous person, Gautama Buddha.

Lucifer | Mama Gunda | Hun Army (Xian Lang), Other Animated Movies Selkirk Tander informs him that they wanted Air Bud instead. Leroy | Morgana | Shan Yu |

Jacob Marley | He also meets with Noah and Henry on how he's able to find the Buddies and their parents. Nathaniel Flint | Hades | Maleficent | Old Joe | The Buddies make plans to run as far away from Fernfield before it's too late. Mighty Ducks Villains | Later the Buddies find a dark forest, realizing that's the only way to find Wine Country and their parents. Madam Mim | Beast (2017) | At the beginning, Selkirk was seen trying to give Bartleby a pet tiger.

Zombies |

Buzz | Billy takes the Buddies into the barn hayloft where they can hide.

Eagle |

B-Dawg is the pup who can play basketball, while Budderball plays football, Rosebud plays soccer, Bud-dha plays baseball, and Mudbud plays volleyball and watches Rally America. In addition to this he also sports a red football shirt. Pap Finn | Kaa (2016) | B-Daw… The Gammas | With Buddy and Molly have fallen in love, she gives birth to their litter of puppies: Budderball, Buddha, B-Dawg, Mudbud, and Rosebud. False Shadow Blot | Grim: Black hair, tan skin, slender, black jacket, and blue shirt. Selkirk Tander is the main antagonist of Air Buddies. Jabberwock | Bookman | Skeletons | Lock, Shock & Barrel | Gag Halfrunt | Beagle Boys |

Rhino |

Nigel |

Lord Kelvin | Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Natalya | Ricky King | Kingdom Hearts Villains | Hydra | In the end, Selkirk gets arrested by Sheriff Bob. Joseph Pulitizer | The movie is dedicated to them both. Tal Hajus | The wolf blocks the Buddies' path until Rosebud bravely defends her brothers from the wolf. Classic editor History Talk (0) ... they will be fed to the tiger. Aldrin Klordane | the pups saw buddy but not Molly the pups said wheres mom?! Dr. Facilier | Ian the Gator | Sofia the First Villains | She loves her children and Buddy very much and will do anything to protect them. Chuckles |

The two men chase the puppy while Noah, Henry, and the Buddies prepare to push down the barrels to chase their enemies. Grace Goodwin | Si & Am | Nemean Lion | In the end, they were discovered and arrested by Sheriff Bob. Eli Squinch |

Serlik is pleased and he commands his henchman to lock them up in an underground chamber until Bartelby comes to pick them up. Full Names The Buddies run as fast as they could while Denning and Grim's Jeep runs out of gas, but that doesn't stop them. Although it follows several years after Air Bud: Spikes Back, being a fresh series, it also establishes itself as a semi-reboot. Apaches | The Wolf | The second tryout goes to Budderball, who would've been owned by a veggie man and his four-year-old daughter, who enjoy having picnics, and don't eat meat, which disgusts Budderball. All the animals can speak in this film. Shere Khan (1994) | Ute Chief | Speed | The next morning the Buddies wake up and prepare to leave the Framms' house as well as Fernfield. Ashton Carnaby | Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Maccus & Kraken) | Sir Hiss |

Tarzan Villains | Duke of Weselton | Phantom Blot | Aaron Burr | James Hook | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Lazlo | Spectrus | Heath | The Buddies enjoy life with their new owners. The wolf influences them that dogs were meant to be beloved companions for people especially since the first evolution of dogs. Ramsley | On the dawn of another day, Buddha is seen meditation and absorbing positive energy, which wakes up his siblings. Billy even locks Denning and Grim in the pen.

Selkirk and Mr. Livingston fall in, as the container cracks open. Now get out there and get that dog. Knowing that it was the buddies, they were able to find the puppies, but they got away. Madame Medusa |

Juice | John Silver | Maestro Forte |

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Wilson Croft | Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | LeFou | Chernabog | The boys and the Buddies rescue a drunk Budderball out of the wine mill.

Scab and Scraw | Gem | Serlik decides that he would give Bartelby Buddy. Treasure Planet Villains |

Tanamashu |

Vulcan | Jay Fuller | Knave of Hearts | Leland Drury | No information Villains | He was portrayed by Holmes Osborne. Villains. The beginning of the film has scenes from the previous films.

Gaston LeGume |

Shadow Demons |

Grim: "Look at the little puppies, how cute". They pass through the forest and find Wine Country. Noah and Henry are led by Sniffer through the same farm that the Buddies went through. Haunted Mansion Villains | Cave of Wonders | Grim and Denning were then encountered by bikers and got tied and hung up close to the movie screen. Stromboli |

Grim Reaper | Zed | Red Queen | The Buddies find their way to the projection room and walk right in front of the projector, their shadows attracting Denning and Grim's attention. Air Buddies: Selkirk Tander | Grim & Denning Meanwhile, Bartleby and his father return to the limousine to keep the puppies inside. Little Hans | He enjoys food and wears black ink on his face to look like a football player. Sa'Luk | Frankie & Benjy | Type of Villains Sparky | Rated G.

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