With the recent introduction of the African rock python, experts have developed a "Python patrol" in an effort to eradicate populations of both species before a hybrid is formed.

So, sorry- no giant super snakes are in the making.

Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. Breeders have gone a step further and bred this hybrid back to Burmese pythons and Reticulated pythons.

Pet breeders unprepared for the pythons' ferocity may have released them, Krysko said. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- In Africa, rock pythons are known to have attacked humans, Krysko said. The rock python's expansion mirrors the Burmese snake's explosion for some Florida conservationists—and a chance to learn from past mistakes.

That species is smaller, faster and arguably more aggressive than its big cousin, and thrives on higher and drier ground. Last modified on Mon 27 Aug 2018 11.57 BST. Among these are 2 of the world’s largest snakes, the Burmese Python and the Boa Constrictor.

Posted by BrianSmith on May 06, 2003 at 06:30:04: As I can only post one picture at a time, I will post a pick of one of my female rock/burm hybrids and then follow it up with another post containing my breeder male. I’ve worked in both zoos and the pet trade for my entire life, and have benefited by the availability of so many species; on the other hand, feral pythons and scores of others (introduced tropical fish are a real problem in Fla as well, less spectacular than herps but far more widespread) are a function of the pet trade…no easy answers, unfortunately. Hidden in a Florida swamp, he added, the African python "could strike you and you wouldn't even know it was there.".
But this is usually a very long process in reptiles, not rapid as in some insects and rodents.

An adult female Burmese python captured in Everglades national park, Florida. More troubling, a pregnant female and two hatchlings have been found, which means the aggressive reptiles have set up house. as when severe winters (as in 2010) in Fla kill off all except those able to survive. The Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the largest species of snakes.It is native to a large area of Southeast Asia but is found as an invasive species elsewhere. The 2 species will mate with one another in captivity; the fertility of the resulting hybrids, and their possible affect on south Florida ecosystems, bears further study. African Rock/Burmese Python Hybrid pics [ Follow Ups] [ Post Followup] [ The Python Forum] Posted by BrianSmith on May 06, 2003 at 06:30:04: As I can only post one picture at a time, I will post a pick of one of my female rock/burm hybrids and then follow it up with another post containing my breeder male. Wildlife officials admit they are fighting a losing battle. A genetic study has found that some specimens of the invasive reptile that has decimated local wildlife are a mixture of two Asian species which could make it an even more formidable predator, Sat 25 Aug 2018 07.00 BST

... "Hybrid vigor" doesn't actually apply to breeding snakes.

Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media.

Der Nördliche Felsenpython (Python sebae), auch kurz Felsenpython, zählt zur Familie der Pythons (Pythonidae) und wird dort in die Gattung der Eigentlichen Pythons (Python) gestellt.Er unterscheidet sich durch Beschuppungs- und Musterungsmerkmale vom Südlichen Felsenpython.Mit gesicherten Längen über fünf Meter gehört der Nördliche Felsenpython zu den größten Schlangen der Welt. Years ago, I was told by a reliable source that an entire litter of Green Anacondas escaped from a roadside zoo near Florida City in the early 1970’s…nothing would surprise me at this point! ... a number of Burmese pythons running loose in the state are hybrid ... the … I have written books on salamanders, geckos and other “herps”, discussed reptile-keeping on television and presented papers at conferences.

in the everglades before they expand further into the state of Florida. This snake is a non-venomous constrictor, able to kill large prey, including humans, using its sharp teeth and powerful grip. African rock pythons are found in Africa; anacondas are mostly native to South America. The African Rock Pythons were found in an area that abuts or overlaps with the range of Florida’s introduced Burmese Pythons. For a complete biography of my experience click, Invasive Species News pt 2- African Rock Pythons may be Breeding in Florida, Hot Weather Herp Tips – Summer’s Effect on Reptiles and Amphibians, Boas, Anacondas & Pythons in the Wild & Captivity: An Overview, Indian Sand Boa Care: Keeping the World’s Largest Sand Boa, The Common Musk Turtle – My Choice for Perfect Pet Turtle, with Notes on Relatives, My Animal Collection: How a Herpetologist Keeps American Toads, Bufo (Anaxyrus) americanus and Related Species, Part I, Frog Reproduction Made Simple – Breeding Fire-Bellied Toads, My Animal Collection: How a Herpetologist Keeps American Toads, Bufo (Anaxyrus) americanus and Related Species, Part II.

So far the giant snakes have been found only in a single square mile (2.6 square kilometers) of suburban area west of Miami. In a 1994 report the Florida Department of Environmental Protection sounded the alarm about the explosion of invasive species in the state, whose warmth and major international ports put it at particular risk. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Judging from studies of other animals with wide ranges, they likely differ, genetically, from populations in warmer regions “When two species come together they each have a unique set of genetic traits and characteristics they use to increase their survival and their unique habitats and environments,” said Margaret Hunter, a USGS research geneticist and the lead author of the report. Until 2009, it was considered a subspecies of Python molurus, but now is recognized as belonging to a distinct species.. 6 Comments A Burmese python that was captured in Florida's Everglades National Park.

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